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Seterra Forum  /  I don't understand if or why the speedrun categories line up with the game modes

I've been messing around with the U.S.: 50 States mode, and I see that there isn't actually an explicit category for it (unless I'm a dumbass). There's a 50 US States Outlines, which I guess tests the same skill (that is, recognizing all 50 state outlines), but the runs submitted for that category are actually completely different game modes (some are outlines recognizing, some are just pin on the map, some are (hard), etc.) Don't know why there seem to be such discrepancies.


Ok buddy I cannot understand what you're trying to say but there are different categories. US 50 States Pin is the original. The outlines is another category of 50 states. Plus can you ask what you're trying to say so I can help lol thx


The classic map you are looking for is here:

In the main categories we have the most popular maps, including the classic 50 states.
In the levels leaderboard all the other maps (all of them excluding the once on the main board).

For each map you can play on different game modes, Pin, Pin Hard, Place the labels, Type, etc.

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my bad, dha solved my issue, I think.
I'll be honest I find this website confusing as hell but I think I have the hang of it now, thanks guys 🙂