Shining Force 3 - The scenarios and should they be split.
4 years ago
Wiltshire, England

Hi Shining Fans, I was wondering what people thought of the 3 scenarios in Shining Force 3 and in the future whether they should have separate game pages or not.

This is a consideration for the future, as currently, the only person who seems to even "run" SF3 is... me, and only scenario 1.

I've been thinking about this for a long while, partly because I had only played through the other two parts once, and only on PC emulation. I now have the ability to play on hardware, which opens up the possibilities more as previously I was heavily effected by using the save game editor as my emulator / disk image didn't like certain parts of the game.

I'm usually anti-emulation when it comes to streaming games, and especially speedrunning them, however, SF3 does not have a base of runners to really grow from and emulation comes with just as many challenges with saturn games than running the game itself. I'd be very happy to see other runners in the game, and wondered whether scenario 2 might actually be quicker (or at least, have a more interesting start).

Here is the arguments I can think of for both sides:

Keeping in one page: a ) Realistically, there is not really "categories" that each scenario can be split into other than any% or 100%. Anything else would be for silly fun and count as a misc category. b ) While there is many many people interested in watching SF3 runs, as I'm currently the only runner having 3 separate pages for it might be obsessive. c ) Any multi-part run with all or some of the scenarios and premium disk would require yet another game page.

Splitting into multiple pages: a ) They are effectively 3 different games! b ) You do not need to play scenario 1 to play 2, or play 2 to play 3 c ) I don't really know any more

Let me know what you think shining fans!

Also - I'd love to be a mod for the current scenario 1 page, just so I can edit rule sets and things, but its not super important while I'm the only runner. I want to establish a proper start point (I'm thinking after naming the 3 characters) as well as when it ends (last boss hit).

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