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Hey everyone, ElephantEars2 here. I just wanted to clear up of whats been happening. A lot of people have been claiming I'm Gerbungis, which the only piece of evidence they have is that I wanted them to speedrun BTD2. First of all, my first account was the 100th User, as I thought that'd be fitting, because the group was about to hit 100 members. I was inactive for some time, as I was practicing some of the games. Just keep in note, I started speedrunning Red Ball way before this, at around late 2018. I never could get better, so I quit. That was until I saw a message from either Yellow Skarmony, or Motorjam (I don't remember), while I was strolling through the older messages.. They said that they had unbanned Gerbungis, for no apparent reason. Someone asked why they banned him in the first place, and they said it was because he tried to get them to speedrun BTD2. I thought that was really funny, so I decided to troll as well. A couple months later, as the user "red ball" I said to everyone to speedrun BTD2. I did it at a bad time, since I needed to do homework, so that was the only message I sent on it. They banned me. I got quite pissed, since it was only one message, so after a month or so, I came back as a couple more accounts. Finally, the last account was OliverTheMenace. This account, I gave a bunch of info about me, trying to differentiate myself from Gerbungis. After a lot of arguing, I just decided to disable my account. In the meantime however, I made an IL run on red ball level 1, and my most retarded mistake was that I left in the toolbar. I also made a comment on ItsMaxium's video, saying to unban my account. Someone collected a bunch for information about me, and claimed that it was me.

HAHAHAHAHHASHAS I just wanted to say how defensive you people were. It was honestly extremely funny to see the reactions out of you guys.

However, the story is true.


Alaska, USA

You said that you did it at a bad time, so i'm sure that you're secretly Gerbungis's alt. 🤔

United States

How are we defensive?

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