3 years ago
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Due to issues with the previous moderation team, i had to step in and fix some things with the series.

Here are all the games that have been deleted

  1. Angry Birds space (flash) has been removed and moved to CE

  2. Bad Piggies 2.0 has been removed and moved to CE

  3. Bad Piggies 3.4 has been removed and moved to CE

  4. HTML5 has been removed due to it having no runners once created

  5. 8-bit has been removed due it being a game less then 1 min long which breaks SRC rules stating "a game needs to be 5 min long to have room for optimization"

  6. A platformer has been removed due to the game again breaking SRC rules the same way as 8 bit. But "Angry Birds the platformer" will stay due to it surpassing 5 min and it having potential for optimization.

New Games

For now no more games will be added for a while since all the games that are currently added need to be focused on. One step at a time.

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