How to Use LiveSplit and the Integrated Game Timer

By XeroGoFastXeroGoFast. Last updated

Running Sekiro on PC requires use of the integrated game timer in LiveSplit, which fixes the game's IGT (making it no longer fps dependent), displays IGT accurately in LiveSplit and autostarts the timer. This helpful tool is also very easy to install and get working.

1) Download the latest version of LiveSplit from their website here. This downloaded file will have to be extracted and the folder placed somewhere you'll remember it.

2) Open LiveSplit, right-click and select Edit Splits.

3) Find Sekiro in the Game Name field and Activate the integrated game time component.

4) You can add Segments here to your liking. The component has no Autosplitting capacity so only add Segments you'll be able to split manually for.

5) Right-click LiveSplit and select Compare Against -> Game Time

6) Right-click LiveSplit and select Edit Layout. You can add whatever you think is important here. Most people just have a Timer and Splits.

If you already have a layout set-up, make sure that your Timer is set to Current Timing Method or Game Time in your Layout Settings.

6) If you don't want to have to Alt-Tab to split, you need to activate Global Hotkeys in LiveSplit Settings.

7) If you want LiveSplit to show up over your game, you need to make sure Always on Top is checked in your Layout Settings.

8) If you have issues with the timer not automatically starting or not correctly showing the integrated game time triple check you are comparing against Game Time. Otherwise try restarting LiveSplit, running LiveSplit as Administrator or asking for further advice in the Discord.