120 FPS- glitches for casual play?
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120 FPS- glitches for casual play?
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Already asked this on the Discord so sorry for cross-posting!

I was told the FPS unlocker was banned for runs. I wanted to use it for casual play on my first playthrough, but I'm not familiar enough with the game to notice if something were off with it enabled.

Is anything subtly messed up, like parry timing, weapon durability if that's a thing in Sekiro, physics glitches... Anything like that? I figure it must mess with something considering it's banned for run submissions?

Dark Souls Prepare to Die's DSFix had the infamous ladder slide through the world and reduced jumping distance. DS2 had weapon durability effectively halved. Those weren't things I would have really noticed on my first playthroughs of those games.

I saw one slow walking glitch when you hit a slope that requires you to stop running or jump to reset your max speed to normal, though apparently that's been fixed. I haven't found any other info and figured the people speedrunning it would be the experts to ask. Maybe nothing affects casual play but I'd still be curious if it allows weird skips or breaks certain things!


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I am not sure how 120 FPS breaks the game. Mitchriz said weird things can happen with 120 FPS but I never tested myself. Also, I strongly believe anybody will find a crazy glitch because of the FPS unlock.


Sekiro speedrunning is using modified IGT as the timing method. The modified IGT is based on 60 fps to adjust the IGT that originally affected by hardware. This is the main reason as I know why would banned FPS unlock.

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I'm no speedrunner, but I have around 200 hours in the game and have been playing at 120+fps for the past couple days (as I finally got a CPU that can get that much), clocked around 15 hours playtime, completed quite a few NG cycles and haven't noticed anything unusual, its certainly perfectly fine for casual play. Not quite sure what FROMSOFT have done to their engine, but in both Sekiro and Elden Ring more than 60fps plays just fine, unlike in previous titles (DS3 for example is noticeably broken at more than 60fps)

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Ah, IGT adjustments satisfy my stubborn curiosity on why it was banned, thank you for the explanation!

And yeah veke, you share my hesitation considering Dark Souls 3 has no high frame rate patches, but thank you for sharing your experience with it, I'll definitely be using it then.

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