Individual level runs for boss memory's
6 months ago
Tennessee, USA

I don't know how hard it would be to set this up but do you think you could make a category for The individual memories their own separate thing Like how some other categories have individual level runs

Thank you and have a good day


Hey Simon, I'll try to answer without getting into personal opinion.

It's hard to make individual level runs in a game that is NOT linear. A memory boss will have different approaches depending on the context of the entire speedrun route. For example, Genichiro in Shura Glitchless is fought with 2 Attack Power and 1 Ako, where as in Shura Unrestricted he is fought with 3 Attack Power, Yash and Confetti. Someone would have to decide what exact parameters it would be best to fight the boss within. There's no straightforward answer to that question, so it definitely wouldn't be easy to create them like that.

If you mean fights through reflections of strength, a few people already do those and you can find some times on Youtube by Ongbal and Joe x0f. But it isn't very popular in the grand scheme of things. Less popular than all beads and memories, which was moved to misc, because no one plays it anymore.

That being said it has not been seriously considered, mainly because there's been basically no demand. I remember one other guy on the Discord asking about it. Generally speaking, categories are created to keep track of an already ongoing competition, they are not created in hopes that some people might try it. There shouldn't be anything stopping you from running it though. I play categories that aren't on the leaderboards too, like Shura NG+7 Glitchless.

I hope that clears up why they don't already exist.

I wouldn't completely rule out them potentially getting added in the future, but it doesn't seem like that many people are interested in it. We won't add a category that only a few people would like to run, because on the other end of the spectrum there are people who do not wish for it to be added(last time ILs were discussed those in favour were outnumbered by those against). Maybe there will be support for it in the future.

Hope you have a good day as well

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