Any English Guides?
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Indiana, USA

I actually am quite interested in speedrunning this game, as I quite enjoy it. Thing is, though, the guides... leave me a bit wanting. The main English "guide" for Any% is an excel sheet(???) that hasn't been updated in who-knows-how-long, and the only actual documentation for a route involves the TAS. The video guide seems more up-to-date, and more up my alley... But it's all in German. It doesn't exactly surprise me a German version of a video guide exists seeing as like, what, half the leaderboard is comprised of German players--but it kinda surprised me that the ONLY video guide is in German!

My question is--are there any actually good English guides to speedrunning this game? I want to try running it! I just don't know where to start, seeing as my guides are either a spreadsheet for a TAS, or in a language I don't understand.

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I'm not sure how up to date it is but Zheal made a basic Any% guide back in 2017 here:

Also I believe the last time Any% was at AGDQ was in 2018, that can be found here:

Learning this game has been on my list of goals as well for a long time so I'm hoping to get into it soon as well; if anyone else more experienced in the scene has some suggestions I'd be interested to know too. Hope that helps for now, @Camwoodstock !


Afaik Zheal's tutorial is the only English tutorial to this day. Altough it might be a bit dated in some spots, the essentials remain the same, so I don't see any issue with that.

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Zheal also did a follow up that has a few more things that were discovered after their first tutorial:

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