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Hey guys, I thought it’d be interesting to show you all the Sum of Bests (SoB’s) of all the dungeons in the game for anyone who’s interested as well as me. I will (hopefully) update this when there’s a new IL record. Should there be any miscalculations, please tell me.

Grass Dungeon: 1:58.990 (-1.680s WR)
Water Dungeon: 3.43.050 (-4.100s WR)
Fire Dungeon: 3:02.230 (-3.510s WR)
Golden Dungeon: 3:39.250 (-5.350s WR)
Sand Dungeon: 3:14.540 (-8.870s WR)
Ice Dungeon: 3:20.930 (-11.180s WR)
Full-Game ( 67%): 14:53.270 (-1:11.350s WR)
All Specials: 2:29.750
Full-Game (100%): 21:28:740

Updated on 6th November, 2021.

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