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The boards include columns for real time as well as in game time but the real time column seems redundant, plus it's misleading as most runs erroneously post real time as equating to in game time. It would be better to simply remove the real time column don't you think?

Also, just a suggestion, but I think it might look tidier if Grass Dungeon, Water Dungeon etc each have one tab, and PC / Mobile be sub-categories within those tabs.

Finally, rather than have Grass Dungeon lvl 1 etc in Miscellaneous, shouldn't those go into a separate IL leaderboard?

Or, if everyone's happy with the way it is, no biggy.


Yeah thinking the same things myself.
Maybe put every dungeon into the lvl leaderboard and make the levels sub categories of them


I absolutely agree. I’ve looked at this a few times but not sure if everything can be moved around like that without losing all of the times that already exist. If there is a way I’d be happy to make those changes.


Cheers. I think you would need to create new corrected categories and manually move each run over to the new tabs by editing each one, and only after clearing out the old tabs would you then delete them. A big pain so I'd understand if you don't fancy doing it right now.


To whoever cleared up the tabs, thank you!


Imo the "pc/mobile" isn't necessary but just my opinion.

Also, as the old PC runs listed real time rather than igt (even though igt was the correct one to use) they are now out of position on the lb. Presumably they can be edited to switch to igt?

I think current misc categories should be ILs too.

I realise I sound like a whiney brat - it's just my ocd tendencies coming through! I realise the alterations are a pain and not vital so please ignore me if you like. Alternatively, if you want me to do it I could be made a mod, tidy up the lb and then come off as mod afterward?

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Yeah I’m guessing it was Evilrok that fixed the leaderboard setup. It looks amazing now and so very much cleaner.

I’ve always been of the opinion that the in game timer was the best way to Time this game. I mean it’s already there so why not use it and it also makes verifying runs much easier as well.


@Karateboy02 I was the one who told Evilrok to fix the leaderboard by eliminating PC, if I am a moderator, I would do the exact same thing.


For you information, ChocolateTheGaming is nearly spamming me to be a mod even though I can make him mod.
And yeah I cleared the tab up but even without his demand I would have done it anyway ^^