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Forum: Pokémon Black 2/White 2

Thread: R4 cartridge

Started by: Gizmo9412Gizmo9412

If I remember correctly, R4 Carts count as emulation, so you can still do runs, but your times will be hidden by default.


Forum: Geometry Dash

Thread: Is the 1.9 GDPS allowed for usage during a run?

Started by: nikro1nikro1

The moderators and myself discussed this about 2 weeks ago and we came to the conclusion that you can’t. Some speed skips are possible in 1.9 that aren’t possible in the current version.

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Forum: Geometry Dash

Thread: Little Question

Started by: BQCMartehBQCMarteh

Then the timing isn’t done by RTA, so no you can’t. I understand it isn’t really fair but that’s how it is.

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Forum: Geometry Dash

Thread: Mods may want to change the MasterGame rules

Started by: Noob.Noob.

The rules are fine, I personally don’t see how they’re confusing? I’ll update your timing when I’m home again, another mod might do it faster though.

By the way you don’t need to @ a moderator, chances are we will see the notification anyway.


Forum: Pokémon Black/White

Thread: Console?

Started by: HelpMePleaseHelpMePlease

The DSi enhancements on the DSi/3DS make the load times longer.


Forum: Pokémon Black/White

Thread: Console?

Started by: HelpMePleaseHelpMePlease

For Generation 5, running on DSi or 2DS/3DS is slower.


Forum: Pokémon Platinum

Thread: No Japanese Version?

Started by: TropioTropio

This is something I've always wondered too. It's currently the only main series game on a handheld that doesn't have a JPN board.


Forum: Forza Motorsport 6

Thread: What is the prologue race?

Started by: [Deleted user]


I have added rules to the board. The Prologue Race is the race which you use the Ford GT in before you start your career.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hello, I'd like to request to become a moderator on the Forza Motorsport 6 leaderboards. I have a run awaiting verification and upon checking the only moderator's social media, they have been completely inactive for a significant amount of time. I intend to run the Career category after I have completed routing it.



Forum: The Site

Thread: Removal of a Game

Started by: scoagogoscoagogo

(edited: )

I'm not 100% sure that this is the correct place to put this, but putting it in the Moderation Requests didn't seem fitting and I can't see anywhere else to request this;

I would like to request for the removal of the "Cars 2 (3DS)" leaderboards as they have been recently merged with the DS leaderboard, making it a DS/3DS board. The respective Super-Mods cannot delete it as the game has existed for more than 2 weeks.

(Edit: Should also mention that all runs have been transferred, so no runs will be lost if it deleted.)

Thanks (If there was a better place to put this please let me know for the future)

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Forum: Geometry Dash World

Thread: Question

Started by: AnwarDOOOOOOAnwarDOOOOOO

Ads must be included in total time, it says so in the rules. Turning off WiFi still works, you just need to launch the game with wifi off or restart it if you turned it off whilst the game was already open.


Forum: Pokémon Black/White

Thread: Black v White

Started by: SonicSamSonicSam

There are a few minor text differences that don't really matter.
The big one is which legendary you get:

In Black you get Reshiram, so N has Zekrom, and in White its the other way around with you having Zekrom and N having Reshiram.
Reshiram kills Zekrom 1 turn faster than Zekrom Kills Reshiram.

There's literally a 1 turn difference between the two games lol.

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Forum: Geometry Dash

Thread: Mod of some sort application

Started by: ChanceCossittChanceCossitt

We aren't currently looking for new moderators, we have as many as we need. Sorry


Forum: Micro Machines V4

Thread: PS2 emu?

Started by: ZingZing

Yeah PCSX2 is the one I chose to allow in the end. In future you'll need to show the border of the emulator, but for this if you choose to submit it, I'll approve it :3 (Don't wanna make you re-do your run)


Forum: Micro Machines V4

Thread: PS2 emu?

Started by: ZingZing

I have updated the rules regarding emulators, I didn't expect this game to get any other runners honestly.
Which emulator did you use for your run?


Forum: Over The Hedge

Thread: DS Port?

Started by: scoagogoscoagogo

How come there is no leaderboard for the DS Port of the game? I would be interested in running it if it was added.


Forum: Geometry Dash

Thread: Is FPS Bypass Allowed?

Started by: VasaLavVasaLav

"Q: Is Frame Hack allowed?
A: I saw Stikam address this a long time ago, and no, it's a hack and therefore BANNED."

Straight from the FAQ. Frame hack and Bypass are basically the same thing. It isn't allowed. (Sidenote: it actually makes load times longer)

@LESHENKA "But another question is " is 144 fps allowed with 60hz monitor"
Your monitor will still only show you 60FPS, because it is only capable of doing 60 refreshes per second.


Forum: Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire

Thread: Any% Rules Question

Started by: DarkDarkZapDarkDarkZap

Trading with other games is not allowed, and I would imagine the same goes for the Colosseum Jirachi Bonus Disc.


Forum: Geometry Dash

Thread: Is GLtools android (root) allowed to tweak gmd graphics to lower?

Started by: SestainSestain

It's an external app to alter the game, so I'm gonna say no, it isn't allowed.



Thread: New Leaderboards and Other Updates

Started by: PoshactPoshact

Really happy about the switch from RTA to IGT, this is the only game I actually preferred to have IGT. Thanks guys 🙂