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Hi everyone !
Why don't add new categories ? Like Casual any% (hard too) Normal 100% (do all mission with bonus objective) On WoL/Hots/Lotv/Nova ?

And i've a personnal question to ZPR,for WoL,the category of Any% no production unit,we can play on any difficulty ? We can switch it in the run ? Do you think it's possible to add this category for Hots/LotV and Nova too ?

Sorry for the bad english,i try to level up ^^'


New categories can be added if people do runs of them, the leaderboards don't exist to decide what you can or can't do.

As for the difficulty, imo the run should count as the lowest difficulty you've used in it, that's effectively how the regular any% runs work now.


Ok,thank's for the answer ZPR !