Emulator legality?
6 months ago
Florida, USA

What emulators if any are allowed for this game?


Since there are no runners using emulators, there has been no discussion.

I will probably verify a run if the general rules are followed in other games.

For example, here are some of the rules for Super Mario World

  • No use of save states, restore points, or rewinding
  • No speeding up or slowing down the game
  • No cheats (e.g. Game Genie, Action Replay, emulator cheats)
  • No memory viewing
  • No turbo buttons
  • No pressing Left + Right or Up + Down on the D-pad intentionally for any advantage
  • Only bijectional remapping of buttons. This means that you may remap your controls, for example on the Nintendo Switch or emulator, but you can only map one key to any one button. You cannot map one key to simulate pressing more than one button, nor can you map multiple keys to the same button.
  • The following emulators are allowed for all categories: Snes9x v1.5x and higher, bsnes Compatibility Core (Bizhawk, Higan, lsnes) and Mesen-S
Florida, USA

Alright, thank you so much for the response

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