Any% in 59m 42s* by OneShortEyeOneShortEye - 1st place

Run at NASA's 2019 Horror Thriller Monster Marathon.

Missed the Church of Bob movement glitch, and the Sarah movement glitch at the beginning of the circus. Did manage to get the Graven Despawn, which I haven't been able to get in a proper run yet.

You can see the movement glitches I missed in this video:

Really unoptimal clown RNG in the circus.

I'm done with this one for a while. With not getting all the glitches, poor RNG, and still getting a new WR, I'm positive that the timesave was due to streaming at 480p instead of 720p. The game is very affected by CPU usage when windowed. I love the game, and it's been fun running it, but the inconsistent walking speed makes it difficult (if not impossible) to have a truly competitive playing field.

Time with loads: 1h 02m 26s

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