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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Incentives Availability Date  
jumper401jumper401 Chameleon Twist Any% Emu 0:25:00 N64 USA Link It's a fun, colourful game with some pretty interesting strats and is not exactly the most well known game out there. I'd say it's a childhood classic. Full disclosure I'm the last place on the leaderboards, qwillinallthefish would be a top candidate for this run if you wanted a skilled runner. Pick chameleon Any time May 28 from 9am MST (11AM EST) - 10pm MST (12am EST), after 5PM MST (7pm EST) May 29, any time before 4pm MST (6pm EST) May 30.
ShapeShape Luigi's Mansion No OoB 1:15:00 Wii JPN Link Really fun run, fast pace and a lot of action overall good speedgame to watch and get into May 28th 11am-12am
MungaruMungaru Super Monkey Ball 2 Beginner 0:07:00 GCN USA Link Super Monkey Ball 2 is a very movement based game, which can make it a fun crowd-pleaser for viewers interested in quick and precise movement, which can then give high reward for small to large risk. This category is quite short, which could be a turn-off for viewers and possibly for scheduling. N/A Player Selection > Aiai, Meemee, Gongon, Baby No Warp Goals - Extra 2-3 minutes at most Can't do weekends. Weekdays after 5pm.
kalarsekalarse Donkey Kong Country Old Summon 0:25:00 SNES USA Link Funny glitchy old game with one of its shorter categories Open to do races ? If schedule allows, could be turned into All Stages run (increasing estimate to about 45 min on my current skill level, i might be able to do it in sub 40 but not sure) Monday all day until 5pm edt (have school at night on my country)
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Any% (No Item Glitch) 1:00:00 PS2 USA Link Crash 3 was released 20 years ago, and the remastered versions of the original trilogy are gonna be released in next month for Switch, Xbox Bone & PC, so this should be a good opportunity to gain some people interested in the run and the marathon (GMT-5) From 22 to 02 hrs Maybe I'm gonna be free from 13 to 16 hrs in Wednesday
CosmoCosmo Pokémon Black/White Any% 3:40:00 DS USA Link 'Its a fairly consistent Pokemon speedrun (marathon safety saves). Beautiful graphics and music. Not showcased very often compared to earlier generations so people may be interested more. Pansage Nickname Woobat Nickname Reshiram Nickname Anytime on Tuesday, 29th
EmmojiEmmoji VVVVVV 100% 0:20:00 PC Link I love this game! A short, fast paced, challenging platformer. 100% category includes the most interesting speedrun relevant skips and the casual difficulty spikes of the game. I don't have an incentive, but if another player submits the same game/category, I'd be willing to do a race. :) Monday or Wed 10pm to 5am of the next day, UTC-4.
GenoKirby Pokémon Platinum Randomizer Bingo Race 3:30:00 DS USA Link It's a really fun and interesting competition of on the spot routing and managing the potential craziness of a randomizer with thousands of options, potential crazy tweaks and glitches, and coming back to win a race last second easier than Mario Party 7. SimplyCosmo, Retrotato Blind starter bidwar (left/middle/right) Trainer Names Rival Names Pokemon Contest with our mains (at the end, 10 minutes) 12pm-8pm Tuesday ideally, but we should be able to make any time Tuesday work
Frikkinfriks14Frikkinfriks14 Super Monkey Ball 2 Story Mode 0:30:00 Wii USA Link Monkey Ball 2 is a really good speedgame, more people should run it. Especially this category, not sure why so few people actively run it. 1$ I'll Show how to play any stage with the stage select/retry in the glitch pause menu trick. 5$ I'll do some difficult stages without getting a single banana. 10$ drink water on stream. 69$ dab on stream. Pretty much anytime when the marathon starts from evening to early morning, I'm almost done with homeschool for the year and I'll probably be done when the marathon starts. I'll mention in the Discord if something comes up and a specific day/time won't work.
DragolinaDragolina Super Smash Bros. Brawl NG+ 1:50:00 Wii EUR Link Because this is pretty much my favourite category in the entire world with Echoes Glitchless and showcases every single strat and skip that can be done in subspace emissary because you can choose every character and every difficulty which changes a whole lot. Ingametag Tuesday from 7pm-10pm Cest Otherwise i am not available.
AmpsAmps Shovel Knight Specter of Torment 0:50:00 Switch USA Link Very fun and easy to understand game, Low% is a very straight and to the point category, where you arent allowed any health upgrade or relics to use, and shows off very creative strats and boss kills, not seen in other categories, making me use what little gear I have to the fullest extent! Any% is my main category, picking up pace heavily around the 7 min mark, and is vary entertaining to watch as you rail through the entire game at breakneck speeds! Specter NG+ is the fastest category in all of SK, giving me everything available in the game to me at the start, but in NG+, your health and magic are tied together, which slowly depletes overtime, making the category about relic tracking and darkness/health management. 100% takes me through every single nook and cranny in the game to collect every skull, armor relic and relic and health upgrade, this is also the most lethal category, since so much money is needed to buy things, even one death could end the run, or add 2-3 mins to it, making it the longest category. Choose the Category Bidwar Any% - 50 min EST ( Low% - 55 min EST ( NG+ - 45 min EST ( 100% - 1:20 EST ( Prefer later or earlier times, not availible Midday 10PM-12AM or 8AM-2PM
Liam12221Liam12221 LittleBigPlanet Any% No-Overlord 1:05:00 PS3 EUR Link Hey! I think LBP would be a great game to be shown at SfS because of how nostalgic the game is. What kind of game is LBP?: LBP1 is a 2.5D Platformer for the PS2. The game has a variety of different moves to make you go faster in a speedrun. The story is basic. The main Villan, The Collector, has captured all of the Creator Curators and Sackboy (The Main Protagonist) must go and stop him. Overall, LBP isn't that popular in the speedrunning Scene. I think that it's a great speedgame and hope to run this game at SfS :D. LBP1 Coop with p-p-j. Est: 1:30 28-30 13:00PM BST
GodotDCGodotDC Mega Man Zero 3 Any% 0:46:00 GBA Link As a guy with suicidal tendencies, I want to help in anyway possible anything that wants to prevent suicides and things like this, so I'm submiting my best game for you. May 29th and 30th
NimputsNimputs Star Wars Episode I: Racer 100% 1:50:00 PC Link Shows every track in the game, and contains a handful of glitches I can show. The video I linked is on the Dreamcast version, but I run on PC now, so the estimate is lower than the PB video 10pm - 3am CEST any day
NimputsNimputs Star Wars Episode I: Racer Any% 0:40:00 PC Link shows 7 tracks of the Galactic circuit, some of the most infamous of the game, beaten with minimal upgrades 10pm - 3am CEST any day
NimputsNimputs Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed World Tour Any% 1:35:00 X360 Link shows a variety of different event types, from races to driving challenges to battles, and showcases several different glitches. Scary run, lots can go wrong, but hopefully won't 10pm - 3am CEST any day
mohocmohoc Kuru Kuru Kururin Any% (Normal) 0:18:00 GBA EUR Link 2D puzzle game with colorful graphics and chill music. You control a spinning stick through various mazes. The game is not played as intended at all, lots of damage boosts and risky strats to save spinning cycles ! I have been doing a lot no-reset runs recently and I am pretty consistent at getting sub 15min. Also a new OOB strat to show off ! (in Machine Land 3) everyday from 6am to 10pm EDT
mohocmohoc Tails Skypatrol Beat The Game 0:12:00 GameGear Link A spinoff game of the Sonic series. The gameplay is very original: Tails uses a ring to interact with objects and kill ennemies. It is a short game but there is definitely a lot to explain and show off, especially going through walls with invulnerability frames and explaining the boss fights' strategies. The game is very unforgiving - which may explain why it is so unpopular - but it ends up being a cool speedrun :) everyday from 6am to 10pm EDT
pinerpiner Sonic Adventure 2: Battle All Stories 1:50:00 PC Link All stories shows all 3 of the main stories in this game, there is a ton of really cool tricks and movement tech to be shown off in all 3 stories. Glitch Exhibition. literally any
nesnes Shovel Knight God Mode Duo 1:20:00 PC USA Link super precise and tight movement really good bid war between shovel, plague, and specter. top 2 win any time
nesnes Sonic R 100% (No OoB) 0:25:00 GCN USA Link sonic r is a good game and 100% is a good category
pinerpiner Miner Ultra Adventures Any% 0:15:00 PC Link Miner Ultra Adventures is a very silly and entertaining game to watch. Starting from a hover glitch in the first level, all the way to the final boss. Menu OoB. Literally any.
pinerpiner Sonic Adventure 2: Battle 180 Emblems 14:00:00 PC Link SA2B 180 Emblems is a category that shows everything the game has to offer. From all the missions, to chao this run has it all. On top of being an entertaining run it is an endurance test of many many hours. Green Hill victory lap. I would like to close off the marathon with this run.
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M Boss Battles 0:05:00 Wii USA Link Because everyone enjoys Upsmash This could be an incentive too for any other Project M Run In-game tag, Ganondorf Color. This run could be an incentive too 7am-11pm CDT
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M All-Star Mode 0:07:00 Wii USA Link It's a meme lol. This could also be an incentive run Ness Color, In-Game Tag 7am-11pm CDT
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M Classic Mode 0:07:00 Wii USA Link Similar to All-star mode. This could also be an incentive run Ganondorf color, In-Game Tag 7am-11pm CDT
Liam12221Liam12221 Sonic 1 Mania Edition Any% Glitched 0:40:00 Genesis EUR Link Sonic 1 Mania Edition is a Sonic 1 rom hack which gives Sonic the ability to drop dash much like in mania. Some levels are different to match it's Mania counterpart (most noticable in green hill). There are zips like in sonic one, and is over all a good twist on sonic. Hope this gets in! 28-30 13:00PM BST
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M 0:15:00 Wii USA Link Project M is a rom hack of Smash Brothers Brawl that adds back in mechanics that were taken out seen in Smash Brothers Melee. Target Test gets to show a lot of these mechanics such as L-Cancelling and Wavedashing. This run is short and will appeal to those who like fighting games. I've done this run in 5 marathons currently. In-game Tag, use Sunglasses Diddy + Squirtle 7am-11pm CDT
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M 0:20:00 Wii USA Link If you want more target smash:P In-Game Tag, Use Sunglasses Diddy + Squirtle 7am-11pm CDT
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M 0:30:00 Wii USA Link If you want more target smash:P In-Game Tag, Use Sunglasses Squirtle + Diddy 7am-11pm CDT
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M 0:35:00 Wii USA Link If you want more target test:p In-Game Tag, Use Sunglasses Diddy + Squirtle 7am-11pm CDT
CountGoobyCountGooby Project M 0:35:00 Wii USA Link If you want more target smash:p In-game tag, use sunglasses squirtle + diddy 7am-11pm CDT
CountGoobyCountGooby Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Story Mode 1:05:00 Wii USA Link You know you want it Difficulty Bid War, Character Bid War (Mario vs. Luigi), Sing "Always Smiling" in 5-1, Category bid war (Story mode vs Story mode EX), Play the ending credits 7am-11pm CDT
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Super Metroid: Project Base Archive - Any% 0:30:00 WiiVC USA Link cause its a cool romhack of super metroid save or kill the animals Everyday between 7 am est - 6 pm est
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Contra ReBirth Easy Any% 0:18:00 WiiVC USA Link cause its a cool contra game character choice between bill rizer, genbei yagyu, br-w9 or newt plissken everday between 7 am est - 6 pm est
OmegaFallonOmegaFallon Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Any% 0:35:00 X360 USA Link It's a short, fun run with some interesting and easy to explain glitches. The game has no runners other than me, so I'm hoping this could boost popularity. Able to run Monday all day (within reason), and available Tuesday and Wednesday after 3pm (EST).
[Deleted user] VVVVVV 100% 0:20:00 PC Link VVVVVV (or V6 as is it said in the community) is a really good game entirely based on mechanics and skill with no RNG at all. The 100% run shows a couple of interesting tricks too. Emmoji I'll accomodate to whatever day/time Emmoji is available.
nesnes Super Monkey Ball All Difficulties Warpless (Hover) 0:27:00 GCN USA Link it may look like a cheat but its a giant theory run thats super precise and c o o l (vid is 100% but All Difs NW is a part of that run) do master after expert (+7min) afternoons
RachlendRachlend The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Crossed Entrance Randomizer 4:30:00 SNES JPN Link This run displays capabilities of routing on the fly, up to and including venturing through the dark world of the game sans the items typically required for access to such areas. As compared to unrandomised variants, much greater improvisation skills are demonstrated. File name(s) (max 4 characters each file, 3 file slots, only one played); boss shuffle (basic, normal, or chaos, estimated up to 30 extra minutes); enemy randomisation (additional 20 minutes); BeeMizer (4 levels, 10 minutes extra for the first two, 20 for the next, 30 for the final); standard (escape skip attempted, 15 extra minutes); sprite selection (random sprite on hit or any official sprite) Available nearly every day 19:00 (CDT) and later.