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Just curious to know why there isn't such a option. For ALL the OG sonic games are performed using a axis warp. I'd truly love to see, run myself included, glitch less runs of these games. With that said i'm sure i'd be terrible at performing these warps. I'm guessing Mania will have that same issue? I set a goal for myself to get WR for that. (Sorry for the side track convo.)


There is literally another thread in this forum asking the same sort of question, which multiple people responded to stating why that won't happen.


I'm pretty new so thanks for filling me in. From what I see from the only 1 thread here. Is simply people interested in such a category but you are not able to put down a definition to it? I don't understand what is confusion on able to defining it? "No level warps" any%" Could you please fill me in why there is a issue with the topic?

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The short version is that defining these glitches is a different situation between the average casual player, the average speedrunner, and the average TAS'er. What may seem cut and dry simply isn't. Any attempt that's been made to come up with a cut and dry easy-to-define category for glitchless ends the exact same way. It's a sad truth. 🙁


The best thing to do is to define your own rules for Glitchless, start consistently doing runs, and share them with other S3&K runners. If it catches on, then maybe the definition discussion will move forward. If it doesn't catch on, then at least you're having fun.

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