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What version is the best to use for a speedrun? One other thing, I own this game via Sonic Classic Collection on the DS. If I were to do a run that way, what version would I put it under? (EDIT: By version, I mean console like Xbox, Wii, etc.)


DS has version differences so I don't think it would fall under any existing categories.

Speaking of, there is only 1 accepted version and that is the original on Genesis in unedited form. You can play on PAL or emulator or even the Steam release if you choose however. You can refer to the list of consoles on the left to see what alternatives exist.


Hi, I'm a newbie lol, and would love to start running this game but am having trouble trying to figure out how I should go about it. I know you say that the only accepted one is Genesis but I don't have the means to get one jus yet, (and don't know if I ever will be able to cus I'm finding it hard to find a console and even harder to find the sonic 3 and knuckles games) I have been practicing on an emulator but I felt that from what I'm read so far in a few websites that, it's not a viable option? Cus emulators are technically not legal and they have slight changes to the originals, the reason for asking is cus I don't want to submit a run that isn't up to the rules and standards for speed running this game. And if the only true way of submitting a run is through console then I might not try to submit one at all, cus I jus don't see myself being able to get original hardware.


The rules are listed on the main game page and the first rule concerns which emulators are permitted, so you're alright on that front.

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Ah ok, thanks for your help. I'm sorry if my question was annoying and stupid, I realize I should've looked a bit more.


I still don't know how you can play s3k on ps3 😉


Yeah PS3 should be removed and PS4 and XboxOne added.


PS3 removed, and PS4 and Xbox One added. 🙂