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Zipping is not a glitch, it's a deliberate subroutine that executes every time you run into a wall. It just has a weird effect when you start from inside it and this is just one of the many reasons why glitchless does not exist as a category in other games.

I'm not sure what glitches are still possible in S3KC, but I would recommend banning only the rare by accident and easily defined instances that you have issue with, like level wrapping for example.


good call. i just wrote that as a rough draft to get some ideas down. does everyone at least agree on the general idea of this speedrun?


Any reason why Zone Order is as released only? Not that I necessarily disagree just wondering if it’s for consistency sake or if there’s some other underlying reason. As a casual player I’d love to try this game with some of the changes introduced with this mod like the supposed original intended zone order with FBZ and ICZ.


I need to do a bunch of rule updates to use the new game rules section and bring the emu rules in line with s3k, also there's some inconsistencies between the rules for each character that need ironing out.

The boards here were intended to be used as a glitchless board for s3k, but never really took off as such.

Now we have glitchless boards for s3k under category extensions, I'm happy to relax some of the rules here like zone order.

The FB between CN and IC zone order does save a bit of time I think over it being in its original place, but not enough to warrant it being banned. Also given that other characters have been able to reset to skip cutscenes it makes the difference moot anyway if we discard the no reset rule for sonic as well.

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Rules updated:
• Relaxed some of the options - only really restricting the ones that make the game easier. Added a variable for the level layouts (I don't think these put out any existing runners as they really only make levels harder).
• Emu rules updated to reflect same as S3K.
• Clarified some of the glitch rules.

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