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Afraid not. If you have to play on mobile you must be using Retroarch with Genesis Plus GX core, with core made apparent before or after a run.

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@LightRuns69 The game rules will tell you the answer - Go to the leaderboard click "Show Rules" then "Game Rules".

Here's the relevant portion: [quote] Emulator Rules The following unofficial emulators are allowed: Kega Fusion 3.64, Genesis Plus GX (standalone or through Retroarch.) Links to these emulators can be found in the Resources tab. The emulator must run at full speed.

It is strongly recommended that the emulator used is adequately identifiable at some point during the run (preferably at the start). Your run may be rejected if the emulator cannot be identified from the video and is suspected of not being ran on a valid emulator and/or core.

Examples Fusion (only 1 needed) FPS Visible in the bottom of the window. Text in the bottom right either showing: Soft Reset Hard Reset x Startup (where x is either "Genesis", "MegaCD" or "Master System") Retroarch Showing the Retroarch Menu that displays the Genesis Plus GX core and version in the bottom left. If not shown at the start of the run, please provide a timestamp in the run description of where this is shown.[/quote]

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It's not a configuration issue, you are using the E rom which is the PAL rom, you need to use either a U or J rom, and retroarch will run it at the correct speed.

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