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Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: BGB emulator

Started by: MysticMystic

From the rules:
"The only allowed emulator is the latest release of GambatteSpeedrun (Currently r614) with a GBC bios image.
All other emulators are banned."

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Forum: Cat Quest

Thread: Couple of Questions

Started by: SpoinkPlaysGamesSpoinkPlaysGames

The old patch is faster because faith (gear) has 696 stats. They nerfed it down to 333 stats on current patch.

I think most people just happened to own it on PC. The NG+ and eventually Mew Game categories are current patch only (because these modes don't exist on old patch) We also just recently started experimenting with new categories. NG+ and 100% seemed obvios but Mew Game has potential too. All dungeons was also suggested.

Some people tried it on switch and it seems that zips don't work on it.


Forum: Portal

Thread: Submit a run before previous one is approved

Started by: AxortimeAxortime

I usually just delete the older submission if it wasn't accepted yet and submit the new time afterwards.


Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: Is there any way to record SMO without a capture card for the Switch?

Started by: lifelife

You could also use a smartphone / tablet with a stopwatch to time the run.

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