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So I made a simple ROM Checker where you can upload a ROM, and it checks against known PRG hashes to determine the version/game/etc reading the iNES header data and a few other details.

Long story short - You upload a ROM, it tells you the region, revision, game name of it. It still needs some work, but if anyone wants to try it out, its right here:

It (should) work for something like 3000 different known ROMS/versions, so it could be useful for people looking for a certain ROM, for a certain game.

Let me know if it works/doesn't

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BTW: Ignore the state of the site which it is on.
It's basically an old site that kind of ended up only getting 10% finished, and now I just use its framework for writing tools.

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Hello and sorry for bumping an old thread. What header info should one expect to see for the PRG0 rom? (Also, thanks for the sweet tool)