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Switch as platform
Alberta, Canada

Heya, I was just wondering if the Nintendo switch could be added as a platform. The Nintendo Switch Online app got updated with the Japanese and North American versions of Rygar as of the 20th.

I did a run of Rygar via the Japanese NSO app and can't really submit it since its not listed as a valid platform to submit it with and was just wondering if one of the mods could change the valid platforms for anyone who would want to run it via the switch NSO. (:

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North Dakota, USA

Yeah the switch version is the right one for speedrunning. I agree it probably should be added unless there is some unknown advantage to using a switch I don't know of.

Alberta, Canada

Baring using the rewind function. I don't know of any other way people could have an advantage for it.

Maryland, USA

Yeah just don't hit the rewind ever :P

Other than that I don't believe I've heard any of the other "NES Classics" have an advantage?

Also done.

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Alberta, Canada

Yay, cheers. (:

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