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Rygar - Overworld Exploration Research Romhack

I made this romhack for PRG0 version of the game. I removed wall collision and enemy damage. Also i broke jumpin mechanics so when you jump you will never land and so never die to the water. Also you start from overworld. So now you can freely explore overworld on real console. Maybe someone managed to find Ligar Kappa

I also can confirm that if you kill glitched enemy with "Ligar's ID" anywhere in the game then game will play credits.


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Maine, USA

Wow, this is really awesome! Great research, it is especially interesting to see that killing an enemy with Ligars ID will trigger credits.

Thanks very much for sharing this!

United States

It works well, thank you Koh. You can also get to Dorago's Palace via Garloz through the non-glitched door and explore that as well. Haven't found much except that it has an area that looks like Sky Castle in some parts. I don't think it is the actual Sky Castle though (did locate Ligar's floating island but cannot enter) - would be cool to explore that too with this hack.

Edit: With more exploration I realized this hack has even more potential - you can even jump across screens in platforming (if fast enough). But if you could turn collision detection off and on at will, you could probably find even more glitches/warps.

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Oh! I can remove collision only with vertical walls so you can explore platform stages. Gonna make it

edit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oo3c1c3m5zymcaz/Rygar%20Trough%20Verical%20Walls.ips Here it's! This is for clean PRG0 rom again. Only one change was made so you can go trough any vertical wall.

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That works incredibly well, Koh. A few things I notice now with how the clips work - it's as if you have the wind pulley on your head when traversing through a wall. The other thing which was already known is that all the boss rooms are in fact connected to one another. So you can wrong warp between them. I've managed to end up in areas that crashed the game - so cool! Nothing useful but fun.

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No problem! I really hope that something will be found, but it feels like pretty unlikely

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