New Route, and Version Differences
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New Route, and Version Differences
Maine, USA

First of all, congrats to WhiteHat94 on the new WR!

The new route looks great, although when trying this on my cart I was unable to bounce off the molgolin (them red-wing guys), I was, however, able to get it to work on my flash cart. I am assuming there are different PRGS, and I would like to dig deeper, provided someone already has not. The two Rygar carts I have (one is for a friend's Xmas present but I still tested it) are the three screw and black quality seal logo. I have seen cart versions that have 5 screws, as well as versions with a gold seal of approval (I believe these are PAL). I am just curious as to which version is what, if anyone knows, or has bothered to look into it.

The SHA-1 Hash for the ROM I have is B76593A8FBD39447CC5A5D85E525427B9ECEB6F8, which looking at shows this as the release of Rygar NES-RY-0

My cartridge is NES-RY-1, so it would seem that the older version is the ideal version for this route.

Again, I am sorry if this is known by other runners, I just could not find any information about the two US versions, so I wanted to share my findings. =)

Also, I am curious who discovered the new route. I particularly like the new farming spot, albeit the jump-in I am not used to making yet.

United States

PRG0 and JP version allow the bounce off the Molgolin (red-wing guys / bats). It won't work on Rev A or PRG1.

WhiteHat determined that grappling hook could be skipped and literally came into my chat while I was attempting runs to share this revelation. I stopped everything right there and we collaborated live. The original concept he had was to air walk across the gaps but that is hard. Since I was running the PRG0 version I was able to devise the bat jumping method which he then fine tuned. Getting the Molgolins to follow required giving them a smack with the disk armor else they would fly off. He was also able to minimize the jumps needed to make the gap.

Then last night I was exploring more options and came across the new farming spot and was able to get it consistent for spawning the shadow enemies. WhiteHat timed it and determined the walk alone saves around 7-8 seconds but the farming should also be faster since the enemies spawn right there ready to be hit.

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Maine, USA

Oh, that's great! I wish I could have been a fly on that wall when you two were coming up with that route.

Thank you for the story and explanation of the new route. The farming spot alone is definitely a lot faster, knowing that the round trip is faster is just icing on the cake. Also, that is good to know about bumping the molgolin to maintain aggro, I may have missed that in trying it otherwise.

United States

Glad to see you've already added a run too; who knows what else will be discovered as more attempts are made. ShiningDragoon pointed out a lot of the little mechanics to me when I first started running the game that just weren't apparent by watching runs. WhiteHat added a tutorial along with sharing out Dragoon's tutorial so hopefully more runners will join in.

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Maine, USA

I started running about a month ago, then decided to record some runs yesterday as I finally have a computer again and can record splits. No joke, an hour after I was done for the day recording, I discovered the new route haha. I did see the new tutorial, it is an awesome help. Thank you for that WhiteHat94!

I did record a run this morning with the new route, which cut over 1m40s off my old time. I'm looking forward to getting my time down a lot in the new year and after the holidays.

It does seem to be slowly gaining popularity. I love the game, so I am definitely going to continue running it for a while. Hopefully, we can keep it active, its just more fun that way.

Maine, USA

well, by "I discovered the new route" --- I mean I saw a video of WhiteHat's run using the new route =P

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