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I recently beat Rygar casually and then went on to watch the speedrun. Got interested in checking how the RTA route would look if you used the same route as the No WW TAS. Belzar -> Eruga -> Sagila -> Dorago -> Deathpigor -> Ligar

This route means a mandatory big airwalk in Lapis. I recorded a Tool Assisted RTA Route Test which clocked in at around 21:10.

Here is the video, I added the tone amount at the bottom left to hopefully make it easier to follow:

During this I also made a spreadsheet with the breakpoints for how much tone is needed to reach a certain number of hits for all the bosses, maybe someone finds it useful: (Note: Looking at the values in the game, you could say Eruga has 448 health. However bosses survive with 0 health left, so you effectively need to deal 449 dmg to kill Eruga, which is why the health is listed like that.)

One issue with this route is that it's likely even harder to reach 5 mind before Ligar, as there is only the Tower of Garba left after the deathwarp after Dorago.

There is also the question when to stop for the early grind in Lapis. It's less efficient than the grind in Dorago's Palace, so you'd want to grind enough to make Belzar, Eruga and Sagila quick, but save as much of the grind as possible for Dorago's Palace where it's more efficient. I think stopping a bit earlier that I did in the video might be better.

You'll likely have one Attack & Assail to use between the Lapis grind and the Dorago's palace grind. I choose to use it for Sagila, but not sure if that's be best place.

Anyway, this was just a route test, I had fun making it and found it interesting that it came close to the current route.

Maybe this route has been tested before, but either way I enjoyed testing this and thought I'd share it here as maybe someone else would enjoy watching it.

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Pennsylvania, USA

I think this was the route I used last year when I ran no WW. Took it to 23 minutes ish.

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Maryland, USA

Yeah I did that route for my 100% (warps obviously) I think that version it might not actually save time. Well the way I did it. I did it without the hoverwalking which saves time from going to eruga to ww to belzar. I was never quite sure if it saved time since you had to go to eruga twice. But this way it probably does save time. If you guys want to hover walk so much go for it hahaha. I do agree that you maybe overleveled the grind early on. But that sweet spot is hard to tell. possible 30 or so second save depending (complete guess).

So same basic idea but completely different route lol. Nice job on the quick Tas

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Nice, interesting to see a RTA run with this route, even stopped the grinds at the same place. Just like the run above experienced, it seems difficult to get 5 mind without a big grind before Ligar.

Looking at Slackanater's run, using Attack & Assail for Mt. Primeval seems like it would be good when running RTA, then adjust the strat for Sagila depending on how many uses you spent in Mt. Primeval. Doing that, this actually looks like a pretty comfy route after getting past the big airwalk.

And for the sweet spot for the first grind, it was around 8 tone per second the way I did it. So I guess you'd have to time how much time you spend for each hit on Belzar, Sagila and Eruga, then look at when 8 tone/second wont get you to the next breakpoint fast enough to save time.

North Dakota, USA

Nice work thanks for sharing! I did this with one too with one of my obsolete NWW routes I could get sub 21:30 and I think I could bring it down a bit. I bet with some tweeks to the Tas you could do a sub 21 with this route but probably still dependent on good star drops at the end. Here is my run using that route:

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Is there any Rygar Speedrun Discord? It's easier to post ideas that way and would be interesting to see other stuff that people have tried or suggested in the past.

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Maryland, USA

There are none that has been set up as far as I know. Unless something new is popped up (or someone creates it). Sadly I myself am not using discord or gaming a huge amount these days lol. I just check every once in a while to verify junk and answer questions sometimes haha.

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