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Hey Half-X,
Your misc. categories would be more at home on Level Leaderboards. You just need to add each tournament as a level, and then 'Win the tournament' (or something similar) as the category.
Also, could there be a Career World Champion category, where you start from a new file (JPEARCE or no JPEARCE being subcategories) and fight your way to winning the World Championship? It's just a thought, and it would make a good short category in my opinion.


Hello PurpleSunDeryl

Originally the Tournament Categories were going to be in the level leaderboards but i couldn't find a good way for people to find them, not being as good with as most. If this can be fixed then id happily put them in there

That could be an option, but that would have to be JPEARCE-less since then it would just be a level run.

i shall have a think about that, if you have any more suggestions then ill be happy to take them on board

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I noticed some of the entries into the leaderboard under the PC section are actually PS2 emulated runs, and we have a separate PS2 section. Something doesn't make sense there.

I'm about to start running with a PS2 emulator too, so want to know where to upload my runs.

Is there an easy way to combine the 2 sections since there's barely any runs anyway and we don't know if there's much difference between the 2 systems yet?

The other thing is, it's getting almost impossible to play this on a PC since the disc isn't recognized by modern operating systems in my experience (hence I'm resorting to emulation).


Since it is a small community, it'll be better to combine them for now - there's still a platform filter anyways.