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I'm planning on running this game a bit (as my first few speedruns) and I was thinking about doing some all achievements runs (which is effectively 100% since there are no other optional tasks in the game). Could a new category be added for that?


Eh, actually, I saw a case like this on another game, where the mods said to do a run and upload it, and then they would create the category. So I'll get to that. Course, it would be nice if someone else would run the category as well, but I guess I shouldn't complain about a free first place if that's how it works out.


This isn't one of the Rusty Lake games I've played so I don't know how to identify 100% completion. I messaged chryoyo about this last week but didn't get a response.

Regardless I would agree with doing a run first.

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Thanks for creating the category for the run, and verifying it as a 100% run!

If you weren't sure, I guess you could have called it All Achievements or something, because I made sure to show that I got them all. (They appear as gray instead of white when you don't have them.)

I know chryoyo has been on here, they verified my Any% run last weekend, so if you can get ahold of them, you can check with them and maybe have them watch the run as well to make sure.