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32 Tracks - 200cc in 1h 03m 16s by AeonFrodo (Obsolete)
Had bad RNG for Mushroom Cup and Lightning Cup but otherwise a really decent run.

Version: Digital

Played on Switch on

Submitted by ModAeonFrodo on

Verified by ModMystwalker on

Name Duration Finished at
Mario Kart Stadium 1m 44s 032ms 1m 44s
Water Park 1m 52s 634ms 3m 36s
Sweet Sweet Canyon 2m 03s 720ms 5m 40s
(Mushroom Cup) Thwomp Ruins 1m 51s 744ms 7m 32s
Mario Circuit 1m 54s 182ms 9m 26s
Toad Harbour 2m 05s 066ms 11m 31s
Twisted Mansion 2m 01s 395ms 13m 32s
(Flower Cup) Shy Guy Falls 2m 07s 827ms 15m 40s
Sunshine Airport 2m 07s 130ms 17m 47s
Dolphin Shoals 1m 56s 211ms 19m 43s
Electrodrome 2m 04s 480ms 21m 48s
(Star Cup) Mount Wario 1m 55s 935ms 23m 44s
Cloudtop Cruise 2m 11s 883ms 25m 56s
Dry Bone Dunes 2m 04s 644ms 28m 00s
Bowser's Castle 2m 15s 248ms 30m 16s
(Special Cup) Rainbow Road 2m 20s 996ms 32m 37s
Moo Moo Meadows (Wii) 1m 32s 428ms 34m 09s
Mario Circuit (GBA) 1m 41s 221ms 35m 50s
Cheep Cheep Beach (DS) 1m 53s 821ms 37m 44s
(Shell Cup) Toad's Turnpike (N64) 1m 44s 002ms 39m 28s
Dry Dry Desert (GCN) 2m 03s 543ms 41m 32s
Donut Plains 3 (SNES) 1m 35s 032ms 43m 07s
Royal Raceway (N64) 2m 06s 623ms 45m 13s
(Banana Cup) DK Jungle (3DS) 2m 03s 420ms 47m 17s
Wario Stadium (DS) 2m 05s 476ms 49m 22s
Sherbet Land (GCN) 1m 58s 519ms 51m 21s
Melody Motorway (3DS) 2m 05s 983ms 53m 27s
(Leaf Cup) Yoshi Valley (N64) 2m 00s 027ms 55m 27s
Tick Tock Clock (DS) 2m 04s 229ms 57m 31s
Piranha Plant Pipeway (3DS) 2m 14s 098ms 59m 45s
Grumble Volcano (Wii) 2m 04s 367ms 1h 01m 49s
(Lightning Cup) Rainbow Road (N64) 1m 26s 599ms 1h 03m 16s
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