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All Castles - Normal in 1h 06m 15s by Mchan338 (Obsolete)
Poor early game, insane World 2, bad worlds 4 and 5, run started picking up in World 6, sloppy Kamek RNG and then....not this time Bowser!!

Played on Wii U on

Submitted by Super modMchan338 on

Verified by Super modMchan338 on

Name Duration Finished at
Acorn Fortress 4m 41s 534ms 4m 41s
Larry Koopa 3m 26s 788ms 8m 08s
Cake Fortress 4m 19s 095ms 12m 27s
Morton Koopa Jr. 4m 59s 544ms 17m 26s
Glacier Fortress 3m 33s 401ms 21m 00s
Wendy C. Koopa 4m 52s 429ms 25m 52s
Sparkling Fortress 3m 57s 853ms 29m 50s
Larry Koopa 4m 50s 868ms 34m 41s
Cake Secret 1m 31s 445ms 36m 12s
Iggy Koopa 5m 18s 885ms 41m 31s
Candy Fortess 3m 37s 311ms 45m 09s
Sumo Fortress 3m 08s 887ms 48m 18s
Roy Koopa 1m 32s 357ms 49m 50s
Meringue Fortress 3m 58s 905ms 53m 49s
Ludwig Von Koopa 2m 42s 596ms 56m 31s
Bowser Jr. 3m 13s 777ms 59m 45s
Peach 3m 00s 650ms 1h 02m 46s
Bowser 3m 29s 543ms 1h 06m 15s
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