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Any% No Save Corruption - ENG in 18m 49s by MrMeanMoustache - 115th place
Pokemon Blue any% No save corruption

Played on Game Boy Advance [Emu] on

Submitted by MrMeanMoustache on

Verified by Super modDabomstew on

Name Duration Finished at
Rival 2m 58s 748ms 2m 58s
Viridian 2m 44s 846ms 5m 43s
Pidgey 1m 21s 233ms 7m 04s
Reset 3m 22s 167ms 10m 26s
Saffron Center 1m 33s 346ms 12m 00s
Death #1 3m 19s 139ms 15m 19s
Death #2 1m 31s 848ms 16m 51s
Done 1m 58s 093ms 18m 49s
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