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Solo Cruise All Boards in 54m 55s by JayWaaking (Obsolete)
rip sub 50 BibleThump

Mic: No

Played on Wii [USA] on

Submitted by ModJayWaaking on

Verified by ModCosmoing on

Name Duration Finished at
-Star 1? 0m 58s 736ms 0m 58s
-Star 2? 0m 54s 174ms 1m 52s
Pagoda Peak 3m 34s 755ms 5m 27s
-GRABBIT 4m 59s 985ms 10m 27s
Pagoda Peak 5m 09s 518ms 15m 37s
-100 MONIES? 4m 27s 780ms 20m 04s
Pagoda Peak 4m 15s 656ms 24m 20s
-MILL 1 5m 28s 551ms 29m 49s
-MILL 2 PLS 2m 32s 871ms 32m 22s
Pagoda Peak 3m 03s 456ms 35m 25s
-Star 1 8m 17s 047ms 43m 42s
Pagoda Peak 2m 37s 699ms 46m 20s
-CPU pls... 2m 57s 202ms 49m 17s
Pagoda Peak 5m 37s 873ms 54m 55s
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