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150 Star in 2h 49m 49s by TheWayfaringFox - 1st place
9th try rabbit glitch, very good through Whomp's fortress, bad everything else.

Played on Nintendo DS [USA] on

Submitted by Super modTheWayfaringFox on

Verified by Super modTheWayfaringFox on

Name Duration Finished at
LLL 1 (5) 6m 06s 875ms 6m 06s
Mario Key (8) 3m 51s 740ms 9m 58s
WF (17) 7m 00s 909ms 16m 59s
Dark World (19) 1m 51s 952ms 18m 51s
BOB (28) 10m 34s 045ms 29m 25s
BBH 1 (32) 5m 47s 782ms 35m 13s
DDD1 (38) 8m 08s 159ms 43m 21s
Fire Sea (40) 2m 26s 460ms 45m 47s
WDW 1 (45) 5m 21s 896ms 51m 09s
Wario Key (46) 2m 43s 839ms 53m 53s
SUTM (49) 3m 54s 058ms 57m 47s
HMC (60) 14m 24s 130ms 1h 12m 11s
SSL (66) 7m 10s 506ms 1h 19m 22s
Cleanup (71) 4m 35s 384ms 1h 23m 57s
SL (78) 5m 55s 751ms 1h 29m 53s
CCM (86) 8m 58s 992ms 1h 38m 52s
Goomboss (88) 7m 20s 882ms 1h 46m 13s
JRB (97) 9m 10s 737ms 1h 55m 24s
BBH 2 (105) 10m 03s 109ms 2h 05m 27s
WDW 2 (112) 5m 33s 123ms 2h 11m 00s
THI (120) 9m 11s 239ms 2h 20m 11s
TTM (129) 9m 12s 384ms 2h 29m 23s
TTC (139) 9m 14s 497ms 2h 38m 38s
RR (148) 7m 45s 277ms 2h 46m 23s
Done (150) 3m 25s 382ms 2h 49m 49s
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