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100% (All Quests) in 4h 32m 55s by Cronokirby - 1st place
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Played on Super Nintendo [USA] [Emu] on

Submitted by ModCronokirby on

Verified by ModRedslash on

Name Duration Finished at
-Imps 5m 32s 665ms 5m 32s 665ms
-Rolys 4m 31s 626ms 10m 04s 291ms
-Henches 3m 27s 506ms 13m 31s 798ms
Yakra 1m 51s 333ms 15m 23s 132ms
-Guards 8m 35s 202ms 23m 58s 334ms
D-Tank 3m 16s 118ms 27m 14s 453ms
-Guardian 4m 20s 922ms 31m 35s 375ms
-Buggers 5m 27s 735ms 37m 03s 110ms
Kill me now 4m 54s 020ms 41m 57s 131ms
Rick Series 3m 45s 451ms 45m 42s 582ms
-Henches 4m 25s 998ms 50m 08s 580ms
Heck 2m 07s 920ms 52m 16s 500ms
Zomb 3m 12s 844ms 55m 29s 344ms
-Ogans 0m 55s 228ms 56m 24s 572ms
-Masa+Mune 2m 28s 887ms 58m 53s 460ms
Masamune 2m 22s 023ms 1h 01m 15s 483ms
-Reptites 6m 54s 663ms 1h 08m 10s 146ms
-Megasaur 5m 06s 043ms 1h 13m 16s 190ms
Nizbel 2m 41s 494ms 1h 15m 57s 684ms
-Start the mashing 4m 30s 002ms 1h 20m 27s 687ms
-GJ 8m 50s 590ms 1h 29m 18s 277ms
Stephen King 2m 43s 382ms 1h 32m 01s 660ms
Slash 4m 55s 547ms 1h 36m 57s 207ms
-Ozzie 6m 13s 013ms 1h 43m 10s 221ms
Magus 5m 05s 478ms 1h 48m 15s 699ms
-Magus RTA 0m 11s 263ms 1h 48m 26s 962ms
-Reptites 6m 13s 017ms 1h 54m 39s 980ms
-Volcano 2 2m 44s 099ms 1h 57m 24s 079ms
Bacon Lettuce Tomato 6m 39s 902ms 2h 04m 03s 981ms
Golem 7m 07s 885ms 2h 11m 11s 866ms
Crawlie 7m 33s 072ms 2h 18m 44s 938ms
Beasts 3m 42s 763ms 2h 22m 27s 702ms
-Zerk Rubble 2m 17s 020ms 2h 24m 44s 722ms
Giga Gaia 4m 36s 627ms 2h 29m 21s 349ms
Dalton 6m 12s 505ms 2h 35m 33s 855ms
-Masa Skip 2m 51s 277ms 2h 38m 25s 132ms
Golem Twins 5m 13s 707ms 2h 43m 38s 839ms
-Bit 9m 18s 199ms 2h 52m 57s 038ms
Dalton + 3m 46s 725ms 2h 56m 43s 763ms
#1 Hero's Grave 11m 37s 619ms 3h 08m 21s 383ms
#2 Son of Sun 3m 50s 091ms 3h 12m 11s 474ms
#3 Rainbow Shell 6m 30s 336ms 3h 18m 41s 811ms
-Lightning Snooze 6m 06s 006ms 3h 24m 47s 818ms
#4 Thunder Dome 4m 42s 765ms 3h 29m 30s 583ms
#5 Green Dream 3m 07s 358ms 3h 32m 37s 941ms
-Green Dream get 3m 37s 182ms 3h 36m 15s 124ms
#6 Holy Diver 5m 56s 082ms 3h 42m 11s 206ms
-Clone 6m 21s 009ms 3h 48m 32s 215ms
-First Spawn 3m 20s 336ms 3h 51m 52s 552ms
Revive Crono 5m 47s 122ms 3h 57m 39s 674ms
#7 Gods of Rock 2m 44s 492ms 4h 00m 24s 167ms
Mega Mutant 2m 37s 039ms 4h 03m 01s 206ms
First Elevator 3m 42s 465ms 4h 06m 43s 671ms
Second Elevator 4m 18s 001ms 4h 11m 01s 672ms
Terra Mutant 3m 03s 833ms 4h 14m 05s 506ms
Son of Lavos 2m 01s 781ms 4h 16m 07s 287ms
-Queen 2m 27s 787ms 4h 18m 35s 074ms
-Mammon 0m 51s 887ms 4h 19m 26s 962ms
Zeal 1m 26s 548ms 4h 20m 53s 510ms
-L D-Tank 1m 59s 986ms 4h 22m 53s 497ms
-L Guardian 0m 24s 014ms 4h 23m 17s 511ms
-L Heckran 0m 22s 407ms 4h 23m 39s 919ms
-L Zombor 0m 33s 650ms 4h 24m 13s 570ms
-L Masa 0m 31s 275ms 4h 24m 44s 846ms
-L Nizbel 0m 39s 805ms 4h 25m 24s 651ms
-eL magus 0m 51s 275ms 4h 26m 15s 927ms
-bLt 1m 24s 166ms 4h 27m 40s 093ms
-L gaia 1m 04s 531ms 4h 28m 44s 625ms
Big Boi 1m 04s 412ms 4h 29m 49s 037ms
Body 1m 24s 722ms 4h 31m 13s 760ms
Moby Dick 1m 41s 968ms 4h 32m 55s 729ms
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