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any% no president early


Could just call it "World Grand Prix" because that's what you'd be doing. All the rank c, b and a races, then the world grand prix and then the president race


How about naming the category "Any%(Glitchless)" to match the context of
Reference (Category setup):

However, in this case, the Snow Mountain glitch is not available, so making money to buy parts could be tedious.

I'm interested in this category (No President Skip), so I'll try to run it once the category rules are set!

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I am also interested in a glitchless (probably allowing rock climbing and all the janky physics since they are extremely hard to avoid) category if possible to add!


Any% No Major Glitches would seem the most appropriate, would love to run this game if this is added.

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is it going to be added? i did ask for it 7 months ago

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I agree, the any% has been perfected as is. No one is going to top Kona's run. So a No Major Glitches category would make sense and bring life back into this game!

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Hi, I'm really sorry for the delay in responding. (And thanks for the reminder)

We solicited opinions on the discord server and we have reached a consensus, so we have created a new leaderboard for the category "Any% (No Major Glitches)"!

I would be happy to send you a run of this category. I'll do mod work ASAP 🙂

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