It will be on speedgaming. Officially now. Not sure which channel exactly but in that family. This means we do need to keep it professional memes and stuff are fine but try and keep everything pg13 as possible unless the game you are playing is M rated extra leeway will be given. Kids watch speedgaming with their parents quite a bit etc. There is also not a mature audience tag on speedgaming.

Dates will be Dec 1st to Dec 15th.

Submissions for the LONG games will be open from July 1st to September 1st. These are long runs aka the ones over 4 hours or that are hundo catagories even something as short as SMB warp less would be considered 100 percent.

Schedule will then be made withen 2 or 3 weeks of that date.

Then October 1st to November 1st we will have submissions for OBSCURE games to fill in any spots in the schedule longer then 15 to 30 minutes. Huzzuh an obscure game would probably count as any game that seemingly has issues getting into marathons or that maybe you are the only runner of the catagory or game and can't get to a gdq or something.

Now you may ask what silly 2 week game will be on in the background and cause chat to bug you about for your run. The awnser is none. Based on feedback from both runners and viewers very few people enjoyed the side run and preferred the main game get all the focus. This means it will be easier to fit in those games over 24 hours as we won't need a spot for that game to be played. Any runs that require sleep we will find games to put in your sleeping schedule.

Please join the discord for updates and happy practice


(quick copy paste from the about section, since this might be more visable for some)


Hey, I know we've kept you guys in the dark for a bit, but the wait wont be in vain. We've been working behind the scenes on watching runs (or at least parts of it), and making our decisions on what we feel would be the best options for the marathon. All in all we had almost 800 hours of submissions, and with only just under 350 to fill you can imagine that takes a lot of really difficult decisions. That being said, we have come to some conclusions regarding what we would feel is the best set for the event. Now, I will add we have not yet had a chance to look at the availabilities to ensure we can actually make it work. That being said there is a very high likelyhood things will change. These cuts are TENTATIVE. They are still dependant on wether or not this can actually work in a schedule. If it can, great. If not, we will be forced to adjust accordingly. We hope to have some more details on this within the next 1.5 week or so, so bare with us while we comb through all the data and try to make something cool with it.

That all said, without further ado, the tentative cuts for RRLAT2: