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Date: December 1st to 14th (if we can fill games in)

Benefiting: Shriners Hospital For Children


What: Any 100 percent game or games that generally run over 4 hours not counting WR or best case scenario. We are looking for games that will be looked down at when submitting to say GDQ longer runs maybe you are proud of this run and want to still use it for a good cause.

Information: Marathon Will be PG 13 Hopefully would run for 24 hours but I'm not against having 5 to 8 hour break times if time can't be filled

Submissions close November 27th BUT as submissions come in ill be contacting people about availability because these are such long runs I do not wish to spring times last minute on people.

IMPORTANT: does your game have large periods of monotonous grinding but is also like a day or days long well please do submit we will schedule a game during those lulls where not much would be said and your game will be in the corner almost like a gdq runner cam.


You know, there's a run that lasts 2 weeks that I've always said would be cool to have happening off in a corner or something if ever a 2 week event was scheduled. I think you know the run I'm talking about. Might be neat to reach out to one of those runners.

My longest run has a 3:45 estimate so I can't really submit anything but it's a cool idea for a marathon. I'm planning something similar for early next year.


Its in the submissions link and submit that run if its 345 i may still accept it if its obscurish and hasent had marathon exposure


Ehh, I doubt it passes. It's only 3:45 cause I suck at it 😛 It was run with a 3:10 estimate this past ESA.


When do submissions close?


Submissions will close on November 27th ill edit the info and the forum post thank you


Where do I submit my run?


Crap, wish I had seen this sooner. Is there a way to be alerted when the next one happens? I'd very much love to showcase jersey devil 100%


I, too, would be interested in throwing in for ~8 hours if there is a second iteration.


i'd be down to submit again as well