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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Availability Date  
RiaSkiesRiaSkies Legaia 2: Duel Saga Any% (US) 6:20:00 PS2 USA Link Moderately obscure JRPG and the in-name-only 'sequel' to Legend of Legaia. Two hours shorter (though still plenty long), but also considerably more marathon-friendly. Features time-consuming combat, a lot of equipment and skills optimization, and is the sort of game that just doesn't get accepted for many other events because of its length. 10 God of Rice / Rice minigame Heaven's Secret (8-10 minutes) Sidejumping minigame (8-10 minutes) Of the two, Rice planting is more technically impressive and difficult, but I can't guarantee success. Sidejumping is pretty free, but takes a bit longer. I can also show off Dream Match (15 minutes), but that would be a post-run incentive played on a different file that has near-maxed characters.
RmxPlaysPcRmxPlaysPc Pokemon Battle Revolution Any% 4:45:00 Wii EUR Link this game is often overlooked due to the amount of rng that it contains. it is also on the wii, which typically isn't a popular console for runners. however, this game is 99% battles, with the rest being simple menuing and stuff like that. the animations and overall design in this game is incredible considering it is 11 years old. the game also features a large variety of Colosseums, with 10 being available, all with different styles of battles. to beat the game, you need to work through these Colosseums, which contain 4-7 battles, majority being 7. at the end of each colosseum, you fight the leader, which has a stronger team than normal and has better ai. without writing a whole essay on how the different colosseums work, they contain different types of battles. main street is vanilla single battles, whereas in neon you have to spin a wheel and aim your wii remote at the screen and time it/pray for the mon you want. so yeah, a variety of gameplay. also not too stressful for the runner (not that many frame perfect tricks lmao) so i will be able to provide a full commentary throughout. all in all, it's a visually pleasing game with interesting gameplay. 0 Trainer name stargazer masters battle set 1 and 2 with default passes (basically, i try and complete set 1 and 2 with the default passes (NOT easy), 20-30mins should be enough for 1-2 attempts)
Professor_PalmerProfessor_Palmer Ni No Kuni : Wrath of the White Witch Any% 7:15:00 PS3 USA Link It's really, really long. Also, it's a magnificent game. Anime/manga style art. Kingdom Hearts play style without the silly childhood love story that makes KH such a travesty. 0 Naming Oliver, naming all familiars. 7 familiars in total. Any weekday at any time.
BaffanBaffan Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean 100% 342:00:00 GCN USA Link Dude. 0 - Party Members (Top 3 between Kalas, Xelha, Gibari, Lyude, Savyna, Mizuti) - Order of Class 6 Side Quests (Top donations between Xelha, Gibari, Lyude, Savyna, Mizuti) - Probably much more
CrroolCrrool Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals True 100% 35:00:00 SNES USA Link You asked for Iris%, I give you Iris% plus 100%. Nuff said. Estimate includes 8 hour sleeping break for obvious reasons. May subtract this again, but want to have it in for now. Depends on if I feel ready to do it again Michiej 0 Crystal walk at the end, Maxims name (5 chars max)
MichieMichie Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals True 100% 35:00:00 SNES USA Link I want to submit the "True 100%" run. The main difference between normal 100% and "true 100%" is that there is an extra objective that needs to be met. There is an optional dungeon the "Ancient Cave" where you can find 9 rare items. The Iris treasures. I've ran this before together with Crrool, he managed to finish this run in 31 hours. The game has a great storyline, fun puzzles, cool mechanics and as a cherry on the cake you get the entire Iris% part as well. If you're not familiar with Lufia 2 or the Ancient Cave part of the game, definitely check it out! Crrool 0 Filename, Which capsule monster we use near the end of the game. (1 of 7) Names for the capsule monsters (7 total) "Crystal walk" (minor glitch near the end of the game)
WedSRWedSR Spyro: Year of the Dragon 117% 3:25:00 PS2 USA Link This long yet fast-paced category may not be as long as some of the other things in the marathon, but what it has is a breath of fresh air where you get to see the glitchiness of movement tech in an old 3d platformer. 0 could potentially do a spyro color bid war (black, green, blue, purple, pink, red, yellow) any time from 3PM-10PM central time on weekdays, any time from 10AM-10PM on weekends, with the exception of the weekend of December 9th where i wont be available at all.
WedSRWedSR Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time All Gold Bolts 3:15:00 PS3 USA Link This is a very underrated category with a lot of cool uses of skips and sequence breaks that just hasn't gotten enough positive reception because of it's length, so I feel this run would work great in a marathon like this. 0 any time from 3PM-10PM central time on weekdays, any time from 10AM-10PM on weekends, with the exception of the weekend of December 9th where i wont be available at all.
GearlessRobotGearlessRobot Mother 3 Any% English 7:00:00 GBA JPN Link It's a long Japan-only RPG that probably won't get into any other charity marathons. Even though it's Japan-only, it's really well known due to being the 3rd game in the EarthBound series, and Nintendo's even made jokes about all the requests for a localization. It has a lot of donation incentives, most of which are bid wars. It has a lot of varied strats due to the party changing a lot and gaining new abilites that change what I do. 20 Naming characters (Lucas, Claus, Flint, Hinawa, Boney, Duster, Kumatora, Salsa, Favorite Food, Favorite Thing (All 8 character limit except food, which is 9) Name player (16 character limit) Fight Porky Statue in chapter 8. Show off Flint's secret dialog in the last area.
ixix Spelunky All Achievements 5:00:00 PC Link All Achievements was a category talked about in the Spelunky community for years: occasionally attempted, but never completed. Recently, a new mechanic was discovered that dramatically reduced the RNG on one of the run's major bottlenecks, finding the extra characters. This finding allowed the run to be done more comfortably in one (long) sitting. I have been re-routing the category in anticipation of a second run and took the WR for "All Characters" in the process. I anticipate getting a WR of less than 5 hours during my next attempt. Thanks. **Update: I ran this as part of a Spelunky community fundraiser for AGDQ and got an improved WR of 3 hours and 59 minutes. I've updated the VOD below because I did a better job commentating the run (there's about a 2-minute intro). The estimate of 5 hours is still probably right, since both of the RNG and skill elements fell into place better than expected. 0 Bid war for the choice of damsel: Female, Male, Dog, Sloth Bid war for character skin (once unlocked): Spelunky Guy, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Lime, Purple, Cyan, Van Helsing, The Jungle Warrior, Meat Boy, Yang, The Eskimo, The Round Girl, The Ninja, The Round Boy, The Cyclops, The Viking, The Robot, The Golden Monk Dec. 1, 2, 3: Any time Dec. 4: Any time after 5 pm EDT Dec. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: Any time Dec. 11: Any time after 5 pm EDT Dec. 12-14: Likely not available Slight preference for late-night/early AM timeslot when only degenerates are still up playing video games, but would gladly accept any time slot if offered. :D
iiSaladiiSalad Kingdom Hearts II JJ 100% 11:40:00 PS2 USA Link FUN times, not much downtime, synth grind, feels like a real completionist category. 0 3rd to the 14th. IDEAL time would be starting around 4-5am UK time, although I wouldn't be able to commentate for the first couple hours. If this isn't possible - as long as I finish before 10pm UK i'm happy.
MLSTRMMLSTRM Final Fantasy XIII Paragon% 15:00:00 PC EUR Link Paragon% (All Missions) is the latest category to come out of the crazy minds of the FF13 trilogy community. In this category we beat all 64 missions in the game, with a 5* battle rating, thus giving us the Paragon trophy, as well as beating the game. There are a wide variety of strategies used, and some very intense moments as we go up against some tricky fights at very low development. NOTE: This category has not been fully routed as yet, but I believe we can get it finished in time. If this is too much of a risk then feel free to decline this submission. I will also be submitting plat% which is longer but has a route that is finished at least. 15 hours should be a safe estimate, as plat% would take around that long once you take out the extra stuff we do in that category. However we're just not sure yet. Video link is my strategy demonstration pastebin which I am updating as I go through the route. 0
StarcrawlStarcrawl Final Fantasy X PS2 10:40:00 PS2 USA Link It's the longest Final Fantasy Any% run which mostly consists of cutscenes and FMVs. The gameplay is interesting to watch and the battles are fun as the speed at which you input commands plays a large factor in how quick the run is, there are also a few minor cutscene skips. The run is also very consistent, there aren't many places where you can die, just lose time... Although we all know the real reason this should be shown is the laughing scene. 15 Bidwar for 6 character names, 8 character limit. Can name Tidus, Valefor, Irit, Ixion, Shiva and Bahamut. Could do an incentive to sing during Suteki Da Ne. Would prefer to be able to do this run during the day UK time GMT (Starting anytime after 7 AM GMT and before 2 PM GMT is the best time for me). I can do any day, except Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, so long as the starting time is within those hours earlier. Thursday and Sunday I can start at any time, as long as it's not too late at night.
BismuthBismuth Donkey Kong 64 101% 6:10:00 N64 USA Link It's long 4 Bid war to choose which Kong fights Mad Jack Donation incentive for a 10-15 min. glitch exhibition Monday to Thursday 8 am EST to 12 am EST Unavailable on Friday to Sunday Both weeks
GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai Rayman Raving Rabbids 100% 3:05:00 Wii USA Link RRR is a forgotten Rayman game, since it's a party spin-off game and thanks to it Rayman 4 was never developed, also the game introduces the Rabbids. Since the game is not fully based RNG to complete, everything will depend about the runner in order to beat the game. Wii version is the most harder to complete thanks to the motion controllers, and sometimes is funny how frustrate is completing this 5 Bid war to use an unlockable costume (UTC-6) Dec 1 & 10 - Between 21-03 Dec 2-3 & 12-17: All day
GhostlyGhostly Pikmin 2 All Treasures 5:00:00 GCN USA Link Out of all Pikmin games to speedrun, Pikmin 2 is considered the longest game to complete. All Treasures is where I need to collect all 201 Treasures. Since runners never attempt to run Pikmin 2 in a marathon because of heavy RNG, lots of execution (not many people know about that), and not losing a lot of Pikmins, I decided to give a shot. However, I'll be using a memory card to speedrun for marathon safety. This is because of a glitch called Early Blue that will let me get softlocked if I made the wrong timing and the wrong spot to napsack. If I made it successfully, the game will access me early to a Blue Onion area in Awakening Wood. There are also treasures in some caves that have glitches which either gets removed or have no longer way to get them, which can make the run dead without a memory card. A reset will remove those glitches of course. It would be exciting for me to run this game and show the whole thing to the audience. 0 Any day (Dec 1 -14) throughout the marathon. Starting at around 6 PM or 7 PM CST is where I'm ready to start running
HerretemanHerreteman The World Ends With You 5:10:00 DS USA Link A NDS cult classic ARPG that uses the console's touchscreen to its full potential, produced by legendary JRPG bamboozler Tetsuya Nomura. Great soundtrack and visuals for a perfectly comfy run. NG starts somewhat slow as things keep being unlocked but quickly becomes a run about optimizing every fight with an overpowered poverty build. Some dumb RNG moments can lose some time, but the run is mostly consistent and rarely goes off rails. RTA timing includes the credits and that makes it about 13-14 minutes longer. We could just end the run at the final boss for the marathon, but then it wouldn't be as long. Your call :^) 5 - Things to say to the NDS mic - A required fight makes us exclusively fight with pins that are activated with the NDS microphone. Give me things to say to the microphone instead of just blowing into it. Copypastas are highly encouraged. Completely available on December 6th through 10th. Any other days I may be available starting midnight CET, other than Saturdays or Sundays in which I can be available at mostly any time.
FingerQuickFingerQuick Jet Set Radio Future 100% 6:00:00 Xbox USA Link Good game 0 Available any time after 9PM EST
peteyboopeteyboo Super Mario 3D World 380 Stars 4:20:00 WiiU USA Link While 100% is twice as long, it's also really freaking tedious. 380 stars shows off every stage of the run once, including the usual really hard level at the end of modern Mario games, Champion's Road. Also secretly has a chance to be sub 4 hours which would be just the most awful thing ever ;) 5 Available Sunday 12 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Monday 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., and other days 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
XujhanXujhan Breath of Fire II Glitchless Good Ending 9:15:00 SNES USA Link It's a long, grindy RPG with nothing but disdain for speedrunners. It's also a very fun run, with lots of close scrapes and improvization. andyw3321 5 Bidwars: Main character name (4 characters) Who kisses the frog (Nina/Katt) Save/kill Dad (good/neutral ending) No meaningful effect on estimate Available Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday, any time of day. Potentially available other days, but won't know until a week or so before.
berlindude1berlindude1 Super Tennis 101% 4:00:00 SNES USA Link Playing 100% Super Tennis (8 Tournaments) and the secret character Don J makes it best case a 3 hour 30 minutes run. But since the RNG can really give you timelosses it could be easily a 4 hour run in the end. No other Marathon would accept an 101% Super Tennis run, completing the whole game in a row. It would fit perfect in this Marathon of long term runs. yelsraek (race) 0 Playing a complete Match without the TopSpin Glitch Can be discussed when Submission got accepted and if Yelsraek joins the race.
EmilyBrooksEmilyBrooks Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Low Level 20:00:00 SNES JPN Link Low Level is an interesting category that pushes this game to the limit. It takes advantage of several unique mechanics in SMRPG to complete the game with mario at just level 3. This game is great for chat interaction, and I will be offering donation incentives to choose the egg during the rng minigame to let donators get in on the madness. 0 Egg minigame teams. Donators raise money for each team and the one in the lead is the egg I pick during the exp minigame. week days are good
ty2358ty2358 Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention Any% 5:15:00 Genesis USA Link Shining Force is a tactical tile-based strategy RPG that gives a large mix of skill and luck to pull off a speedrun lasting around 5 hours. Excitement lies everywhere in this roller coaster ride of a speedrun! 15 Hero's Name Grabbing Tao's Bikini Grabbing Anri's Dress Any day between the time of 4am and 1PM CST.
yelsraekyelsraek Super Tennis 101% 4:00:00 SNES USA Link To watch berlindude and I race thru the Circuit mode and abuse the poor AI of our poor, hapless opponents, including the allegedly unbeatable Don J at the end! I have not run 100% yet, but I have competitive Any% and DonJ% times, and have the endurance to keep up with berlin in a race setting! berlindude1 0 I'm good on the weekends at BASICALLY any time. If it's a weekday, it would have to be between 6pm-2am EST.
JoshimuzJoshimuz Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony 100% 6:00:00 PC EUR Link With an estimate of 6 hours this is a fairly long 100% run so it fits the theme. I'm a fairly entertaining runner and I have a lot of experience doing marathon runs of this length so I'm not going to ResidentSleeper the stream for 6 hours. The run is pretty unique in GTA speedruns in that it has quite a lot of on the fly routing with 25 randomly generated missions you need to complete. 0 Weekdays Daytime UK (can't do weekends and I'm shit at staying up all night, I do however wake up really early so I can start from like 4AM or whatever to take the USA night shift)
apple1417apple1417 Mirror's Edge Catalyst 100% 6:30:00 PC Link It has a bunch of cool movement tricks and glitches, which you get to see even more of than normal thanks to all the collectables you need to grab. 0 8am-10pm UTC+13 every day
apple1417apple1417 The Talos Principle All Achievements 2:00:00 PC Link Talos is a puzzle game turned platformer by all it's glitches. While a lot shorter than the other submissions, this run is the closest thing to 100% Talos has, and due to the 'long' 22 minute wait in the middle it is unlikely to be shown off in other marathons. Estimate includes messing up the waiting achievements (22m), which is unlikely. 0 8am-10pm UTC+13 every day
NeillyNeilly Distorted Travesty 3 True End 13:30:00 PC USA Link This speedrun is really long for a game of its genre (2D platforming action game) which makes it a good change of pace to wedge in between more menu heavy games such as RPGs. It's also a great way to show some love for a less well-known game that's still fun to both watch and play. 0 Donation goal: Show "The Distorted Travesty" ending. (A quick joke ending accessible about halfway through the game). Adds about 5 extra minutes, max. Any day except for Mondays. It would also be nice to not do the entire run in the middle of the night (in EST timezone) but that's less important.
SloaTheDemonSloaTheDemon Final Fantasy Tactics Any% No Math 5:35:00 PS USA Link Final Fantasy Tactics is a Tactical RPG that that challenges you from start to finish both enjoyable to watch and run. This category bans the Math skill which makes the game very trivial 5 Ramza's name, and Generics names (2 of them) available on any day from 7AM-12PM and 3PM-5PM
witziewitzie Mario Party 2 All Boards 5:00:00 WiiVC USA Link Playing through all these boards is well, really really long. lots of RNG making it interesting. Run could be lost to losing a map but maybe since its a marathon I think it should just continue on to the next map Note: Video submitted was before i had a capture card. I'll be doing the run on WiiVc instead of emu 0 Bidwar for character for each board possibly. Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi Wario DK I need a weekend day. Don't know my schedule completely so give me a time on a weekend. It will really be a hit or a miss.
Professor_PalmerProfessor_Palmer Parasite Eve New Game 3:10:00 PS USA Link It's an incredible game and I commentate it well. I've run it in a ton of marathons, it's marathon safe, and it's absurdly unique. 0 Aya's name All Bosses (Increases by 30 minutes) Any
KitcotKitcot The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Any% 6:15:00 Wii JPN Link Since its only appearance at SGDQ 2014 and some ZSR marathons, Skyward Sword has gone through many different small optimisations throughout the years making the game exciting through out the 6 hours. Despite my poor commentary skills (which I can brush up on before the run), This game would be a great addition to the Really really long a thon and would get many people excited to see another game from their favourite franchises being in the marathon. 15 I will only be free on the days 11-14th December. I would also preferably want the run to be in the daylight hours (around 6am - 8pm) of GMT (British time) to avoid an overestimate run and just me falling asleep during the run (because that can actually happen)
andyw3321andyw3321 Breath of Fire II Glitchless Good Ending 9:15:00 SNES USA Link Breath of Fire 2 is one of the many great rpg games for the snes. I love rpgs for the story and Breath of Fire 2 is no exception to this. The game has a slow dialog box, but it also makes for a great watch because you can pretty much read the game as you go to relive the game. I love to share and tell the story during my run; in addition, to explaining the strategies as the run progresses. Race with - Xujhan 5 The file name is only 4 chars but it could be a bidwar an option if desired. bidwar 1 - Who has to kiss Jean? options: Nina or Katt The winner of this bidwar has to kiss the frog prince Jean to break the curse. This bidwar can be done up to about the 2, 2 and a half hour mark of the run. (no extra time for either outcome) Both party members are with you at this point in the run bidwar 2 - Kill or save your father? options: kill or save The category is good ending but really it is just something the bof2 runners do because it is the right thing to do! Also it is a long run and only takes a few minutes to do(literally 2-3 minutes to do) This bidwar can go on till about the 7 hour mark. Around this point we fight a battle where we have to either save or kill our father. By killing him we get the neutral ending of the game (consider by some the true ending!) Saving our father (and doing a few other things that will already be done) will result in the good ending of the game. This time is already in the run estimate, so it doesn't take any extra time to set up for. Would prefer to have the run start between any Friday after 3PM est and Sunday by 4PM est. Overnights are fine. That said, I know weekends are more than likely what the majority of people would want. Luckily I have a job where I can take a day off with little notice so I can do any day if needed.
AnalpikachuAnalpikachu Pokémon Colosseum Any% 4:10:00 GCN USA Link A revolutionary glitch was discovered in late 2017, which led to a complete re-route of the game. Making it less risky and faster. The change was so drastic that the world record is currently 15 minutes faster than it was before this amazing discovery. 10 Naming meditite, naming ferraligatr, catching metagross, naming metagross, catching tyranitar, naming tyranitar. I will be available from 2:00pm UTC to 9:00pm UTC every day.
crashcrash Gex: Enter The Gecko 100% 2:15:00 PS2 USA Link The Gex series is a bit of a cult classic. This quintessential "90s GAMER!!!" mascot platformer features extensive routing that is aided by a series unique trick known as TV cancelling, which allows for plenty of one cycles and some other ways of breaking the game. 5 Ideally any day between 3PM and 3AM. I cannot do Sunday morning and afternoon (available after 7PM). I cannot do Monday 4PM-12AM. I can do with any time besides those, however. All times are EST
crashcrash Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko 100% 2:50:00 PS2 USA Link The third game in the Gex series features even stricter routing, as you must collect every fly coin in the game. One cycles and TV cancels are still present throughout the run, as well as plenty of other tricks to fill the gaps. You can even shut Gex up in this game to save time. 5 Leave Gex's voice on: $100 (+5 min) Ideally any day between 3PM and 3AM. I cannot do Sunday morning and afternoon (available after 7PM). I cannot do Monday 4PM-12AM. I can do with any time besides those, however. All times are EST
Madtaz64Madtaz64 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 100% 7:00:00 X360 USA Link S̶o̶ ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶w̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶p̶i̶s̶s̶ ̶o̶f̶f̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶s̶t̶o̶p̶ ̶n̶a̶g̶g̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶e̶ Even though this game is a far departure from the n64 games, it still carries some Banjo-Kazooie traditions. Most notably the collectibles the series is famous for. For 100%, you collect EVERYTHING in the totals screens. All 131 Jiggies, all 1400 notes (yes, 1400, that's not a typo) scattered around every act, all 50+ crates lying around the hub world, etcetera. I don't really care for this category of the game for various reasons yet a lot of people have really wanted me to do one, to the point of borderline begging. I have put a considerable amount of effort into the game itself however, especially any%. I have also routed out 131 Jiggy for the game (All Jiggies, which is a good bulk of the game right there) which optimally can be sub 3.5 hours (current pb is 3:50ish) so I have a good amount of the groundwork done for routing out 100%. I estimate a run would take around 6 hours if it were routed properly. This category has never been properly routed so if accepted the longathon run would be a WORLD PREMIERE of sorts 0 All DLC 100% run (estimate 1 hour) Klungo SSSavvvesss Teh World playthrough (estimate 10-15 minutes) Name the main vehicle? (not sure if this is worth a donation because it's a bit hard to see the name especially since I'll be skipping through menus really fast) Preferably the later half of the marathon, as I'll need the time to properly route it assuming I start right before/after Thanksgiving (later as in between the 10th and 14th, the 10th I'll definitely be off work but I might be off another one of the days that week too I'd need to take it off pretty soon though) Also I'd like to not stream during the graveyard-early morning shift if possible, meaning nowhere between midnight and 9am est. The latest I'd be ok with streaming until is 2-3am.
zer0skar_Izer0skar_I Final Fantasy XII 122333% 11:00:00 PS2 USA Link Would be cool to see 122333% in a marathon. At least it's long. I'm guessing a lot of people would be impressed with killing the bosses with the lowest levels possible. 5 Possible starting times: 1st - 3pm-5pm EET (UTC+2) 2nd - unavailable 3rd - unavailable 4th - 1pm EET (UTC+2) 5th - 3pm-5pm EET (UTC+2) 6th - 7am-1pm EET (UTC+2) 7th - unavailable 8th - 1pm-5pm EET (UTC+2) 9th - 7am-5pm EET (UTC+2) 10th - 7am-1pm EET (UTC+2) 11th - unavailable 12th - 1pm-6pm EET (UTC+2) 13th - unavailable 14th - unavailable
Dyne_NuitariDyne_Nuitari Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Low Dive 3:30:00 PS2 USA Link Dragon Quarter has not been in very many marathons and it show cases how this difficult game can still be beat with the correct skills and Items used 10 Name Ryu. Fight Dover Floor 50 boss of Kokon Hoary 7 mins ( , No Cutscene Skip, Will add 3 hours to run (maybe not a good idea :S) Monday - Friday after 7 PM EST, Weekends anytime
GarageDoorOpenerGarageDoorOpener Banjo-Tooie 100% 4:40:00 N64 USA Link tooie is a good game 0 anytime between 4pm and 12am PST
LCCLCC Magical Starsign Any% 10:00:00 DS USA Link It's a brand new speedrun, it's not even out yet! 15 Character names I am available Dec 1, 6, 7, 12, 13.
antidotsrantidotsr Mass Effect 2 No One Left Behind 3:45:00 PC Link Really long category, need to do almost all of missions to save them all, also have 0 skips there. ( also I know I have only Russian language video ) 20 Male or Female Sheppard and also get a Romance with somebody ( need like 20 minutes additional to take that on board ) also IF male - Jack if female - Garrus ( the easiest romance in the game ) 3-rd and 10-th of December I am available for the marathon, like from 1 am EST till 15 pm EST on both days
halqeryhalqery Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Any% WM 6:15:00 3DS USA Link This game is really long. And it has interesting movement strats dictated by the use of items and game knowledge. 0 Starter name, Partner name, Team name. Available everyday anytime
PXPX THE IDOLM@STER 2 NG+, HYPER - True END 4:30:00 PS3 JPN Link It's THE iDOLM@STER, a legendary name in the weeb community. Most have heard of it, lot don't know it's a video game, or the fact that you can speedrun it. It's also 4 hours of mashing with the occasional "AI LIKE HAMBURGER" in between. This would be great for the memes as well as waifu bid wars for characters. (Video is split) 0 9 character bid war over which 3 characters I use (Haruka, Chihaya, Miki, Mami, Makoto, Yukiho, Takane, Hibiki, Yayoi) Wednesday/Thursday any time
SentSent The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Any% No Turbo 7:30:00 PC USA Link Any% Normal No turbo takes a solid 60 hour casual RPG and boils it down to a brisk 7 hour run without speeding the game up via Turbo Mode. The Run is full of daring boss strategies, AI manipulation, and of course, awkward JRPG cut-scenes to hold circle through; culminating in a final boss strategy where we don't even let him take his turn and set to a killer Falcom soundtrack. Estimate is a little on the high side to account for bad RNG, making safety saves, and the possibility of the game crashing (Rare, but possible) 5 Pick the ending cutscene. Donors can pick the party member Rean has a heartfelt speech with in the post-game cutscene. This adds about 5 minutes after the run to watch the cutscene, choices would be between, Alisa, Elliot, Gaius, Laura, Fie, Emma, Machias, Jusis, Millium and Crow and the decision doesn't need to be solidified for a good 6 hours or so . Bonus Run: NG+ Save Manipulation% 10-15 minute NG+ category that savewarps OoB and to the end of the game from the prologue Unavailable: December 8th, 9th, 10th & Any Sunday/Monday evenings 9-11PM EST. Otherwise I can be flexible and fill just about any slot with enough notice
ažderažder Super Metroid Redesign Low% 6:00:00 SNES USA Link An already difficult and lengthy romhack featuring hand-cramping tricks and convoluted routes and strats to skip some extremely helpful items. Fun for the whole family. 0 The classic SM save the animals bidwar can be done here. It takes 5 extra minutes, but that's not very significant with a run this long. probably whenever
cantaloupemecantaloupeme Legend of Zelda 1&2 100%-100% All Keys 2:00:00 NES USA Link Saw a slot needed open and wanted to submit to help out 3 file names for both games December 13th
OrcastrawOrcastraw The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Any% 4:20:00 WiiU USA Link because it's really long, also Twilight Princess HD is a 2016 re-release of Twilight Princess with different glitches and tricks used in the speedrun, and you get to see a lot of interesting dungeon strategies and techniques to conquer the massive adventure game in around 4 hours. 5 donation goals could be held for links name(seen 5 times?) and the horse's name(seen like twice) pretty much whenever
WanderingMindWanderingMind Valkyria Chronicles II Any% Normal 3:45:00 PSTV USA Link A turn based strategy RPG with actions done in real time. Wide variety of missions done in ways the game never intended. Either they make me look cool or I look like an idiot (in the best kind of way of course!) Estimate has dropped from the previous showing as linked to the video due to more optimized gameplay. 20 Naming the tank (6 character limit) I can do Sunday, December 10th at 7:25 pm.

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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Availability Date  
[Deleted user] LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (PC/Console) 100% 14:45:00 Wii Link Its long. More importantly several LEGO games are really good speed games but are often over looked, but when they aren't the only categories that get shown off are shorter categories that don't show off too much of the game so a marathon based around long runs could be a good place to show off what this game has to offer. 5
CrroolCrrool Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals 98% 7:10:00 SNES USA Link Lufia 2 100% without AC for marathon safety. 10 Crystal walk, Maxims name (5 chars max)
CrroolCrrool Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder Any% Current patch 5:45:00 PC EUR Link Its a game of basically every genre. Action heavy, stays interesting, yet super long due to how big the game is. Current patch for instant text glitch 0
CrroolCrrool Lufia: The Ruins of Lore Any% 9:00:00 GBA EUR Link Underrated Lufia game, great game to run. Somewhat RNG heavy at times, but uses several exploits to minimize the RNG 0 Eldin's name, character outfit (will give more details if it gets in)
[Deleted user] Persona 4 Golden Hard, Golden Ending 14:00:00 PSVita USA Link Persona 4 Golden is the best game in the series. 0
WedSRWedSR Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time 9:00:00 PS3 USA Link Glitchy platforming game that has you doing a bunch of random things for a long amount of time. 0 I can do this run on a weekday if it starts between 2:30-3:30 PM US Central time, and can do it any time between 10 AM and 3:30 PM on weekends, with the exception of the weekend of December 9th where i will not be available.
GearlessRobotGearlessRobot Star Ocean: The Second Story Any% Claude 5:20:00 PS USA Link It's on the short side for Really Really Long A Thon, so it should be easier to plug it in somewhere. It's gotten good viewership during the Tri-Ace Relays on the RPGLimitBreak channel. It's got a decent amount of donation incentives. If it gets in, I'll get to show off one of the most overpowered weapons in gaming history. 20 Recruit Celine, Noel and Chisato Naming characters (Claude, Rena, Celine, Bowman, Leon, Noel, Chisato) (Celine and Noel join temporarily before recruiting them, so naming them isn't reliant on the recruiting incentive being met.) (7 character limit for all) Show off Unlimited Indalecio and Iselia Queen fights after the run. Choose whether I use Celine, Leon or Noel in the final boss fight.
iiSaladiiSalad Persona 5 NG+ True Ending 14:00:00 PS4 EUR Link It's really long. Has some sick downtimes inbetween palaces. Just lots of fun and a very popular game. 0 Donation goal - Defeating the Twins (possibly during the run, possibly loading a save after run) 3rd to the 14th. IDEAL time would be starting around 4-5am UK time, although I wouldn't be able to commentate for the first couple hours. If this isn't possible - as long as I finish before 10pm UK i'm happy.
DrumboardistDrumboardist Earthbound Any% Glitchless 4:30:00 SNES USA Link I'unno, Earthbound (start to finish, no glitches, in 4.5 hours) always seems like something that a LOT of people view as "a stupid claim" or "not possible"., I'm preeeetty consistent at dropping a 4:30 time in the game, so why not? 20 4 characters names -- 5 letters/numbers per name Dog's name, Favorite Thing, Favorite Food: 6 characters each "Player's Name" -- 24 characters (2 opportunities for that to happen, so you can snipe the name if you wanna) "Chicken%" -- I will get a Fresh Egg, allow it to hatch and grow to maturity (into a Chicken, you know), THEN throw that Chicken at the final boss. 'cause it's funny.
MLSTRMMLSTRM Final Fantasy XIII Plat% 20:00:00 PC EUR Link People like to say FF13 is a 20 hour tutorial before you get to the main game. Being speedrunners, we of course have to prove them wrong, and so we do everything well before hitting that 20 hour milestone. 0
MLSTRMMLSTRM Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII NG+ DASH 10:00:00 PC EUR Link Lightning returns is a pretty interesting game, due to its non-linerarity and day structure. However any% doesn't really give you the opportunity to really dive into some of the stuff the game has to offer. Enter NG+DASH, a category which is defined as [NG+]: Beating the game on NG normal and NG+ hard D: Disaster, the drop from the super boss Aeronite AS: All sidequests, completing each sidequest at least once throughout the run H: Heroic guard, the drop from the super boss Ereshkigal. Constantly moving and very little grinding/RNG makes this a interesting and varied run, as well as a variety of fight strategies (and showing the true power of light slash) 0
[Deleted user] Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Normal, True Ending 13:00:00 PSP USA Link It's a really cool visual novel 0
FricasseeFricassee The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Any% 4:00:00 PC USA Link It's a great game that hasn't seen much play! When I started running it, it was well over 4 hours. I've since brought it down a bit, and my fastest unrecorded time was 3:41:xx, so it's still pretty long. The game is played in turbo mode, which makes it pretty execution heavy on map movement. There's a few interesting mechanics and some menuing, and a pretty wild story. I'll be doing it on Easy which isn't as tactical in battle as the normal runs that are out there. My current recorded PB/WR is 4:06:xx, but I've done a 3:41:xx unrecorded. The game is very safe, and while you can lose time, you can't really RIP the run. 30 Costume Incentive - Donations can be used to set the costumes (concert, swimsuit, or regular school). Possible live bid war during the run. Strong Bond: At the end of the game, you choose someone to dance with at the school festival, and there's like 10 characters to choose from. Can be a bid war up through part of the run. The only day I'm not available on at this time is Saturday the 9th after about 3:00 PM until about noon on Sunday the 10th. EDIT: Just found out that I'm traveling for work Dec 3-7, so I will be unavailable to play during that time.
fGeorjjefGeorjje Need for Speed: Carbon Game 100% [CE] 6:20:00 PC Link I've submitted Career any% to both A Race Against Time and Degen Desh 3, figured Game 100% fits in here. Lots of stuff to complete in the Challenge Series, unlocking the 240sx, a tier 1 car that's more like tier 3, and doing all tracks in career mode sounds like a lot of fun. Getting blasted by RNG included as some of the challenges involve police chases, including one killing 30 cops in a shitty muscle car and another one running from max heat cops for 12 minutes until finally escaping. 10 - after the run, glitch to the final canyon duel and beat Darius in a stock RX8 (+5-15 minutes depending on restart attempts) - show off the "ball car", a glitched hyperspeed car (+5 minutes anytime except dec 13 / 14
Kinnin11Kinnin11 Okami Platinum% 15:10:00 PS3 JPN Link Okami is a wonderfully beautiful game with a lot of things you can do. In the Platinum category you will see almost everything in the game, though it will be in Japanese. There's some grinding an an hour or so of fishing which is pretty chill even if it's completely reliant on RNG. 2 singing with the credits (no additional time) from the 4th of december until the 11th i'll be available. When it comes to time I'd like to start somewhere in the afternoon in CEST.
XelnasXelnas Final Fantasy IX Randomizer 16:00:00 PS USA Link FF9 randomizer is... not THAT random when you think of other randomizers what it does is shuffle all the skills on all the equipment and all the abilities the chracters can learn forcing me to learn abilities at different times buy more equipment and improvise in battles based on what i have. Its almost 50 percent longer then the average ff9 run due to the amount of mid game routing and occasional grinding. 15 Getting people to come and sing the finale or act out the plays. Naming incentives (all characters will see more play then normal unless skills really betray them) gonna have to see when i have 2 days off of work
BreadghostBreadghost Super Mario Galaxy 120 Stars 6:25:00 Wii JPN Link This is a classic Mario game with lots of cool gravity skips and movement. The 120 star category showcases every star in the game, with impressive and exciting strats all across the board. In addition, there is the option to play as Luigi, who runs faster, jumps higher, and gets into the run faster than his red clad brother by bypassing the five minute cutscene section at the beginning of the run automatically. I will be running Luigi 120 Star should this run be accepted. 10 Read the whole Library story after the run est: 15 minutes Alternatively, if that is too long I can do Grand Finale Galaxy (121st star) est: 5 minutes All times in Pacific Standard Time December 1st- Unavailable December 2nd- Unavailable December 3rd- Available all day December 4th- Unavailable December 5th- Unavailable December 6th- Unavailable December 7th- Available from 5 AM to 1 PM December 8th- Available from 5 AM to 5 PM December 9th- Available from 5 AM to 3 PM December 10th- Unavailable December 11th- Available all day December 12th- Available from 5 AM to 1 PM and 5:30 PM to whenever December 13th- Available all day December 14th- Unavailable
ShadowFrostShadowFrost Super Mario Galaxy 2 242 Stars 10:30:00 Wii EUR Link It's long ;) Showing off a lot of stuff in Galaxy 2, many tricks (such as infinite Yoshi fluttering, skipping entire planets, many smaller skips, and just going fast in general). The estimate is a bit low in comparison to the time on the leaderboards, but have recently finished 120 runs (approx. 6h30m) and Green Stars (approx. 3h40m), with an additional 8 mins for credits, and 10 minutes on the final 2 stars. 2 Fridays: 8pm CET until whenever on Saturday. Saturdays: All day, until 4am CET on Sunday. Sundays: 6pm CET until 2am CET on Monday. Mondays: 3pm CET until 4am CET on Tuesday. Tuesdays: 6pm CET until 2am CET on Wednesday. Wednesdays: 3pm CET until 2am CET on Thursday. Thursdays: 3pm CET until 6am CET on Friday.
ShadowFrostShadowFrost Super Mario Galaxy 120 Stars 6:30:00 Wii EUR Link Original Galaxy, having many cool tricks that can be shown off throughout the run, with precise movement, making this an exciting run to watch. Adding this as an potential for a race with Breadghost, wouldn't mind not running it due to availabilities and schedule-wise. 2 Fridays: 8pm CET until whenever on Saturday. Saturdays: All day, until 4am CET on Sunday. Sundays: 6pm CET until 2am CET on Monday. Mondays: 3pm CET until 4am CET on Tuesday. Tuesdays: 6pm CET until 2am CET on Wednesday. Wednesdays: 3pm CET until 2am CET on Thursday. Thursdays: 3pm CET until 6am CET on Friday.
ShadowFrostShadowFrost Super Mario Galaxy 2 Multiple Mario Games - 246 Stars 9:20:00 Wii EUR Link Showing off the first 4 main 3D Mario games: Super Mario 64 70 Star, Super Mario Sunshine Any% (44 Shines), Super Mario Galaxy Any% (61 Stars) and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (71 Stars). This run shows off a lot of the tricks from each game, from cutscene skips in Sunshine to Infinite Yoshi flutters in Galaxy 2. And of course, it's long ;) Would also make for a great race with Breadghost. With the 4 PBs in the individual categories being 8:48, adding 2-3 minutes for each switch of games and 5 minutes for each game as extra time needed, the estimate gets around 9:20 (at the time of the 246 I did, I had not done any SM64 runs. Therefore, hitting that estimate should be easily doable.) 0 Fridays: 8pm CET until whenever on Saturday. Saturdays: All day, until 4am CET on Sunday. Sundays: 6pm CET until 2am CET on Monday. Mondays: 3pm CET until 4am CET on Tuesday. Tuesdays: 6pm CET until 2am CET on Wednesday. Wednesdays: 3pm CET until 2am CET on Thursday. Thursdays: 3pm CET until 6am CET on Friday.
MiautMiaut La-Mulana Remake Randomizer 6:30:00 PC USA Link Its entertaining and fun!, lots of stuff to do so that means little downtime, its something new, its 6-7 hours long depending if the bosses decide to destroy me cause of not getting good weapons early or not getting scanner/grail early, and last but not least I like it :D 5 I'm available on the weekends like the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th 10th, at 5:00pm PST and on in Fridays , any time on Saturday and Sundays.
Thebpg13Thebpg13 Colin McRae Rally 100% 7:00:00 PS EUR Link Would be good to see a racing speedrun in this marathon and also may encourage others to speedrun the game itself as the community is relatively small compared to other communities :) 0 All donations are welcome but are not necessary :) I can do weekdays anytime however I cannot do weekends (Fri-Sun) as I work on those days in the evening.
witziewitzie Mario Party All Boards 7:30:00 N64 USA Link It's one of the longest games i've ever run. All the RNG makes this run so interesting. There are 8 boards total, but a run could be lost to losing a board. Although since this is a marathon I think I would just continue on and finish all the boards whether I win or loose. The run will be performed on an n64 emulator since I do not own an N64, and the game is not on Virtual Console for wii. Gonna estimate 7.5 hrs to make sure there is enough time, but run should take less than 7 hrs 0 Character pick(s)? Mario Luigi Wario Peach Yoshi DK Weekend day please. In school so weekday is off limits. Would like to start anytime in morning (Eastern)
AnalpikachuAnalpikachu Pokémon Gold/Silver Any% Glitchless 3:40:00 GBP USA Link This game has gone through important optimizations since the discovery of the TID manip, we can use this manip to obtain a masterball and catch a shiny gyarados, skip shopping and more! This route saves a significant amount of time compared to the previous one. 10 naming the main character, naming rival, naming totodile, naming cutter, naming shony gyarados. Available from 2:00pm UTC to 9:00pm UTC every day.
Madtaz64Madtaz64 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 131 Jiggy 4:20:00 X360 USA Link Even though this game is a far departure from the n64 games, it still carries some Banjo-Kazooie traditions. Most notably the collectibles the series is famous for. For 131 Jiggy, as the category name implies, you collect all 131 of the Jiggies. Compared to 100% this category is a lot more straight forward, as you aren't required to collect the 1400 notes (yes, 1400, that's not a typo) scattered around every act, you don't have to bring every single crate lying in the hub world back to mumbo, you don't have to help every jinjo out in the game. You just have to collect all of the jiggies by beating all of the main missions in the game. 5 All DLC 100% run (estimate 1 hour) Klungo SSSavvvesss Teh World playthrough (estimate 10-15 minutes) Name the main vehicle? (not sure if this is worth a donation because it's a bit hard to see the name especially since I'll be skipping through menus really fast) Preferably the later half of the marathon, as I'll need the time to properly route it assuming I start right before/after Thanksgiving (later as in between the 10th and 14th, the 10th I'll definitely be off work but I might be off another one of the days that week too I'd need to take it off pretty soon though) Also I'd like to not stream during the graveyard-early morning shift if possible, meaning nowhere between midnight and 9am est. The latest I'd be ok with streaming until is 2-3am.
GarageDoorOpenerGarageDoorOpener Mario Party 4 All Presents 50:00:00 GCN USA Link Because it's a really long run 0 -character for beach volleyball -which character to finish with wednesday afternoon to friday afternoon
jongyon7192pjongyon7192p I Wanna Go The Floatkid Any% 0:10:00 PC Link It's the longest & slowest 10 minutes of your life, I guarantee it. 0 I don't have ideas at the moment. Maybe skip a save? Nah, that'll make this run REALLY long... All day, any day.
zer0skar_Izer0skar_I Final Fantasy XII Any% 6:15:00 PS2 USA Link It is hard to get Final Fantasy XII into speedrun marathons because of its length which is what I understood this marathon was about. 5 Donation goal: Kill Elder Wyrm - 5 minutes Possible starting times: 1st - 3pm-10pm EET (UTC+2) 2nd - unavailable 3rd - 4pm-6pm EET (UTC+2) 4th - 1pm-6pm EET (UTC+2) 5th - 1pm-10pm EET (UTC+2) 6th - 7am-6pm EET (UTC+2) 7th - unavailable 8th - 1pm-10pm EET (UTC+2) 9th - 7am-10pm EET (UTC+2) 10th - 7am-6pm EET (UTC+2) 11th - unavailable 12th - 1pm-6pm EET (UTC+2) 13th - unavailable 14th - 5pm-6pm EET (UTC+2)
zer0skar_Izer0skar_I Final Fantasy XII Order of Ambrosia 25:00:00 PS2 USA Link OoA% or Order of Ambrosia% is my favorite category. It's just... long... There's no way it would make into any other marathon but here it has a chance. There's a lot of RNG for which I'm putting an extra hour on my estimate but I'd hope it to be only 24 hours. 5 Since this run does so many things it's hard to come up with any... Maybe picking up Omega Loot to see if I get the very rare Mythril Sword drop (takes about 2 seconds). There could be a bidwar on whether to use the Dead Character Glitch against Hell Wyrm or fight him legit. Because of the length of the run, I can only do it starting on 9th between 9am-4pm EET (UTC+2)
zer0skar_Izer0skar_I Final Fantasy XII Platinum% (The Zodiac Age) 10:00:00 PS4 EUR Link This is a very cool run that most likely wouldn't get into any other marathon. It's the 100% category of TZA that also includes the Trial Mode and some cool tricks like using Zeromus's Big Bang to kill the Judges completely wrecking the fight that's perhaps the hardest fight in any Final Fantasy casually. 5 Bidwar on which hunts to kill (top 4) - options: -Cluckatrice -Belito (Ba'Gamnan) -Deathgaze -Overlord -Fafnir+Behemoth King (counts for 2) -Deathscythe -Pylraster -Ring Wyrm -Vorpal Bunny -Marilith -Catoplebas -Wild Malboro -Carrot -Diabolos -Piscodaemon Possible starting times: 1st - 3pm-6pm EET (UTC+2) 2nd - unavailable 3rd - unavailable 4th - 1pm-2pm EET (UTC+2) 5th - 3pm-6pm EET (UTC+2) 6th - 7am-2pm EET (UTC+2) 7th - unavailable 8th - 1pm-5pm EET (UTC+2) 9th - 7am-6pm EET (UTC+2) 10th - 7am-2pm EET (UTC+2) 11th - unavailable 12th - 1pm-7pm EET (UTC+2) 13th - unavailable 14th - unavailable
Dyne_NuitariDyne_Nuitari Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Any% 1:03:00 PS2 USA Link Nice filler game if Low Dive is not needed. 10 Name Ryu, Fight Dover floor 50 of the secret dungeon Kokon Hoary (7 mins) Monday - Friday after 7 PM EST, Weekend any time
loginnerloginner Nostalgia any% 30:00:00 DS USA Link its never shown during a speedrun marathon and almost everyone i talk with doesn't know this jrpg exists. I want to make a bit of edvertisement for it. (video is a short fragment of the game, will give you a better est when i'm done) 20 i'm free at any given time.
TommyeAsYTommyeAsY Sonic Adventure 2: Battle 180 Emblems 12:00:00 PC Link SA2B 180 Emblems is a run with tons of tricky execution and wildly varied gameplay. It also fits the theme rather well, clocking in at a whopping 12 hours. Throughout the run we will be getting every A rank in the game, all with their own unique point routing. In addition we will be getting all the mini-game emblems. Chao, everyone loves them, in this game chao is a long section of the run, about 3:30. The chao are needed to get 9 of the emblems in the game. The way this is done is we "power-level" one to max, and we evolve 2 others into Hero and Dark chao. The process is harder than it looks, feeding chao makes them evolve quicker, so we have to switch between feeding 2 and leveling the other. Overall the run requires focus, stamina and a lot of determination. 3 I can name my main Chao, his name will be shown on screen for 62 races, so Chao name can be a good bidwar. It gonna cost me a minute of the run. Name can be up to 7 characters long, and we can change list of them later, because I can't create good ones rn. For now I can offer: - daddy - bread - Talon - BOOSTED - DrillOP I have a full-time job, so that unfortunately I won't be available for most of marathon time. The ideal time will be 3, 7 or 11 December, start should be in window between 9 and 12 AM UTC. If it's absolutely impossible, 4, 8 or 12 December could work too, if I'll start in time between 7 and 10 AM UTC. I also wanna notice that it would be really great if you'll let me to run being with another runner in a voice-call, who will help me with commenting. If this time won't fully fit with general schedule, we can cut off Chao part, and I can run 171 emblems instead, what is 3:30 hours less than 180, but it's more arbitrary, because 180 emblems is the game limit and it's the closest to 100 %. And everyone loves Chao.
FishFish Mario Party 3 Story Mode (Normal) 6:00:00 N64 USA Link It's the best story mode in the MP series, and shows off duel mode strats which are exclusive to MP3. Don't know where else to put this but be aware that the estimate is pretty generous and most no reset run end roughly between 5 and 5:30 hours, so the next runner should be available earlier than schedule. 5 Character bidwar (could make the estimate longer since some characters are slower in the duel mode, but not by a whole lot) Difficulty bidwar (same as above) I can start any day from 1 PM EST till 7 PM EST, and sunday and monday I am generally available the whole day. I won't be able to do the run Dec 2nd or 3rd though.
VarkVark The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild All Shrines 8:30:00 WiiU USA Link Lots of cool puzzle skips, interesting routing, shows off the entire map and most of the games features without being tedious like 100%. This category has come a long way in the routing process and it has finally come far enough where it can be shown off well in a marathon. 3 Beast Ganon while wearing the "Hero of the Wild" Outfit (or bid war between Wild outfit, barbarian outfit, and naked) (no extra time). I spawn 14 Eponas in the run, we could do some sort of save or kill thing with them (4 minutes tops) Show stream my amiibo NFC tag collection of roughly 100 NFC tags used in the run (2-3 minutes). Weekend morning through afternoon run starts and all weekday run starts around 3-5 are all good times
hagginaterhagginater Donkey Kong 64 101% 7:45:00 N64 USA Link It's very very long lol. sorry that I have no PB video but I linked a 301 I recently did with a 7:40 ish DK64 101%. PB is 7:25. 1 Very flexible
halqeryhalqery Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Any% WM 6:00:00 WiiUVC USA Link This game is really long. It’s also a fun to watch dungeon crawler. 0 Starter name, Partner name, Team Name. Available everyday at all times
halqeryhalqery Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Any% WM 10:00:00 New3DS USA Link Jesus Christ this game is long. 0 Starter name, Partner name, Team name Available everyday at anytime
NovaFortuneNovaFortune Crash Bash 1 Player Any% 4:30:00 PS2 USA Link Because this game has a lot of minigames to show, RNG can actually kill me but it will be fun show a run of this game. 0 12th-15th Anytime
NovaFortuneNovaFortune God of War II NG+ Easy Glitchless 4:00:00 PS2 USA Link Because I want to show a good speedrun of this game and hopefully show it in AGDQ 2020 with some other games 0 12th-15th Anytime
Likeanoob100Likeanoob100 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team All Icons No QS, No WM 6:15:00 DS USA Link PMD Blue's any% category has gotten a ton of attention in the past (being at STR 2017 and PSR 2017) but it's "fullgame" run All Icons has been denied due to its length, even though the full 6 hours allows for the game to truly show off all of what the save+quit manipulation has to offer. 0 start times would have to be 21-23 UTC on Tuesdays, 21-1 UTC on Friday nights, 12-1 UTC on Saturday and 17-23 UTC on Sundays
[Deleted user] Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES Hard, True Ending 26:00:00 PS3 USA Link It's the 3rd game in the popular Persona series. Hard True End is an extremely difficult, unfair run and of course it's really, really long 0 Bidwar for the MC's first and last name Available anytime on December 1st-11th
LemresLemres Sonic Adventure (DX) 130 Emblems 6:00:00 PC USA Link Not only does it show off every mission needed in the game with every character, but you also spend an entire hour dedicated to only Chao, needing stats high enough to complete the Job Races while still being an Infant Chao. It has very interesting RNG and can either make or save the run on multiple occasions. 0 Gold, Silver or Black Chao for Chao Racing, choose which Chao you feel you want to stare at for an entire hour as he's constantly absorbing animal stats and racing against other Chao. Any day is good for me as long as I'm informed a week before the event begins.
Bandow2000Bandow2000 Super Mario Sunshine 120 Shines 5:45:00 Wii EUR Link because it's sunshine 0 Thursday 14th morning 4:10 AM GMT
FullestFullest NieR: Automata [E] 4:50:00 PC USA Link NieR: Automata is a fantastic video game, released in 2017, consisting of multiple endings (26 + 1 for the DLC). Of those, 5 endings are actual storyline finishes, which is what this category aims to achieve as quickly as possible. While most runners of NieR: Automata just speedrun the first ending, the E ending speedrun showcases much more of the game, including the only currently known major sequence break! (There is a separate A-Z category but that takes 7+ hours and my schedule doesn't allow for that as much D:) Thanks for considering this game! 0 I am available any day 6pm-12am CST. Since I'm submitting this late, to hopefully make things easier for you; as of this submission the only timeslot this run could fit in according to the horaro ( is 12/10 at 6:25pm CST. CST is GMT-6.
AeonFrodoAeonFrodo Xenoblade Chronicles Any% NG+ 3:00:00 Wii EUR Link It's a chill 3 hour speedrun and it's a really cool game. It has a few glitches, and some amusing quirks about the PAL version of the game. 10 A battle against one of the five superbosses. Although only two of them can only threaten you on NG+ -Avalanche Abaasy -Blizzard Belzagus Mostly at any time except Tuesday mornings (ADST)
fGeorjjefGeorjje Need for Speed: Carbon Game 100% [Standard] 5:15:00 PC Link Filler submission for the <5:30:00 slot. 5 hours of racing game~ Basically Career 100% + CS Std. 100% since the only career relevant CS unlock is the CE-exclusive 240sx. Literally never been ran before lol. free WR boiz 10 -Profile name -Crew name -Rice up final car (corvette)