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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Incentives Availability Date  
RedRed Wii sports Golf beginner 0:03:00 WiiU USA Link It is a fun run to watch and it shows some cool tricks
GamingLandGamingLand Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 2020 Olympic Events 0:30:00 Switch USA Link who really cares about this box tbh Wipeoutjack7, Morphic, winklink All Events (50 Estimate) Whenever.
ProdigySpeedrunsProdigySpeedruns Super Luigi 64 16 Star 0:30:00 N64 USA Link Because this is an interesting Romhack and I see that the Romhacks are not very famous in marathons None The two days 2PM - 8PM GMT-5
CountGoobyCountGooby Barney's Hide & Seek Game Any% No Controller 0:10:00 Genesis USA Link The classic Anyone Any
CountGoobyCountGooby Super Smash Bros. Melee Adventure 0:15:00 GCN USA Link Melee is one of the world's most played and recognized fighters. This is a short run that shows why it's a great speedrun and how great fighting game speedruns can be In game tag (4 Characters) Captain Falcon Color Bidwar Any
CedrikPleCedrikPle Wii Sports Club All Sports + 0:27:00 WiiU EUR Link If something goes wrong in one marathon, it can't go wrong in another ;) 8 am to 8 pm CET would be best, but I can play at any time.
Plyd823Plyd823 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 100% No Source Requirement 0:50:00 N64 JPN Link It is a cool demonstration of Arbitrary Code Execution, a recent glitch found in OoT. We can use link's angle to receive every item in the game through very complex and precise glitches. I'm not sure yet
EpicCrossoverEpicCrossover Go Vacation Any% 2:10:00 WiiU USA Link This is a game that no one really talks about anymore and It'll be cool to show it to some people who never had interest in it before I start this run. The run will be on the Wii Version of this game, as the run will go faster on the Wii version in my opinion than the Switch version. This could be optional because it takes 2 hours, so if it doesn't get submitted, I can live with that. I will go for a random 100% IL run (mini-activity) in Go Vacation if the donation goal reaches $5, where I have to complete a certain activity completely as fast as possible. I will be available every day of the marathon. I'm in US Eastern Standard time, so 10:00 am-12:00 am I will be available.
EpicCrossoverEpicCrossover Wii Party Board Game Island 0:40:00 WiiU USA Link It’ll be a fun game for everyone to see how much fricking RNG there is. Also I’m running out of ideas for games to speedrun. I’m kind of lacking on bidwars, so I’m sorry but I don’t have any for this game. Except I’ll do a bonus game if a $5 donation pops up. Since it’s on the weekend, and I’m US Eastern Standard Time(New York), I will be available from 11:00 am-12:00 am both days.
Lugia2468Lugia2468 Super Mario Bros. Any% 0:06:00 Switch USA Link It was the game that got me into running, and I feel like I owe it a submission. N/A June 6/7, any time between 3:30 and 8:30
benedictatorrbenedictatorr BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea (DLCs) Episode 2 Any% 0:50:00 PC USA Link Burial at Sea: Episode 2 is an interestingly broken game. It has a decent variety of tricks, including lots of OOB. We are able to make it through the whole game without killing any enemies, but also is an interesting run to watch. Saturday - unavailable Sunday - Available any time after 1AM (Central time)
benedictatorrbenedictatorr BioShock any % Hard 1:15:00 PC USA Link This is an interesting category for Bioshock, as the higher difficulty has some significant impacts on how we run the game. The tricks are mostly the same, but now resource management is a thing, enemies can't just be completely ignored, certain tricks need to be done in such a way to avoid dying. Bidwar - Save vs Harvest the Little Sister Saturday - Unavailable Sunday - Available anytime after 1AM (central time)
benedictatorrbenedictatorr Bioshock Any % 0:50:00 PC USA Link The classic any % run - it's fast paced, intense, and fun to watch. This run has a handful of fun tricks - deathwarps, flings in the air, dialogue manipulation, and a few others. Bidwar - save vs harvest the Little Sister Saturday - Unavialable Sunday - Available anytime after 1AM (central time)
benedictatorrbenedictatorr BioShock 2: Minerva's Den (DLC) Glitchless 0:25:00 PS3 USA Link This is one of my favorite runs that I do. The glitchless category is a perfect balance of fast-paced action and skill. It's a nice short run that's pretty intense and entertaining the whole way through. Incentive - bonus 'Spitfire' minigame (maybe takes 5 minutes) Saturday - Unavailable Sunday - Available anytime after 1AM (Central time)
benedictatorrbenedictatorr BioShock No Minor Skips 1:10:00 PC USA Link This run is kind of a meme run - it's basically the inverted version of another fairly popular category "No Major Skips". This run is basically glitchless except for 3 major skips that allow us to skip those 3 levels. I also happen to have WR for this run. Bidwar - save vs harvest the Little Sister Saturday - Unavailable Sunday - Available anytime after 1AM (central time)
RazorflameRazorflame Nintendo Puzzle Collection (Panel de Pon) VS COM EASY - V-HARD 2:15:00 GCN JPN Link This game takes all of the other Puzzle League games that I have submitted and puts all of them to shame. This game has some of the toughest computer opponents you can play against in any Puzzle League type game, as well as the hardest AI manipulation in any Puzzle League game to pull off. This game can also showcase what an incredible Puzzle League player can really do when they have to deal with opponents that can throw mystery chains and other constant garbage at them at all times and can really be entertaining to watch at higher levels of play. NOTE: The estimate given for this game is extremely generous because massive amount of RNG that is involved with this game. The incentive will only increase this RNG and make the game even more unpredictable because I would have to play and defeat every CPU opponent without the AI Manipulation, which could cause many of the later opponents to potentially take up to 20 minutes to defeat. 10AM-4PM CDT daily.
RazorflameRazorflame Dr. Mario Online Rx Classic 0-24 1:30:00 Wii USA Link Dr. Mario Online Rx is a great game that really ups the quality of Dr. Mario, increases the challenge factor by adding four additional levels at the end of the run, and allows for high level players to showcase some amazing moves and planning that all around makes a GREAT speed game that is entertaining for everyone to watch! Secret Credits (+10m) 10AM-4PM CDT daily.
RazorflameRazorflame Dungeon Hearts Full Game - Hard 1:00:00 PC USA Link Extremely difficult run that is very entertaining to watch at high levels. The run has about a 5% chance of me not being able to finish the run, but this is my preferred category to run because it's a lot more exciting for me to play and it is a lot more exciting to watch. 10AM-4PM CDT daily.
RazorflameRazorflame Pokémon Puzzle Challenge Challenge - Easy to Intense 1:15:00 GBC USA Link This game is a solid gem of a game in the Puzzle League/Panel de Pon franchise that really incorporates lots of high level technical play, along with a wealth of knowledge about game mechanics and extremely brutal computer challengers that all make for a very exciting, edge-of-your-seat style of game that will leave everyone looking for more afterwords. This category showcases more technical, high-level play to quick kill many of the easier difficulties' opponents, and offers a wide variety of play that will keep everyone entertained throughout the entire run. This category is the longer category of the two, and shows everything that this game's challenge mode has to offer, including more technical play to quick kill many of the easier difficulties' opponents, and offers a wide variety of play that will keep everyone entertained throughout the entire run. 10AM-4PM CDT daily.
Lev067Lev067 Baba Is You True Ending 0:26:00 PC USA Link Baba Is You is, surprisingly, a great speedgame. This is all due to the fact that it's possible to stack two sets of inputs at the same time with both WASD and the arrow keys, making each puzzle go by insanely fast. True Ending is definitely the best category for a marathon, since it's just the perfect length, and it shows both the rapid execution in the earlygame overworld and the large skip near the end in meta. I could do an any% run of the game as a bonus incentive, since the run is only 6 minutes long. Saturday: available 2pm EST to 2am EST Sunday: available 4pm EST to 2am EST
EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly Mulaka Any% 0:32:00 PC USA Link This "Zelda-like" action platformer is a love letter to the Tarahura culture, the indigenous peoples of northern Mexico. It's a beautiful game, and it's also a great and optimized speedrun, full of skips and tech even a viewer unfamiliar with the game can recognize, appreciate, and enjoy. Open availability on Wednesday and Thursday. On any other days, availability is early morning Pacific time zone.
EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly Assassin's Creed Syndicate World War 1 0:35:00 PC USA Link You don't see AC very much at speedrunning marathons, and it's not too hard to see why -- the full-game runs are very long. This bite sized "Easter Egg" campaign is instead a nice, quick chance to showcase Syndicate's "Arkham" style combat and traversal. There's not really skips or glitches, but it's still fast paced and something viewers will find at once familiar and new. (And while I do expect to bring my time down quite a bit in the near future, the run is also not especially consistent, so the estimate should remain generous) Refer to previous submission
EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly Prince of Persia 2008 Epilogue Any% 0:48:00 PS3 USA Link This console-exclusive DLC episode to the 2008 PoP revival boasts a lot of really cool strats, great music, beautiful cel-shaded look. As it's completely linear as opposed to the quasi-open world base game, there's much more possibility for gamebreaking skips, and there are indeed several. Refer to previous submission
EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly ICEY NG+ Judas Ending 0:18:00 PC USA Link This is a sleek and stylish sci-fi themed side-scrolling hack 'n slash. It also has a "Stanley Parable" style narrator, who the player can either defy or obey, with many nonstandard endings. The speedrun obviously doesn't show much of that, but it's highly enjoyable on its own hack 'n slash merits. Category bid war/all bosses incentive Refer to previous submission
EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly ICEY NG+ All Bosses 0:25:00 PC USA Link This category shows off areas and bosses not featured in the "Judas Ending" category (which really should just be called any%). Bid war/pass-fail incentive for all bosses Refer to previous submission
rainbowkapparainbowkappa Wii Music Basic Jams RTA 0:05:00 Wii USA Link Wii want Music in ResortFest lol , but seriously I think Wii Music could be used as comedic relief along with September All Genres perhaps. Make me play legit and not rush +5 mins Make me play as Matt +0 mins Should be available anytime in Early June since Summer Break.
rainbowkapparainbowkappa The Jackbox Party Pack 6 Push The Button Any% Intentional 0:20:00 XboxOneX USA Link I know Jackbox isn't usually a speedrun friendly game, I tried running but backed down from Trivia Murder Party 1 from The Jackbox Party Pack 3 in a previous ResortFest. I think Push the button would work for this ResortFest because it has a timer, the run will try to win and get rid of the aliens on board in the shortest amount of time possible. The run is intentional so pushing the button at the start is not allowed. (Video is the trailer of PTB until I can enough people to pre-run it) Twitch Chat can join in to help or hinder the run. Open Discord VC +5 minutes Who will win? - Aliens or Humans? Any time in June works as I'm own Summer Break.
EmmojiEmmoji Super Lumi Live 100% 1:40:00 PC USA Link 100% is a very difficult run that hasn't been seen in marathon since Completithon. I would love to do it in a marathon again. Friday after 5pm, to Saturday before 4am, utc-4.
EmmojiEmmoji Super Lumi Live All Levels (Tokenless) 1:00:00 PC USA Link As seen in most marathons that accepted me - pick this if 100% is too long for you. Friday after 5pm, to Saturday before 4am, utc-4.
MushySRMushySR Cave Story+ Best Ending 1:20:00 PC JPN Link well, there's quite a few reasons 1. almost everyone likes cave story 2. curly = best girl 3. barely anyone does cave story runs on marathons besides shadax 5 dollars= Bad Ending Hard Mode Speedrun (if the incentive gets met before i run this game then i'll replace the category with bad ending on the hard difficulty but it takes a bit over an hour and a half on average so the estimate should be increased to an hour and 40 minutes if the incentive ever gets met) Well, i'm usually available on weekends, otherwise you may as well want to call me during nighttime on weekdays i guess which is also another instance where i'm available
MushySRMushySR Kirby's Adventure Any% No Major Glitches 1:15:00 NES EUR Link welp, everyone loves ya boi kirby, plus he's underrated so in my opinion he should get more attention, even if you don't accept this submission you should probably consider having some kirby speedruns on your marathon, not gonna lie! 3 dollars = any% run right after i've finished the no major glitches run welp, as i stated on my previous submission i'm mainly available on weekends and also during nighttime on weekdays.
rainbowkapparainbowkappa Wii Music Mii Maestro RTA 0:07:00 Wii USA Link Category run I think would be fun yet under pressure. It be interesting to see how fast you can go through the Mii Maestro Songs aka shaking your wiimote without breaking your tv. Beat my PB - 6:52? Yes , No Dono goal - Pick My Mii for run +5 mins max. Should be free anytime in June as I'm on summer break.
EyeOf_NewtEyeOf_Newt Super Fancy Pants Adventure Any% NG+ 0:25:00 PC USA Link Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a super unique and interesting speedrun. The movement in this run is incredibly satisfying to watch, and this game can be very entertaining as a result. Hand-Curated Outfits Bidwar 1. The Yeeehaw (Brown Pants+Cowboy Hat) 2. The 90's Called (90's Pants+Headband) 3. Ninja (Black Pants+Ninja Hood) 4. The Classic (Teal Pants+Lampshade) 5. AAAAAAA (Flame Pants+Head on Fire) Goal to run the game with invisible assets (enemies, blocks, rails, springs, some platforms)(would add 5ish minutes) Both days, 8am-8pm
mrlink2kmrlink2k Undertale Neutral 1:03:00 Linux USA Link Undertale features some very fun and cool strats that no other game has. The punch card allows us to skip boss fights, do wrong warps, and store text. It also has the asgore fight which requires many frame perfect inputs to get a good fight. In conclusion, this run is fast paced and would be a good addition to the marathon. Name the fallen human-bidwar True Pacifist Ending (Available only until Hotland) +32m to estimate Weekdays From 5PM EST-9PM Weekends From 12PM-9PM
FreyasSpiritFreyasSpirit Super Metroid Any% 0:51:00 SNES USA Link Super metroid is a classic speedgame with a classic incentive - kill the animals. This run will kill the bosses in the natural order - KPDR, a much safer route than the world record route. Techniques for this route have improved considerably over the last couple years as top runners have revived the route and pushed it further than ever. This will be a beautiful showcase on a wonderful speedgame. save/kill the animals 11pm-3am eastern friday night 3pm-3am eastern saturday 3pm-3am eastern sunday
KiwamiKiwami Mighty Gunvolt Burst Any% - Normal, Call 0:40:00 PC Link This should be shown at the marathon because MGB is a really fun and fast paced game, with the same qualities Mega man games are known for. Incentive to play hard mode (+5 minutes) All days from 10 AM to 10 PM (Brasilia Time - BRT)
DragonMetalQueenDragonMetalQueen Mega Man X2 Any% Buster Only (Console) 1:12:00 SNES JPN Link I'd like to showcase the underrated side of Mega Man speedruns and Show what Buster Only can offer for the challenge. (Main Leaderboards is To collect All Zero parts. If succeful, this would prevent the fight against Zero. This may add at least 90 seconds during the 8 Mavs, but would also save a little bit of time for the last stage of the game. Weekends between 5pm to 1am EST time zone
TBA_aroTBA_aro Wii sports Potatocam all sports 0:20:00 WiiU Link Why not? I am doing this on my phone. Any day from 12-5 PM CDT
Dragonz4477Dragonz4477 osu! osu!mania Showcase (Exhibition) 0:40:00 Link osu! is a free-to-play rhythm game that contains four unique modes. One of these is osu!mania, a 4-key VSRG (vertically-scrolling rhythm game). Think something along the lines of DDR or Stepmania. I have selected a bunch of epic songs that involve me smashing keys at a rather quick pace, dare I say, fast. Availability: June 6/7, 2-5PM EDT start time I'd like to have a handcam on stream so that my keyboard is visible.
Luvbaseball58Luvbaseball58 Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition 50 Star 1:00:00 N64 Link It's a very popular extreme hack. I think a lot of people will really enjoy the difficulty it displays. Any day after 9:00pm EST
SuperViperT302SuperViperT302 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Any% 3:15:00 Wii USA Link SMG2 Any% entails collecting 70 Stars to unlock Bowser's Galaxy Generator, then getting the Grand Star from there to finish the game. Within those 71 Stars, there are crazy gravity exploits, momentum abuse tricks from moving platforms, crazy boss strategies, and of course, the use of Yoshi's infinite flutter glitch to cross otherwise impossibly large distances. While a bit lengthy, there's plenty of downtime to allow for in-depth explanations of everything that happens in the run and even for donations here and there. I am currently 2nd place for this category and have run this in many marathons before (including SGDQ 2019), all to positive reception (shown at ResortFest: Fall Fright and ResortFest: Game On!, but a lot has changed since then) The Perfect Run (6:00): Should be available 24/7, though I'll only take graveyard shift if 100% necessary
SuperViperT302SuperViperT302 Pac 'n Roll Remix Any% 0:27:00 Wii USA Link As a Wii update to a 2005 DS game, PnRR any% provides non-stop gameplay with very little downtime and a cheery atmosphere. We roll a limbless Pac-Man through 25 levels across 5 different worlds, collecting Pac-Dots to open gates and maneuvering him through many obstacles. With a great amount of precision in the movement, as well as many big skips (especially in the late game) thanks to the game's various exploits (such as the ability to boost on bounce pads/lava, being able to fall large distances to skip huge portions of vertical levels, and using a broken Light Pac power-up) , PnRR any% is an exciting watch from start to finish and a must-have for this event. Should be available 24/7, though I'll only take graveyard shift if 100% necessary
SuperViperT302SuperViperT302 Mario Kart 64 All Cups (Skips) 0:38:00 N64 USA Link Given how the goal of Mario Kart is already to go fast, how does one make a speedrun of it interesting? By abusing some rather poor programming. This category goes through all 16 races in Grand Prix mode on 150cc, and within those 16 races, I will be jumping off of walls, using broken checkpoint systems to advance me forward (sometimes by entire laps), using shells and mushrooms to hop over walls, and possibly even using heavy computer players as springboards. With such an insane variety in skips and glitches, combined with non-stop driving, the All Cups (Skips) category makes for an exciting watch from beginning to end. Character bidwar: Yoshi vs. Peach vs. Toad Should be available 24/7, though I'll only take graveyard shift if 100% necessary
SuperViperT302SuperViperT302 Super Mario 64 70 Star 0:55:00 N64 USA Link Without a doubt one of the most popular speedgames out there. SM64 is widely known for its insane tricks, tight jumps, and for having some of the most technical movement in any speedgame ever, with new optimizations continuing to be found left and right. 70 Star completes the game as fast as possible without using glitches to skip any star doors (meaning no BLJs or MIPS Clips allowed), and showcases some of the fastest and most technical stars in the entire game. 1 Star bonus run (15:00): Should be available 24/7, though I'll only take graveyard shift if 100% necessary
KiwamiKiwami 20XX Beat the Game (Reverent) 0:30:00 PC Link 20XX is a fast paced Mega man-like game with rogue-like elements like random stage generation, random itens and bosses. not every run is the same in this game. All days 10 AM to 10 PM BRT
LachursLachurs New Super Mario Bros. Wii Cannonless 2:00:00 WiiU EUR Link because nsmbw I can do any time from 3am to 5pm est both days
The_GMeisterThe_GMeister Wii Sports Resort Beat the Champion 0:45:00 Wii USA Link (Pickup Game) There is a lot more to playing pickup game fast than many assume, plus I know people like watching the match vs Tommy. Only slam dunks against Tommy No 3 pointers or No 2 pointers Due to the virus I should be available at any time or day when given notice.
TBA_aroTBA_aro Gunman Clive Any% Easy 0:22:00 PC USA Link Hello resortfest, I am submitting this a bit late but this game is pretty basic and most of the ways to lose/gain time are skill and RNG. Tricks are few and far between but it still is an entertaining run. June 6-7 12-5 PM CDT
TasselfootTasselfoot Untitled Goose Game 100% 0:36:00 PC USA Link HONK 10am - 11pm EDT both days
ChaosDriftingChaosDrifting Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic any% 0:52:00 PC USA Link Knights of the Old Republic, is a recently flourishing game with several new glitches found over the previous year. The run has been reduced by 30 minutes and will continue to go down as more glitches and strategies are found. The run is non stop with things to talk about giving runners and commentators something to talk about. Language: English, French, German No Availability issues
FreyasSpiritFreyasSpirit Stepmania showcase (Exhibition) 0:30:00 Link Stepmania is the engine which allows you to play DDR style songs on keyboard. Over the years many people have stepped many amazing songs from DDR/ITG songs themselves to a variety of videogame music to many other styles of music. This would be an incredibly fun way for viewer song requests to become a part of the marathon! This run would have a commentator who would be reading chat, directing questions to us, and creating conversation. We aren’t able to read chat while playing, but can definitely talk. a host who is able to relay questions from chat to us would be incredibly useful since we can't read chat while playing, but can hold a spoken conversation
DerDerDerDer Doritos Crash Course No Chicken + DLC 1:10:00 XboxOne USA Link It’s not a very known game Entertaining imo Have time save on my run, most likely WR will happen Can stream this without my phone camera (can record screen directly from console) June 7th, 6:00 - 10:00 PDT
FreyasSpiritFreyasSpirit Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Easy 0:16:00 PC Link Touhou 6 - eosd is the best representation of the series and is consistently the top voted game in the annual touhou popularity contest. This run will use bombs on the vast majority of spellcards to defeat bosses as quickly as possible. Deaths will be taken to replenish bombs. This run is incredibly marathon safe with a bad run being only a minute slower than a good run. A run which takes too many deaths will only lose about 1 second over a successful 1 credit clear. choose character/shot type reimu A reimu B marisa A marisa B 3pm-4am eastern every day
Dragonz4477Dragonz4477 Super Mario Odyssey Any% 1:20:00 Switch USA Link SMO is a great speedgame with practically no downtime. It has very fluid movement, and is a very fun game to watch. I play Jump Up Super Star on the clarinet after the run. My run can start between 2 - 5PM EDT on June 6/7 (preferably on the earlier side).
EpicCrossoverEpicCrossover Wii Sports Resort: Storm Island Swordplay Showdown-Vanilla/Pack 1/Pack 2 0:35:00 Wii USA Link I would like to show everyone this very cool ROM Hack of Wii Sports Resort, and I’ll show off a run of 20 Stages to explain how this will exactly work. I can possibly change this to all sports later, but I’ll leave it at here for now because this run really shows what this hack can do to be very special. For $5 incentive, I will do Quack% in Storm Island. I’ll be available every day of the marathon from 10:00 am-12:00 am EST.
Wipeoutjack7Wipeoutjack7 Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Amateur% 0:32:00 X360 USA Link fun game game length. there are 2 games in a match of tt, so an incentive can control how long/short the run is. yes
mrlink2kmrlink2k Super Mario 64 70 Star 1:05:00 N64 USA Link This category is the perfect length, entertaining with movement and tricks, and visits almost every stage in the game. Every day from 12pm edt-8pm edt
DragonMetalQueenDragonMetalQueen Mega Man 4 Buster Only 0:57:00 NES USA Link To show everyone the challenge of playing without the use of weapons except the moments where absolutely forced $100 to play as Roll Chan by the time this game comes up Available Weekends after 5PM-1AM Eastern time.
Lugia2468Lugia2468 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Any% Major Glitches 0:05:00 Switch USA Link It’s a fairly quick run that I enjoy. June 6/7, any time between 5-9:00 P.M.
mooshirosmooshiros Deltarune Any% 0:31:00 PC JPN Link Its fairly glitchless so people who find glitches to be cheating can ease their way into speedrunning more easily, its short and so doesnt need a huge attention span, and it very good as a beginner game so people who want to get in to speedrunning but find it to be too long can, as said earlier, ease their way in. True Pacifist: 1 minute longer. True Reset: 4 minutes longer. 6/5/20: 7 PM-10 PM 6/6/20 and 6/7/20: 12PM-10PM
DragonMetalQueenDragonMetalQueen Mega Man X4 Buster Only 1:02:00 PS USA Link To show how fun (and free) Playing this game is Buster Only (Main Leaderboard link is ) Any Day between 6PM-12AM Eastern/New York time
GhostTGhostT Super Mario Odyssey Dark Side 1:55:00 Switch USA Link Last seen at ResortFest: Winter Rush 2018, Super Mario Odyssey is a game released for the Nintendo Switch on October 30th, 2017. Accompanying you is cappy, your companion throughout the game. He allows for many movement options such as dive vaults, dive bounces, roll cancels, etc. Odyssey has become one of the fastest-growing speedruns of all time, due to how many movement options are possible. You have seen Any% by dansta2106 but never before seen at ResortFest, Dark Side is a category where you collect 250 moons and reach the dark side. It is very similar to any% because the tricks done in any% are the same if not similar to dark side, with the addition of DSTA (Daylight Savings Time Abuse) making its first debut into the marathon. Get ready to watch a long and pretty fun run, but also hard in the late game, making the viewers highly engaged and at the edge of their seats. P.S. I am currently 9th in the category and am very fast if it helps. Bidwar - Topper 1st or Harriet 1st in Bowser's 1 Usually available all days but from 5:00pm CDT to 8:00pm CDT.
RampantEpsilonRampantEpsilon Super Mario Odyssey Category Extensions Festival% 0:45:00 Switch USA Link I feel like while SMO is in the submissions for Any% and Dark Side. Festival% goes to show how short Odyssey runs can be for those new to the game. Change from standard Festival% to Super Mario Odyssey Moon Randomizer Festival%. This would change the time to 1h 15m Randomizer can be found on if needed for understanding of this. Should be fine with any day after 10p Central Daylight Time Would know other times closer to event.
LukeSawardLukeSaward Deltarune Any% True Reset 0:30:00 PC JPN Link This TAS of Deltarune involves you not sleeping in Kris' bed to go into the dark world. Therefore you have to go to school and waste about 1 minute of your life in a school full of monsters. The car journey is probably even longer than the time you spend in the school. This category is fun to run if you are a speedrunner and was fun for me to TAS. $10 - Any% NG+ TAS $15 - Any% Debug TAS All days 9AM BST - 8PM BST
CedrikPleCedrikPle Wii Fit U All Categories 2:30:00 WiiU EUR Link Wii Fit U is completely underrepresented and "sweaty gaming" becomes a new meaning in this category. Body-Cam is possible. 8am to 9 pm CET
Cringe_DaisyCringe_Daisy Wii Sports Resort Beat the Champion 0:20:00 WiiU EUR Link This run should be shown at ResortFest: Revival because Table Tennis is one of the most popular Wii Sports Resort games. It’s also entertaining because it’s unpredictable due to RNG, almost everything could happen in this run. None I’m not sure what kind of donation goals there could be for this run. I’ll be available on Friday from 1PM EST to 3PM EST, on Saturday and Sunday I’m very likely available from 3AM EST to 3PM EST
TRSCrazyPTRSCrazyP Lenna's Inception Sacrifice Ending 1:00:00 PC USA Link Fun game with high energy. Game is akin to LTTP Randomizers and being a run without a LOT of fancy tech, it's easy to follow along! Awesome soundtrack too. I'm still fairly new to marathon submissions and all that so I have no clue what all I should be explaining here. Anyway, if you have questions or anything let me know. Thanks! Seed Name (Up to 12 Characters) This will actually affect the entire game so this has the most impact. Definitely make this one! Character Name (Up to 12 Characters) Folks can pay tribute to their favorite marathon meme or whatever, haha. Does not affect the run! Ideally I'd be most free on the 7th (Saturday) or the 8th (Sunday) as I'm sure I'll be working and/or streaming on the 6th (Friday) I'm fine with morning runs but can probably make more times work!
RazorflameRazorflame DemonCrawl All Quests (Casual, Random, No HDF) 1:00:00 PC USA Link DemonCrawl is an insane combination of RPG, Puzzle, and Roguelike that is really a treat to watch. At high levels, the amount of brain power and thinking required is off the charts as you have to think fast and be able to deal with what is given to you. This is one of the most interesting games that I have literally ever played. 10AM-4PM CDT daily.
RazorflameRazorflame Tetris (NES) 100 Lines, Level 0 Start 0:13:00 NES USA Link Classic game that's still fun to watch. 10AM-4PM CDT daily.
OkamikazeOkamikaze Rayman 2: The Great Escape All Masks 3:00:00 Dreamcast JPN Link Having been shown at ESA 2020 recently, Rayman 2 is an interesting 3D platformer run with a lot of glitches, skips, and tricks. It is very well paced with its cutscenes (29-30 minutes worth throughout the run). No cutscenes (PC version)
RazorflameRazorflame Tetris (Famicom) 4 Stages 0:13:00 NES JPN Link A different take on the classic Tetris game. 10AM-4PM CDT daily.
OkamikazeOkamikaze Final Fantasy VII Any% 3:00:00 PC EUR Link Having had a lot more exposure again recently thanks to the remake, The PC Any% is drastically shorter/more marathon safe due to warps that are not available in the original. The route has been changing quite rapidly recently to get to its current broken state but it still shows off the charm and fun of the game. Character names (Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Red, Cid)
OkamikazeOkamikaze F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Grand Prix 1:30:00 GBA EUR Link This is a fast paced run that shows off the effectiveness of blast turns and skips used throughout the run. A lot of risks need to be taken to pull off a good time in this run which is why the estimate is so high in order to make up for any mistakes that might (but hopefully don't) happen. Used vehicle.
EmmojiEmmoji N++ Solo E-row 0:50:00 PC USA Link N++ is a very difficult momentum based precision platformer. This is kinda a weird category - not the hardest or the easiest the game has to offer. But it's my favorite category and the one I'm best at. Friday or Sunday evening, after 9pm utc-4, to 4am.
WRP_BeaterWRP_Beater Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Any% 3:10:00 PC Link The original Mafia, released in the best year for videogames (2002), features not just sweet nostalgia, but "excellent" Czech programming. The run features speedy driving, wallclips, sequence breaks, punching doors, shooting windows, and overall fun. Friday: afternoon only (Eastern US) Sat-Sun: Any
GamingLandGamingLand SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Category Extensions 1:40:00 GCN USA Link Interesting category, lots of exclusive tricks anytime
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Super Metroid Ascent 100% 1:22:00 WiiVC USA Link this is a very unique super metroid romhack with lots of different stuff like puzzles, different physics, different map and different tiles and palettes. this hack is completely different compared to super metroid vanilla. save or kill the animals all days between 9am-6pm EST
CarterKirbyCarterKirby Ed, Edd n Eddy The Mis-Edventures Any% 0:35:00 PS2 USA Link Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures is a very glitchy speedrun, there's many glitches, including one that skips an entire level! It's also short and sweet. (Donation Goal) Glitch Exhibition: I will be showing off 3 glitches including one where the Eds fly, a random cat out of bounds, and a softlock in which Ed falls forever. 15 minute estimate Will be available throughout entire marathon unless noted
ItsMaximumItsMaximum Multiple Red Ball Games Red Ball 4 0:16:00 Web USA Link The red ball 4 trilogy has loads of cool movement tech, such as double jumping, that make the games very fast-paced and enjoyable to watch. This exact category was run by Motorjam at the previous resortfest, and we'd love to show it off again, especially since volume 2 has had lots of new strategies and optimizations that have improved its world record improved by 40 seconds. 10$ : Play Red Ball 4 Vol.Nice, a red ball 4 vol.1 hack by Motorjam. 6 minutes extra. Leaderboard: All, prefer to not do runs between midnight and 10AM
BahamutXBahamutX River City Girls New game 0:55:00 PC USA Link Released by WayForward in September 2019 River City Girls is a great twist to an old classic River City Ransom. This time it's Misako and Kyoko's turn to save their boyfriends! This game has beautiful pixel graphics and an amazing soundtrack. The run features room skips that require near pixel-perfect execution and you'll be entertained by juggling many enemies at once to maximize damage! All-Bosses: Includes a secret extra boss. Add +7 minutes to the estimate time. Pretty flexible on day and time but would prefer not an overnight time so 7am-Midnight June5th-7th US Central Time would be good.
bendersrusbendersrus Wii Sports Resort All Categories 0:38:00 Wii USA Link Unlike All Sports, All Categories hasn’t had nearly as much attention at marathons. It’s essentially All Sports with more, and it’s an exciting category to run and watch. Even though Frisbee Dog may be sad, and Pickup Game is just plain annoying, All Categories is a fun way to relax and play some Resort! I’ve noticed that most runners do quack% as an incentive. I could do that or 5 Time Balloons perhaps. The estimate would be an extra 10 minutes. I’ve never done a marathon before so I’m pretty new to this stuff. I should be available at any time except Saturday morning between 7-10 A.M PDT.
cyndifusiccyndifusic Wii Music Mii Maestro RTA 0:07:00 WiiU USA Link I find that it could be quite entertaining to watch someone uncontrollably wave their arm in the air, while listening to iconic Nintendo songs and classical music, while also watching a speedrun. Additional notes: I trimmed the run down in the YouTube editor, but if it's still 17 minutes long, the run begins at 9:46. Also, I just now realized that RainbowKappa already submitted a run of this category. I'd be open to doing a race with them if need be, but if RainbowKappa doesn't want to and/or that can't be arranged, I understand if this run can't be accepted. I figured I would submit it anyway. Possible donation goals for this run could be for me to complete it with either my non-dominant hand or my foot, both of which I'm completely down to do. As of now, I'm available all three days (Friday the 5th, Saturday the 6th, and Sunday the 7th) from 11am EST to 10pm EST. If anything comes up for me on any of those dates, I will notify staff ASAP.