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Thread: Pixel remaster rules

Started by: xIcebluexIceblue

Dubldrop summed it up nicely on the Discord server, here it is:

"Just to go into more detail. Currently the easy method is to just rename the JP font as the eng one. That in itself is pretty harmless and isnt something we are all that concerned about. However it has been brought to our attention that there are other ways of modifying the font, and allowing the use of pretty much any font. This has the potential to be impactful to the run, and until said method is explored we will not be budging on the current ban.

I will clarify as well, that even if we deem the other method to be not impactful, that may not necessarily change our stance on it. This was not a decision reached just by the FF1 mods, but in collaboration with the FF2/3 mods as well as intention to bring the 4/5/6 mods into the discussion as well. As the pixel remasters of all 6 games are sharing similar systems, and a similar audience, we feel like while the boards are being managed by their respective mod teams, this is a topic we can handle on a "series" level. The intention in the end will be that while game specific things may be handled by us, things like the font issue which are series wide, will be discussed as a series.

If there is overwhelming objection to this decision, please feel free to DM any of us, and raise your concerns there. Be constructive however, give us legit reasons why you disagree, and what you would like to see, and I would be more than happy to revisit this issue with the entire teams at a later date.

For now, the ban will be in place. The embargo on runs is still in effect, there are no times on the board, and so by putting this is place now, we feel like there will be no actual runs impacted. IF you have already recorded a run you plan to submit, the game has been out less than 2 weeks, im sure the run is far from optimized and you can get another run with default text."

Obviously the embargo is now lifted, so ignore the part about the embargo being in effect, but the remainder of the post is relevant.

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Thread: Category Request for the Pixel Remaster

Started by: CrunchCake97CrunchCake97

To add to what Dubldrop said, this would be an interesting category, and as with a lot of categories, we'd be happy to add it once runs are completed. Usually if at least one person runs it I'm personally happy enough to create it as a misc category so that at least other people who might have interest will know there's somewhere to submit it to help motivate the submissions.

Please note though that if we did add it, in order to verify the run we'd need for you to a) be able to gain the achievements every run (I believe there's a way involving using family sharing and throwaway accounts that Dubl mentioned to me, so it's doable) and 😎 you'd need to make sure that the VoD displays the "Achievement Unlocked" notifications from Steam so that we can also verify that all of them are included.

The main reason that I would want to be able to see each and every achievement is mainly for things like a) Bestiary completion and 😎 the achievements related to Gil and Enemy Kills. While they're probably going to be met during a run regardless, it'd be nice to have the popup confirm it rather than have us count how many enemies are killed every run.

Also on a side note, one thing of massive use would be if you could timestamp each achievement unlock, then it would make verification a lot easier too, just so that we can confirm that every achievement has definitely been unlocked in case we miss seeing it pop up.

Additionally to echo what Dubl said, if anyone has an idea for a category and wants to see it on the leaderboards, feel free to contact one of the Discord Admins, either through a ping or through DM, and we'll take it from there!

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Thread: MSX2 category request, and load times

Started by: NLeseulNLeseul

First and foremost, consider it done and done, the category is now live! Apologies for the delayed response on this one but to be completely honest I rarely look at the forums on here!

Secondly, thank you, thanks to your post I've now officially seen the best port of FF1 of all time and the worst port of FF1 of all time within the space of a week. Thank you for introducing me to the only version of this game that I will absolutely from the bottom of my heart never touch.

Feel free to submit your run to the category. Just purely because your run is the only one, I've filed it under Misc. in a similar vein to Gyre's WSC run. If anyone else has the courage or the sheer willpower to do a run of this category then we can consider moving it out of Misc.

Cheers! -Rory

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Thread: Pixel remaster

Started by: BurtReynoldzBurtReynoldz

^Oh hey it's me


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Thread: How do you guys deal with frustration?

Started by: KrymsonKrymson

When it comes to the PSP version, it's really a case of grinding it out. You'll always get much different splits, so avoiding looking at them is handy if it's frustrating.

Generally speaking though, just chill out, relax, and enjoy it. Just try your best to avoid the whole "welp this beginning game sucks" limbo otherwise you'll only get a good run for it to die to a mindflayer ambush, so yeah. Kappa

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Thread: Aranea Glitch not allowed for New Game+?

Started by: BigZeeffBigZeeff

As far as I'm aware the Aranea glitch has been patched out as it is, so if you're using the latest patch then it won't even work. As far as using it in the run, it really won't do much to speed things up in NG+ at all in my opinion

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Thread: General Movement

Started by: rudyxxrudyxx

Yeah it was used for a handful of runs but since it has been patched out it's essentially not valid anymore as runs require the latest patch.


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Thread: Is free dlc not allowed?

Started by: DutchpotatoDutchpotato

My understanding is that you're not allowed to use it.

If you have it, then it loses you time, but for the PS4 version I have no idea if you're able to remove it. As long as you don't equip any of the DLC items, then you're fine.

As far as things like the half price pass for lodgings, you're not allowed to use that, so if you do have that, then you need to avoid using lodgings which will further add to your time.


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Thread: Offensive language and spreading hate

Started by: JHobzJHobz

As someone who is (at least now is) a complete outsider to the community, now that I've pretty much stopped running KH games, I'm fairly disappointed in this whole situation. When I started speedrunning, I started running some fairly crap games, but the first game that I started to properly invest myself into running was 1.5, and I was immediately made to feel welcomed into the community when I started, and I loved it. Eventually I started to move onto other games, and didn't run games in the series as much, but even when I wasn't running as much, and more recently at a not at all sort of level, I've still felt like I'm part of the community, whenever I stop in peoples streams, or whenever I see people in my chat.

What the fuck happened, guys? We used to genuinely feel like one big happy family, like when KH had it's first major appearance at AGDQ2015, the teamspeak was absolutely off the chain, and it was great.

But now everything has gone to shit. Long standing members who have been running games in the series longer than I've even been streaming have started to leave the community because of this sort of thing, and the itch I've had to come back to running this game has gone pretty much purely because I'm not entirely sure if I want to be involved in a community that I can't be okay with people I work with or know coming across by accident.

I know I'm not even particularly relevant in this community at all anymore, but I just wanted to put in my two cents, and tell everyone and anyone who thinks it's okay to discriminate against people because of their race, religion, sexuality, lifestyle, gender, that fuck you and grow up.

I'm out. I've said my piece, and I hope that even though I'm no longer relevant to the community, that maybe something I've said here will make it clear that shit like this is not cool, it's not funny, and it's not clever.

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Thread: Categories

Started by: OblimixOblimix

Huh, that's weird! 😱

Essentially just skipping cutscenes. It takes like 3 hours out of the run (if my estimate is correct) that's pretty much it.

And of course it allows for Easy to be unlocked which starts you off with a bunch of medicines and is generally more of a lenient run.


Forum: Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

Thread: Categories

Started by: OblimixOblimix

Also that's something else, in the rules it says that you can use any previous upgrades outside of Ultimate mode, but you can't pass upgrades from save to save, you start fresh or on Ultimate. 🙂


Forum: Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

Thread: Categories

Started by: OblimixOblimix

Yeah you can only skip cutscenes that you've seen before, which is recorded in the system data so it goes across playthroughs 😱


Forum: Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

Thread: Categories

Started by: OblimixOblimix

Only reason it's considered NG+ is because to unlock them you have to progress somewhat through the game, allowing you to skip any cutscenes you have previously seen, with Easy being unlocked after dying 3 times, and Hard being unlocked after beating Normal.


Forum: Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

Thread: Categories

Started by: OblimixOblimix

Hey, random question:

How come Easy and Hard are available as non NG+ categories? You have to essentially unlock them in order for them to become available, don't you?

Also the sub-1 run listed in Easy NG+ is done with Ultimate mode on. Easy mode you start with a couple of medicines and a talisman, but with Ultimate mode on, you start with Rekka Ken, Lv3 Everything, and you have infinite everything as well (including magic power, but not health) so I feel like Ultimate Mode should be a separate category to non-Ultimate mode.

For example, here's my 1:36 run of Easy without Ultimate mode on.

As you can see the run is incredibly different to the one listed because it doesn't use Ultimate Mode.


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Thread: Version differences and which Emus?

Started by: Warr90Warr90

"PS1 suck so dont run that."

Anyway as far as I know, Emulators tend to be fine just because of how few of us there are.

In terms of differences, the best way to put it is this:
NES uses a handful of glitches that are exclusive to the version, and one or two that aren't.
(It uses Book Weapon glitches as well as Encounter Skipping/Manipulation)

PSX only utilizes one glitch as it's the only one that works, and it basically uses Firion as a Glass Cannon of sorts by giving him (and Maria if you want to play safe) Lv 10 Fist/Shield.

GBA/PSP both use similar routes but are considered separately because while the main part of the route remains in tact (using Warp to kill groups of enemies) the calculations are different (as far as I'm aware)

In terms of learning, GBA/PSP is the easiest of the lot to learn.

Emulators, I have no experience with them so you'd have to ask Deln/Crrool

(also NES is FCEUX not allowed, Deln?)


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Thread: Will start practice runs on this game tonight.

Started by: CzaRCzaR

Which version are you going to be running it on, if you don't mind me asking?


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Thread: PS4 category

Started by: CloakyHunterCloakyHunter

I'm unsure of the time difference as far as the default no-handicap run is concerned (generally feels a LOT slower than PC, possibly slower than PSX) but the handicap run might be worth adding as a misc category?


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hey, I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but can someone delete FF1 Origins? (found here: as there is now a generic FF1 leaderboard now (found here:

I'm a moderator on both, and I created the Origins one.


Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Game Submissions and Rules

Started by: flickyflicky

Bump but I'm not sure where else to post this one.

Due to some real life issues, I'm not gonna be able to make it to ESA, so I will need to withdraw my two submissions 🙁 Not to mention I also have had no time recently to work on the categories that I have submitted, and due to the nature of one of them I don't think that they'll be ready to run by the time ESA comes around. 😱