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Forum: Super Mario Bros. Category Extensions

Thread: new category?

Started by: AnirDoesSpeedrunsAnirDoesSpeedruns

Submissions for new categories are still closed.


Forum: Super Mario Bros. Category Extensions

Thread: new category?

Started by: AnirDoesSpeedrunsAnirDoesSpeedruns

Submissions for new categories are closed.


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Speedrunning question??

Started by: FlagHunterV12FlagHunterV12

I think it would be okay. Just note that in the comments if/when you submit.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Uh... How about the Game & Watch?!

Started by: SpeedInSpeedIn

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Re: Mesen
We ended up banning the emulator and you can read about it in this thread:

Re: Game & Watch
The ROM is not the same and there are some differences. Infinite lives, faster pause buffering are a couple.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: input files for emulator users

Started by: joshuatalatojoshuatalato

You can't directly attach them to your run. You'd have to upload them to something accessible (Google Drive for example) or send them to a mod over Discord. However, unless we ask you to provide them, I wouldn't worry about sending them with each run. Keep them on your computer for a while in case we do ask for them though.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Lag frame

Started by: lordloucksterlordlouckster

To avoid getting the lag frame ever: add 500 to your score before hitting the bullet bill. If the number under the R is 0, 1 or 2 or the number under the I is 0, you won't get the lag frame.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. 3

Thread: Are flash carts allowed?

Started by: KoalazKoalaz

Yes, we do allow them.


Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Can we split the major categories up via console and emulator?

Started by: virtual_baconvirtual_bacon

I disagree. SMB1 players are able to hit multiple sequences of frame perfect inputs on emulator (i.e. FPG) and there are a lot of players who have learned how to do that. I consider that much more difficult than both of the tricks you mentioned.

SM64 is split up because the game performs differently (i.e. lag) between N64/VC/Emulator. A number of NES/SNES emulators are cycle-accurate, so you don't have that discrepancy here.

I don't understand how this change would renew interest or provide a new challenge.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: About the Blindfolded%

Started by: MisterHexMisterHex

I mean, two of the three questions are answered simply by clicking the "View Rules" button on the category.

Regarding the metronome though, sure you can use that.

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Forum: Tournaments and Races

Thread: Super Mario All-Stars - All Four Any% Tournament

Started by: roopert83roopert83

I have opened registration for my annual SMAS All Four Any% tournament. Details and the bracket can be found here:

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly through messaging or on Discord.


Forum: Super Mario All-Stars

Thread: 2021 All Four Any% Tournament!

Started by: roopert83roopert83

It's that time again! I've opened registration for the 2021 All Four Any% tournament. You can find the bracket and additional information here:

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Can I use Switch NES VC for an any%

Started by: SurgicallyFixatedSurgicallyFixated

It's listed under the game boxart to the left, but yes, we do accept it.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: What's the fastest 1-1 play?

Started by: b_gggb_ggg

We do not accept online emulators, you can refer to the rules to see what's accepted.

I tried it out, this thing isn't anywhere near accurate at all.

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Forum: Multiple Classic Mario Games

Thread: New Category Idea

Started by: JJReedJJReed

We will consider the idea.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: does the switch run at a slower frame rate than NES?

Started by: abrahamw9abrahamw9

I've considered making a sticky FAQ post with section headers and all that good stuff for some time.

However, I also have come to realize over the years that a lot of people don't bother trying to read or search for something on their own, they just want someone to hold their hand and spoon feed it to them. Pretty much all of these questions are answered in the Resources section on the View Rules section.

I realize this viewpoint may come off to some as very pessimistic and maybe even a little mean. I deal with this at my full time job very often as well. I'll email the doctors about important information regarding a change that affects them getting logged into something and they won't bother to read it either. I can make a notice with flashing colors and 72pt font and I'll still get "what email? what notice? I didn't see anything."

That being said, if you guys honestly think doing this would be beneficial, then I'll create it when I have the time to do it.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: What controllers are acceptable?

Started by: HylarkHylark

The official stance is that we don't really care what you use as long as you're not using functions that you can't do on an original controller: turbo, the ability to press both Left and Right at the same time, etc.

NES controller to USB adapter? Sure.
Dance pad? Sure.
Guitar Hero controller? Sure. (I have actually seen this done)
SNES controller? Darbian used to do that I'm pretty sure.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Does this game run on Framerules?

Started by: Mingura666Mingura666

This game does have framerules, but it's quite different from SMB1.

This game runs on framerules of 256 frames instead of 21. These affect enemy patterns, such as when pink birdo will shoot eggs which is once every 256 frames so you can make small mistakes in some scenarios and still not lose time if you don't miss that 256 frame window (cycle). The game does not wait to end on a framerule like SMB1 does. Additionally, the framerule system is not cumulative in this game. What I mean by that is that it resets at the player select screen at the beginning of every level. How quickly or slowly you beat a level has zero influence on what patterns you will get on the next level.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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