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Tanks. This solution is the best to prevent confusion and discussions but I didn't want to be mean.
Yes I know … I should attempt to beat your time.
But finding time to do a speedrun where one attempt is multiple hours is a bit difficult.


I found a local copy of the 2nd best run of TheBackstepper on my Harddrive …
I'm uploading it to Youtube.
You'll be able to watch that here:


Oh well … looks like TheBackstepper forgot to set his Twitch-Video to be Archived indefinitely …
I think there's nothing we can do about it … except beat his time …


I did some Tests:

Any Menu which stops NPCs from moving stops the In-Game Timer.
E.g. Main Menu, Character-Select, Mission Screen ... etc

If you see NPCs moving the timer is running:
E.g. While creating/managing ships

What do you think about changing the Rules to this:

"any%, no Cheats" Rules
- No Cheats allowed!
- If you find time-saving Glitches: go for it! (If needed we will add a glitch-less category later.)
- Deleting/Renaming Video-Folder to auto-skip and minimise Crashing is allowed and recommended!
- Editing Scrap.cfg and the language text-file is allowed.
- Manual Saving is allowed. (E.g. if you expect crashes on your System.)
- Loading newest Save is allowed after a Game crash.
- Loading newest Save is allowed if you saved and closed the Game, without doing anything in-game in between saving and closing, to take a break.
- The Time that counts is the time on the Auto-Save in the Area where you can start the Credits ("Happy End" or similar) after the Boss.

If submitting Real-Time for Splits comparison (recommended):
- See the Resources for a LiveSplit Splits-File template. (Optional)
- Timer starts when clicking on a Difficulty.
- Timer stops on the Autosave in the Area after the Boss where you can start the Credits.
- Pausing timer is allowed if the pause-menu is open/game is closed and therefore you are doing nothing in-game.


Only for Testing and Categories with Cheats!



How to use?

→ Open Debug console with CTRL+<The key above TAB> (Depends on Keyboardlayout)


Known Commands

(not all tested)
?StartOfVariableName or
/Scrap.ShowGVars "StartOfVariableName"
→ Used to find variables and their values
/Scrap.Set "NameOfVariable","Value" or
/Scrap.Set "NameOfVariable",7
→ Used to change a value of a variable.
→ invulnerability
→ Stop environment
→ Start environment again
→ Change the speed of the whole Game
→ Disable collision
→ pause game
→ unpause game
→ save current savegame
→ reload current savegame
/Scrap.SetMoney x
→ Set money to x
/Scrap.SetSaveVar x
→ Set your lives to x


Big list of Variables

Download from Resources:
Or see an online version on my homepage:


Can't find my Saves/Scrap.cfg:
→ You are probably using a newer Windows. Stuff changed and you probably find config files and saves under: %localappdata%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\DeepSilver\Scrapland

Livesplit does not show properly in the recording:
→ Either put Livesplit on a different Monitor than Scrapland or use Windowed Mode (see below)

I'd like to use Windowed Mode:
→ Change "FullScreen" in the Scrap.cfg to 0, (re)start Scrapland, resize the window (while another window has focus), change some grafics settings and apply.
(But Scrapland does not remember your window size)

I'd like to autoskip cutscenes:
→ Rename/Remove the Video folder in the Game Folder.

How Do I open the Console?
→ Press CTRL+<The Key above TAB> (Depends on the Keyboard Layout)


GG TheBackstepper for beating my PB 🙂

I knew it would be easy, but it didn't seem like good time investment with no opponent/"speedrun partner" 😃

About your Question at around 1h in your Video:

Currently "Default Time" is set to "Real Time" …
This is default for the other games I did some runs.
And I wasn't too sure if the 15min time difference is "only" because of loading times…

Is the in-game time reliable? And does it stop when in Menu or not? (Would that be bad or not?)
We could switch over to In-Game time as default … but I'm unsure about it …

And we might need to change the "Timer stops"-rule to something like "When you save after the Boss" for consistency between real-time and in-game time.
(There's no autosave on credits right?)

It's 2 years since I launched Scrapland the last time 😃
Now I have a reason to start it again 😃


(I created a new Thread because I think filling the other skips-thread with stuff unusable on any% could get confusing…)

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I'm not able to pull off every trick... (Which is why I would welcome a wiki)
And I haven't played in a while... (I'll start again if I have time)
...but my Videos have a Gamepad Display which shows which buttons I press...

Skype? no... (That's more private for me)
TS? Better ... but who pays?


Never participated in a Race before but I'm interested ...
I already wanted to try Racing before so I'm already logged in into Speedrunslive-IRC...
If I'm at home and not sleeping chances are high that I answer if pinged... (same nick)