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Important Dates
Event: Sep 20-22
Submissions Open: May 1
Submissions Close: Aug 3
Schedule Reveal Stream: August 25 at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 6pm GMT on

Please make sure that you join the RogueHQ discord if you plan on submitting. That way we can reach you with regards to the schedule. We will also be using the discord for runner prep and voice audio during the marathon

Any speedrun can submit. Priority given to the following runs:
- Not "martahon-safe"
- High RNG
- High reset
- High fail rate
- Roguelikes

- How long should the games be? -- Any length, preferably shorter than 4 hours
- Can I submit multiple times? -- Yes! Please do. Please indicate your preferred run(s)
- I want to help out with the event. How can I do that? -- Please join the RogueHQ discord. We will open staff applications on May 1


Marathon is live in 4 days!