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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Availability Date  
CmdrCmdr Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - Category Extensions Pumpkin Hill x20 0:40:00 GCN USA Link Who knew relying on item RNG 20 times in a row was bad for marathon. 0 Play the OC Remix version of Pumpkin Hill looped during the run - I got no clue until like August
SkipMcLazySkipMcLazy Mario Party 5 Story Mode 2:00:00 GCN USA Link Super high RNG. Like ... crazy super high RNG. 0 Pick the character bidwar All time
SkipMcLazySkipMcLazy Into The Breach Bingo 1:15:00 PC USA Link Bingo Race. Roguelike. High RNG, and Bingo. How non-marathon safe do you want me to get? R30hedron, Zetnix 0 Double-bingo. Add 20 min to estimate TBD
Th3Hatt3rTh3Hatt3r Before the Echo Easy Any% 2:15:00 PC USA Link Before The Echo (formerly called Sequence) is an indie rpg with rhythm game mechanics. Completing the game requires beating the last boss on the final floor after 7 floors each guarded by a boss, plus farming monsters for materials. Using the materials from each floor's set of 3 monsters you need to create a key to face the floor boss. The main time loss of the game would be collecting and synthesizing materials that cost exp, which is made up by farming. Smosism 3 play through 1 song on spasmodic of the viewer choice in bonus. Easy 100% (not recommended). I'm available anytime for this particular marathon. just need a heads ups at least 2 weeks in advances with work and school schedule. I live in Los Angeles, CA PST so if it during a middle of the night I would want to tell my work ahead of the day before and during the run taking place.
B34RGURZB34RGURZ :The Game: Beat the game 0:15:00 Web USA Link Ran it at the first one and it didn't go so well so im resubmitting 0 Dance% Midnight PST
B34RGURZB34RGURZ Undertale: Underpants Genocide% 0:05:00 PC USA Link DONT TOUCHA DA CHILD 1 Genocide% and True Pascifist%( Bidwar. File Name incentive. Midnight PST
B34RGURZB34RGURZ Kousoku Kaitenzushi All Stages 0:06:00 PC USA Link 寿司の味がいい 0 Midnight PST
B34RGURZB34RGURZ Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (DS) Any% 1:00:00 DS USA Link OH SUGER HONEY ICED TEA 5 File Name Midnight PST
RazorflameRazorflame Dungeon Hearts 1:30:00 PC USA Link It is a very obscure game that not a lot of people know about, and by showcasing it at RARFF2019, I hope to raise awareness of the game. The game has heavy puzzle and action elements with some RPG elements thrown in. After every level, you can level your heroes up to help them deal more damage and do other things, such as get more health and more abilities to use on future levels. Another reason why I want to show this game is because it is a very difficult and entertaining run, which I believe will be a good run to showcase at RARFF2019! The basis of the game is matching three like colored dots and then clicking on them to create "strikers". By using these "strikers", you can then attack your opponent, clear out hazards such as opponent's "strikers" and hexes, which have devastating effects that harm your heroes, destroy grey dots and squares (which block the path to move the dots around), and more. By lining up more than one color "striker", you can then combo attack with more than one hero, dealing more damage to your opponents. The goal of the game is to deplete all of your opponents health through 24 battles in order to beat the game as quickly as possible. The Hard difficulty is extremely difficult and is not marathon safe in the slightest. If you get the wrong enemy or you get bad RNG, the run can be over very quickly. Enough time for an extra run will be included in the estimate. Thank you for the consideration! 5 Endless Mode Showcase (10-15 minutes) Every day, Noon to Midnight.
RazorflameRazorflame Pokémon Puzzle Challenge Challenge - Intense 0:40:00 GBC USA Link This game is a solid gem of a game in the Puzzle League/Panel de Pon franchise that really incorporates lots of high level technical play, along with a wealth of knowledge about game mechanics and extremely brutal computer challengers that all make for a very exciting, edge-of-your-seat style of game that will leave everyone looking for more afterwords. This category is the shorter category of the two for this game that I am submitting, and features just the hardest difficulty, which shows the harder aspect of the game, and the higher level play, but leaves out the entire Challenge Mode experience. This game has a LOT of RNG, but runs are able to be completed fairly often. 5 Upgrade: Change category from Intense to Easy - Intense (+40m to estimate). Every day, Noon to Midnight
RazorflameRazorflame Hexcells Infinite 10 Levels No Reset 1:00:00 PC USA Link This puzzle game is a gem of a game, and at high levels of play, is absolutely mesmerizing to watch. This category requires you to complete 10 levels in a row that are generated by the game, however, if you make 2 or more mistakes on a single level, you lose the run. It took me about 5 attempts to get my first completed run of this category. I will be including extra time in the estimate for one failed run. 5 15 Level Reset (1:20 estimate) 20 Level Reset (1:40 estimate) Every day, noon to midnight.
RazorflameRazorflame Dr. Mario Online Rx Classic 0-24 1:30:00 Wii USA Link Very heavy RNG that affects almost everything in this game, and it exciting to watch at high levels of play. 5 Noon to midnight every day
RazorflameRazorflame Tetris (Game Boy) 300,000 Points 0:30:00 GBC USA Link Very likely to reset due to RNG in order to complete the run. High level play of this game is very mesmerizing to watch. Estimate includes enough time for three or four resets. 5 None. Noon to midnight every day.
SkipMcLazySkipMcLazy Mario Party 6 All Solo Boards 1:15:00 GCN USA Link RNG, RNG, RNG 0 Character selection bidwar All
SkipMcLazySkipMcLazy Ribbit King All Courses (GC) 0:35:00 GCN USA Link RNG RNG RNG 0 All
KrayzarKrayzar Castle of the Winds Part 1 + Part 2 1:00:00 PC USA Link Here's another VOD with full commentary as well: This would be a race between SilentSigil, Krayzar and perhaps any others we can convince. Castle of the Winds is probably one of the most famous early Windows 3.1 Rougelikes. At it's core, Castle of the Winds is a game about retrieving your long lost Undead Granfather's Magic Helmet from demons and his greatest nemesis, 25+ flights of stairs. The fun part of the run is the bugs. Runs of Part 1 + 2 consist of a high amount of RNG, which is attempted to be mitigated by using a Health underflow bug, and Map Level scroll save scumming. For a Part 1 + 2 run, almost every known bug is utilized, including: * Heath Underflow * Phase Door Shopping (Steal items from shops with a spell by getting lucky and teleporting into them) * Item Stacking (Equipping multiple items in the same body slot) Even with the Health bug, the success of a run is highly item and stats dependent. Despite 30k health, you can still die due to stat damage from undead monsters, and the shear amount of damage end game monsters such as ancient dragons deal. And While using a Map Level scroll to look at the dungeon layout speeds things up a bit in Part 2, the later parts of the Part 2 dungeon are very unforgiving when it comes to room placement. A run can be ruined very easily, simply by a string of bad map generation in Part 2. On top of all of this, a total of 40 dungeon levels must be traversed, and a third must be done entirely unaided by Map Level scrolls. Even beyond these concerns, if you don't have enough damage or the right mix of Mana and spells, it may be impossible to kill the end Boss Surtur. If the shops in Part 2 don't contain good items, or you can't get the RNG of the Phase Door teleports to cooperate in a timely manner, you'll be forced to waste tons of time waiting around for the items you need. Otherwise, you'll be too weak to complete the game. Oh, did I mention that a lot of these bugs utilized can crash the game? Needless to say we save often. SilentSigil 2 Maybe choice of Icon for each runner? The standard Choices are Male and Female, but I can easily make a few more custom ones, like Cat, or Dog, or Mario Orb. =P Any time.
FunbilFunbil Ribbit King All Courses (PS2) 0:17:00 PS2 USA Link A race is planned with other Ribbit King runners Spiffiey, SkipMcLazy 0 Any time except for the 21st at 1-3 pm EST
ZetnixZetnix Into The Breach All Squads% 2:50:00 PC EUR Link It is a very RNG and Roguelike game with elements of chess in it. This category shows off every squad in the game and it's long! 15 For bidwars/donations I can name a pilot for the highest donator! I'd prefer for my run to be commented by someone else, because I might not be able to speak. The future can only show! I think I can be avaiable on friday (20th) and saturday (21st) nights (midnight to 3-4 am CET). Not much beside it.
SonatroSonatro Wayward Souls 3 Area any% (Mobile) 1:00:00 PC USA Link Cause it's an amazing Roguelike and I would love for people to see something they could otherwise miss out on. It's fun, tense, and overall, an entertaining watch, in part thanks to my panicked gibberish. 8 I mention this in the video, but there's two ideas I had for bid wars. One is picking which hat to wear. There's a number of silly hats to wear, but I think I wanna make it between the Hollow Rock, the Antlers, and No Hat. The other possible bid war is between which character I would play in the mines. I can consistently beat the Mines with both characters, so that won't be an issue. Will be available at any time during the marathon.
WRP_BeaterWRP_Beater Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Any% OHKO 4:30:00 PC Link Mafia is generally a marathon-safe game, in that the RNG is mostly controllable and no-reset runs will rarely be more than 15 minutes off PB (for a 3 hour run). However, just like people do in the GTA community, we can run OHKO (one-hit knockout), where we are constantly at 1hp and will die in 1 hit from anything. Since the enemies' aim is completely RNG-based, this makes the run a roll of dice every time an enemy shoots at us, and we have strats for some shootouts that are wildly different from any%. Expect a run at least 4 hours long, which could probably go up to 4 and a half at the longest. 3 • Kill Salieri's henchmen (+2 minutes) • Profile name (max 10 characters) anytime on or after Friday evening (Eastern US time)
EliesonElieson Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals The Ancient Cave 2:00:00 SNES USA Link Lufia II's Ancient Cave is a bonus mode in the game specifically designed for running this 100 floor roguelike dungeon. It's a standard at RPG Limit Break in recent years, and is fun to watch in both solo-run and full on race settings between 2, 3 or even 4 people at a time. The game can always throw a curveball at you and the end goal is about making it to the end of the cave without dying, and also, beating the final boss, which requires luck in finding the right gear on the way, with no way of going back. It's a roguelike runner's dream, and it's licensed by Nintendo! AC Race (Potential: three or four 3-way races) 0 Name the Hero: Limit 5 text characters [A-Z, a-z, 0-9, !, ? and " " (spaces)] Name the Capsule Monster: Limit 5 text characters [A-Z, a-z, 0-9, !, ? and " " (spaces)] Pick the Capsule Monster (Rolling Switch during the run): Options are Blaze, Flash, Darbi, Jelze, Gusto, Sully, or Zeppy Pick the 4th Party Member: Standard party is Maxim/Dekar/Artea. 4th Options are Guy, Lexis, Selan, or Tia *None of these result in time changes for the estimate* For Friday the 20th, 7pm EST is the earliest I can participate. I can be available any time after 7pm for the remainder of the event.
HoppieTheFoolHoppieTheFool Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals The Ancient Cave 2:00:00 SNES USA Link Lufia 2 AC, is the reason Lufia 2 has the rougelike Tag on Twitch. It´s an unforgiving nightmare Cave with a Superboss and evil Monster, that didnt made it into the regular game. It´s 99 Floors long and give the oppurtunity for many many tears and bitwars AC Race 0 - Caspule Monster pick (bitwar) - 4th Char (bitwar) Guy, Tia, Selan or Lexis
mikemike34mikemike34 Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals The Ancient Cave 2:00:00 SNES Link Epic AC tourney's rock-see RPG limit break 0 september 22 and 23, any time
ChaoskittyxChaoskittyx Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals The Ancient Cave 2:00:00 SNES USA Link because its one of the oldest rouge-likes existing ^^ AC Race 0 name incentive for maxim (5 char); name incentive for the capsule monster (5 char) i'm available from 4pm CEST - 10pm CEST on Friday, 4pm CEST - deep night on saturday/sunday and 3pm - 10pm CEST on sunday
TraviktoxTraviktox Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals The Ancient Cave 2:00:00 SNES USA Link ancient cave always interesting AC Race 0 i can all day
CmdrCmdr Mario Party 5 Story Mode 2:00:00 Wii USA Link Who knew going to the right rope 4 out 5 times was not safe for a marathon. This depending on scheduling will be my last speedrun (outside of if I get to show off something at like a Smash Event) SkipMcLazy 0 I can guaretee 10:30pm-1:30am any day. But I won't know till week of my schedule.
SkipMcLazySkipMcLazy Slay the Spire Race 1:30:00 PC USA Link i said so Monsterracer 0
MorracondaMorraconda Slay the Spire Race 1:30:00 PC EUR Link Skip said so SkipMcLazy 5 All times in GMT Friday: 17-21 Saturday: 14-23 Sunday: 11-21
MorracondaMorraconda Crypt of the NecroDancer All Zones DLC 0:30:00 PC EUR Link Necrodancer's a fun game, like a roguelike. Very reset heavy, as all loot and layouts are randomised. 5 Bidwar for what character to play (Just not coda lul) All times in GMT: Fri: 17-21 Sat: 14-23 Sun: 11-21
Carter44Carter44 To The Earth Any% 0:20:00 NES USA Link Literally the hardest light gun game ever. 4 I'll be available in the evening to night of all the days. Preferably after 9 Atlantic time but I should be somewhat flexable
[Deleted user] Beyblade G-Revolution (GBA) World Championship 2:40:00 GBA Link magical spinning top game with some speedtech but mostly pure and raw RNG. opponent healths, opponent stats, opponent AI, all randomized. a tiny chance for opponents to get up to double their health and a tiny chance to win duels instantly on every attack included too. as such, the EST is much higher than my PB. 0 2AM CEST - 10AM CEST (start times) any day, preferably near the later end
[Deleted user] Need for Speed: Undercover Career Any% 4:45:00 PC Link it might be a racing game but boy is there a lot of police chases in career mode. VOD is from a long time ago and will be updated to a marathon commentary VOD from NFSathon 2019 once that finishes ( 0 2AM CEST - 10AM CEST (start times) any day, preferably near the later end
MorracondaMorraconda FTL: Faster Than Light Hard Mode AE 2:30:00 PC EUR Link It's FTL. FTL is good. :D 5 Bidwar for ship All times in GMT Fri: 17-21 Sat: 14-23 Sun: 11-21
KiwamiKiwami 20XX Beat the Game 0:30:00 PC USA Link 20XX is a rogue-lite inspired by the Mega Man X series. Every single item i can find in the run is random, stage order are random, level layouts are random, and death is permanent on this run. 0 Won't be avaiable on day 22, any other day is good About the hour, i prefer not doing a late night run
PiccadillyBluePiccadillyBlue Magic 2015 Garruk's Revenge (Default Deck) 0:35:00 PC USA Link This is probably the "safest" category this game provides, and I'm still submitting way above my PB because of the heavy RNG nature of Magic the Gathering. Also, it's Magic. You guys know what this game is about. 0 Saturday and Sunday, preferably after 5PM Pacific time.
mohocmohoc Mario Party 8 Star Battle Arena 1:45:00 Wii EUR Link This run has so much RNG in it that you are never guaranteed to win a map until your very last move. The dice rolls are RNG, the items you get are RNG, even the layout of the 3rd map (King Boo's level) is different every time. 0 Everyday 8am-2pm EDT
mohocmohoc Super Paper Mario Flipside Pit of 100 Trials 1:50:00 Wii EUR Link The location of the door and the enemy that has the key is RNG in every room. Item drops are also random, which could lead to interesting backup strategies. Finally there is no way to save while in the Flipside Pit: one death and the run is over. 0 Everyday 8am-2pm EDT
Carter44Carter44 NES Zapper Race Zapper Marathon 0:25:00 NES USA Link All of the zapper games we will be running are very RNG heavy which makes it exciting to watch Raeanus and maybe Oldschoolmcfly 5 Evenings and early night. Our availability has not been determined yet
dragonc0dragonc0 Cave Noire All Quests 1-6 1:15:00 GBC JPN Link This is one of the very few cave crawlers that are available on the gameboy. There are 4 different goalsets with increasing difficulty as you complete each quest. No progress carries over to the next adventure which means each quest stands alone. With almost instant movement you have no time to spare and one misstep can cause a restart of the current quest, making it a dense which keeps you on the edge of your seat 5 You can choose between a boy and a girl at the start of the game. Sat 21-9: 4 AM - 1:30 PM ; 6 PM- 8 PM EDT Sun 22-9: 4 AM - 1:30 PM EDT Mon 23-9: 2 PM - 5 PM EDT (Upper time limits are the latest of the range I would want to start the run)
R30hedronR30hedron Dead Cells Any% Warpless 0:24:00 PC Link Dead Cells is a fast paced Roguelike with combat inspired by Castlevania where the protagonist is a beheaded prisoner with an attitude problem. The goal of the Any% HotK category is simple, defeat the Hand of the King as quickly as possible. RNG is comparatively light, with no-reset runs being around 15-20 min. But the fastest runs require good platforming skills, maintaining the momentum boost from the Velocity mutation, and good level generation luck. 1 A bidwar between different builds! Dead Cells has three main stats, Brutality, Tactics, and Survival, and although Survival is currently the fastest, the audience could suggest one of the three to base it on. Preferably Friday or Saturday from 10AM-10PM Pacific. Can do other times if needed.
R30hedronR30hedron Dead Cells Fresh File 1:15:00 PC Link What is the difference between a Fresh File run and an Any% run of Dead Cells? The goal remains the same, defeat the Hand of the King, but Fresh File requires you to do so with none of the fancy equipment or skills you may have unlocked through the progression of playing on the same save file over multiple runs. Starting from scratch is a _much_ tougher category, with a less room for error. Not only does it require better play because of lower damage and lower health, but to do so quickly and consistently requires finding loot only obtained through perfect play at a few key points (the first level, the first boss, and any cursed chests). That loot is added onto the RNG already present with the level generation to make a challenging speedrun. The estimate includes time for 2 resets, and if absolutely needed, we can use a backup save file to retry the first boss over if I fail to get a flawless fight (to get the legendary piece of equipment). 0 Preferably Friday or Saturday from 10AM-10PM Pacific. Can do other times if needed.
MixMastaPJMixMastaPJ Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road 0:20:00 NES USA Link Every item drop is based on RNG, the goal is to get to 99 nitros and maximum stats on the truck, which are only accomplished via item/money drops and decent finishes. Very high variance. 0 After 4pm EST on 9/20/19 until Midnight
MixMastaPJMixMastaPJ Bases Loaded II: Second Season Win a Game 0:20:00 NES USA Link The variance regarding the opposing team hitting the ball is completely random. There is a very real danger that the run changes category from Win a Game% to Lose a Game% 0 Bid for what team I play as: New York Boston Jersey Philly Miami D.C. L.A. Kansas Omaha Texas Hawaii Utah 4pm-Midnight EST 9/20/19
CryforCryfor Darkest Dungeon Any% 3:30:00 PC Link Since I can't select it - it should be the Any% (DLC) category. There hasn't been a showing of this run in any marathon so far :) 5 Doing all 4 darkest dungeons torchless! Saturday Sept. 21st: 1pm - 7 pm CET Sunday Sept. 22nd: 1pm-7pm CET