All times are in UTC.
Friday, 20th September 2019
Dead Cells
Fresh File - R30hedronR30hedron
Crypt of the Necrodancer
Cadence all Zones(DLC) - MorracondaMorraconda
Slay the Spire
Race: All Characters Seeded - SkipMcLazySkipMcLazy, MorracondaMorraconda
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
Easy - Intense - RazorflameRazorflame
Dungeon Hearts
Dr. Mario Online
Classic 0-24 - RazorflameRazorflame
Saturday, 21st September 2019
Bases Loaded II: Second Season
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinstrals
Ribbit King
Race: All Courses - SkipMcLazySkipMcLazy, FunbilFunbil
Mario Party 5
Race: Story Mode - SkipMcLazySkipMcLazy, CmdrCmdr
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Pumpkin Hill x20 - CmdrCmdr
Super Paper Mario
Flipside Pit of 100 Trials - mohocmohoc
Mario Party 8
Star Battle Arena - mohocmohoc
Before the Echo
Easy Any% - Th3Hatt3rTh3Hatt3r
Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
Into the Breach
All Squads% - ZetnixZetnix
Sunday, 22nd September 2019
NES Zapper Race
Race: Zapper Marathon - Carter44Carter44 & friends
To the Earth
Beat the Game - KiwamiKiwami
Magic: The Gathering 2015
Garruk's Revenge Default Deck - PiccadillyBluePiccadillyBlue
Beyblade G-Revolution
World Championship - [Deleted user]
Cave Noire
All Quests 1-6 - dragonc0dragonc0
Darkest Dungeon
Any%(DLC) - CryforCryfor
FTL: Faster than Light
Hard Mode AE - MorracondaMorraconda
Castle of the Winds
Race: Part 1 + Part 2 - SilentsigilSilentsigil, KrayzarKrayzar
Wayward Souls
3 Area Any% - Sonnytapman
The times may change as the marathon goes on, so keep an eye on this.