New Trick: wrapping AT-ATs
4 years ago
Oklahoma, USA

I think many of us have wanted to wrap an AT-AT by going through its legs without going all the way around, but the cable always releases when you try. I finally managed to pull it off:

My initial guess as to why I got it to work (attach point being in the middle) was incorrect. Basically, if you attach it to a rear leg, you have to go around and through the middle and pass close enough to that initial leg to make the game think you've gone all the way around. If you don't, the cable will release. I think this can save between 3 and 5 seconds per AT-AT.

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Oklahoma, USA

As a follow-up, I think one needs to hit checkpoint zones around each of the four legs. I made a diagram for reference. You would latch onto leg 4 in this example.

You need to circle close enough to the inside of the rear legs (3 and 4). Circle too far forward and it's no good. Cut diagonally (and don't get close enough to 3) and it's no good. If leg number 3 is lifting toward you though, then you can cut diagonally a bit because it's zone is closer to you. If leg number 4 is lifting, it usually means leg 3 is farther back and it's harder to hit zone 3 and swing around to squeeze between leg 4 and the body and not explode.

At least this seems to fit my experience. Hope it's helpful.

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Pennsylvania, USA

Since I saw this trick in the HOTH run, I have been grinding this out. I want to hit that top time on Hoth! Thank you guys so much for sharing this trick!

Oklahoma, USA

No problem! Good luck, as far as I know, I'm the only one to successfully incorporate it into any runs so far. And I didn't even do it on the third because I was taking out the AT-ST simultaneously.

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Pennsylvania, USA

I have been trying this a few times every night, and I keep making a circle that is too tight, thus losing the tow cable connection.

Then when I try to make my circle bigger, I hit the walker's legs... and you know what happens then, lol.

Very difficult but worth the grind.


I did some work expanding this technique. Basically it all comes down to completing a circle as fast as possible, minimising time spent flying straight.

The notes on trips starts at 5:40

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