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With a photo, you can prove your best score.
You cannot send a photo to validate the run, you only can with a video?


As of now, I will allow photos to be taken if the high score. Thank you for the suggestion. I’m sorry to be inactive by the way. I have been busy with school for so long. If you are interested in becoming a mod to take care of this community, please contact me on Discord.


I tried to submit a photo for highscore but it was rejected because I need a video proof, I guess that the decision of professorduck for allowing photos is gone


Hold on I disagree with this because. High score% is not about just getting a new but how quickly the high score is achieved. I think it should stay video.


I didn't really understand what you mean, the high score% have nothing to do with time, the time that present in the breadboard is the higher score that the player got


Well I don’t see how that’s a speedrun then. I think I’m the one who doesn’t understand...


well it says in the rules no revives so how can we tell if you've used revives if no video is provided

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I agree that right now it's more endurance than speedrun, but a video proof is also a guide on how to do it, and it's more entertaining than a screenshot