Because we are getting closer and closer to a time that cannot be beaten, I added a couple of things to make the leader board a little more fair.

1 - I added Ms into the time. Because getting a tie is likely without this, and the fact that runs are getting to that "perfect" time. You will need an external timer for your runs later on or your run will be denied.

2 - I updated everyone's runs to have the ms in the time. For the people that did not have a time, I did an estimate of how long and put that.

3 - I changed the leaderboard to work from the in game time to real time. The in game timer is nice and accurate, however it does not display the ms we will need for later runs.

4 - I added chriswft as a verifier.

That is all the updates that I did. If you have any concerns about this update, please let me know and we will try to come up with a fix.

Ps. If anyone ever gets this game in a GDQ, I will pay them $50 CAD. Not joking.


Sounds good to me!


sounds good to me too, appreciate the verifier status 🙂

Just a thought, now that there are 3 of us, should we agree to no self verifying?

...will work on the GDQ


^ Agreed, may as well


Just a question. Why is a timer required? By using YouTube’s “copy debug info” feature you can accurately time runs to the millisecond and I’ve found that it’s more accurate than an on screen timer


I have no objections to allowing post-run timing (without a visual timer on the recording), for the same reason as it's simply more accurate. Any run should be retimed anyway after submission.


Can agree with this now I know how to use the youtube debug timing method 🙂

(edited: )

I didn't know that youtube had that. Huh. But everyone is also posting through twitch.

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