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4 years ago

idk if this might be a skip or just a useless thing but this is what happened to me when i was doing runs (check level 8)

what would happen if you land on the roof. Could there be a sequence break. I know the levels are connected in some way because in one of my 100% runs that i threw away i shot a bullet on level eight and then one of the enemies in the rooftop level where dead.

the bullet thing is possibly a result of ur character getting sent to the next level together with the bullets also the rooftop level has a glitch where one of the guards can just not spawn, the bullet doesnt kill him

well then i killed someone in another stage because my screen shoot and it made the right noise

California, USA

currently i take advantage of the bullet/ lvl spawn mechanic to have enemies killed going into level 16 after lvl 15 sometimes you can have both pre spawned enemies killed before you load in completely, it also saves some worry as well.!

Hong Kong

For lv 15/16 I just spam the gun so it will kill both enemies in the front, I dont shoot back at the late spawned enemy just in case I miss it and die.

Also I wanted to know more about the enemy boost, I have no idea how to make it but I've done it a few times by spamming the keys.

British Columbia, Canada

omg i know how the levels are connected

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