Update on runs!
5 months ago

no this is not regarding a wipe don't shit your pants already

Just wanted to mention that we have actually been able to get mod hub a lot more cleared than we used to, mainly thanks to venturematic, greenvest and babbanx, biggest Ws I've ever seen in a while regarding verifying runs (i hope i didn't forget anyone).

I wanted to apologize on behalf of the mod team that it pretty much looks like we are slacking. Problems like being busy with studying for final exams, or having troubles with issues in real life, etc., is something that the majority is affected of. However, we promise that we are not dead in regards of moderation, and if anything like this may happen again, just keep these things in mind. You are obviously allowed to DM us about your run not being verified as long as it is been pending for around 18-21 days (normally it's 3 weeks flat but you get the point).

I assume we are all waiting for the floor 2 release by now. I would not be surprised to see a high influx of runs being rolling through the mod hub once it does, and I can't wait to see what you guys have to offer. I would be really invested in watching new runners arise and show what they have got in their bags.

Finishing this, I'll end it by saying that we will from now on keep on verifying a bit more like we used to back at the start of the game's release (it won't be as fast as we still have to watch full runs to see if they're cheated or not, obviously). We'll keep you guys updated if there's any issues regarding the leaderboard and runs being verified.

Other than that, we wish you happy speedrunning and good luck! (you need it. I would know.)

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so i will do an eenie meenie miney bet on this one

basically, whoever is the person to have both of the solo records first BEFORE the update for floor 2 drops, well, let's just say that I have a little prize :)

Every 2 weeks that no one gets both records, I will increase the prize pool by 500 robux each time! Feel like this is the only way to rev

4 months ago