Please Stop Suggesting Awful Categories
1 year ago

As it stands, the moderation team isn't planning on adding any new categories until floor 2 releases. If you have an idea for a new category, it is a bad one. Please stop filling the forums with baseless suggestions that you don't even have the skill to do.

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point up

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I would argue there is one last category you guys should probably consider before Floor 2, being a category for runs made after the Doors team make their "content update" to Floor 1, considering their refinements elude to involving changes to areas of the game deemed "lackluster" and obviously the new content which could involve new rooms, entities, items and factors to the speed run that could adversely effect the way the game is ran and the standard of final times (Think the differences between Minecraft versions). The specifics are in the Sneak Peaks channel of the official Doors discord server if you're interested, though I'm sure you're already aware.

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@Exalted_Pancake i agree catagory extensions would be really nice (prolly cuz i want all achivement speedrun but still)

@opolo you would have to make a new roblox account everytime though


Not only that but what about 100 deaths?

He/Him, They/Them
1 year ago

i love how this forum went to criticizing stupid category ideas to suggesting stupid category ideas

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I'm assuming when floor 2 comes out you guys will make a door 1-200 category and a door 100-200 category (since 100th room is a checkpoint)?

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mmmm no thanks xoxox

Can you all stop boogling around please, its getting out of hand!

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i want bentley i want money!

Any/All, He/Him
7 months ago

Fuck off alex baker

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hi sava

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so i will do an eenie meenie miney bet on this one

basically, whoever is the person to have both of the solo records first BEFORE the update for floor 2 drops, well, let's just say that I have a little prize :)

Every 2 weeks that no one gets both records, I will increase the prize pool by 500 robux each time! Feel like this is the only way to rev

4 months ago